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Live on the Edge of Innovation with IBM Bluemix

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Niklas Heidloff

In this session you will learn about IBM Bluemix, IBM's cloud application platform. I'll introduce some of the Bluemix services, especially services that can be used to build collaborative applications with the typical skills of Domino developers and line of business users who appreciate rapid application development.
Developers should always be looking to improve their technical skills. If you don’t, you, your apps, and your company will be left behind while the rest of the world moves forward. Luckily cloud platforms like IBM Bluemix give developers the means to get started using modern technologies without doing all the hard work to set everything up.
You will see demonstrations how to build collaborative applications with server side JavaScript, NoSQL databases, REST APIs, JavaScript frontends and access control lists, everything with functionality provided in Bluemix: Node.js, Cloudant and MongoDB, Swagger, AngularJS and LoopBack. Additionally I'll explain how to extend these applications with cognitive functionality provided by IBM Watson.


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Live on the Edge of Innovation with IBM Bluemix

  1. 1. Live on the Edge of Innova0on with IBM Bluemix Niklas Heidloff, IBM Developer Advocate for IBM Bluemix @nheidloff heidloff.net
  2. 2. IBM Bluemix •  The Digital Innovation Platform •  Cloud Foundry, Docker, OpenWhisk •  More than 100 services •  Public, dedicated and local •  Hybrid applications and cognitive services •  Focus today: How to build Line of Business applications #engageug @nheidloff
  3. 3. Collabora0ve Line of Business Applica0ons •  LoB requirements often lead to the development of new applications since standard software is not sufficient •  Collaborative applications allow employees to work together synergistically to get their jobs done •  Collaborative LoB applications often require the protection of intellectual property based on roles of employees •  Sample scenarios: Approval workflows, teamrooms, travel expenses #engageug @nheidloff
  4. 4. Requirements of LoB Applica0ons •  Rapid application development •  To enable ci0zen developers to build LoB applica0ons •  To enable innova0on •  Focus on business needs rather than infrastructure •  Leverage cloud applica0on plaLorms •  U0lize DevOps •  Cost efficient hosting #engageug @nheidloff
  5. 5. Requirements of LoB Applica0ons •  Access to applications via web and mobile user experiences •  Integration of existing data, documents and files •  Integration of existing directories and user profiles •  Usage of modern and popular technologies to leverage communities, libraries and tools •  Usage of standard and most common development skills •  Scrip0ng is easier than languages like C and Java •  Preference is to use one language for everything #engageug @nheidloff
  6. 6. The CLEAN Stack Cloudant Loopback Express AngularJS Ionic, Cordova Node.js JavaScript everywhereBluemix #engageug @nheidloff
  7. 7. Sample Scenario: Approval Requests #engageug @nheidloff
  8. 8. Demo: User Interfaces and APIs #engageug @nheidloff
  9. 9. Business Objects and REST APIs •  Declarative definitions of business objects •  Automatic generation of REST APIs •  Including API documenta0on #engageug @nheidloff Loopback Swagger Cloudant
  10. 10. Demo: Crea0on of Business Objects #engageug @nheidloff
  11. 11. Customiza0on of the generated APIs •  Scenarios •  Add addi0onal APIs •  Hide methods and endpoints •  Execu0on hooks for CRUD opera0ons •  Turn off auto generation for models #engageug @nheidloff Loopback Node
  12. 12. Customiza0on of the generated APIs
  13. 13. Authen0ca0on against Bluemix •  Single Sign On service on Bluemix allows authentication with on-premises directories via SAML #engageug @nheidloff Loopback Bluemix
  14. 14. Authoriza0on •  Authorization via roles •  Application level authorization is done declaratively •  Business object level authorization is done programmatically #engageug @nheidloff Loopback Node
  15. 15. Authoriza0on #engageug @nheidloff
  16. 16. Demo: Authoriza0on #engageug @nheidloff
  17. 17. Deployment •  Bluemix compute technologies •  Cloud Foundry •  Docker •  Deployment options •  Deploy buVon •  CLIs •  Git push and DevOps #engageug @nheidloff Bluemix Docker Cloud Foundry
  18. 18. Development Environment •  Local environment •  Node.js, text editor, inspector •  Local property file with Bluemix creden0als •  In memory database •  DevOps web editor #engageug @nheidloff Node
  19. 19. Web Client •  LoopBack generates JavaScript libraries to access the services from AngularJS controllers #engageug @nheidloff AngularJS LoopBack
  20. 20. Mobile Clients •  Via Cordova mobile hybrid apps can be generated for iOS and Android •  LoopBack generates JavaScript libraries to access the services from AngularJS controllers •  The controllers are the same ones as used for the web client #engageug @nheidloff Ionic Cordova AngularJS
  21. 21. Try it ! •  https://github.com/ibm-bluemix/collaboration #engageug @nheidloff