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Who should appeal parking tickets

  1. Who Should Appeal Parking Tickets?
  2. Since the days of legalisation in 1990’s the parking control were given to the local councils from the police who has led to a sharp increase in the amount of parking ticket issued to motorists. This in turn has lead to a high increment in parking ticket appeal from the common people.
  3. Some people argue that the reason behind taking these parking tickets since decriminalisation is because local authorities show many interests in collection of revenues through these parking fines. This theory of collecting revenues by false charges of wrong parking is increasing day by day to correlate with year on year increase of parking ticket issue.
  4. There are many reasons why we now want to appeal a parking fine. Parking fines have shot up in recent times with some motorists paying up to 120 pounds for their parking tickets. It is always a good idea to contest a parking ticket if you genuinely feel hard done by or think the parking fine was unfairly issued to you. Around 50% of motorists who decide to appeal their parking ticket win their appeal. Half the time Local Councils do not even bother to turn up at these parking appeals.
  5. The fact is that if nobody is charged with parking tickets then there would be less chaos on the roads and then the local councils will have smaller budgets or they will be compelled to raise council taxes as there would be little or null revenues from parking fines.
  6. This the basic theory behind compelling people to take parking tickets and imposing huge parking fines for without even breaking the law. In real world these public figures are more and more put forth under the pressure of collecting revenues through issue of tickets and collection of fines from motorists.
  7. Any motorist thinking of parking in a public car park or on a public road please make sure you have read any nearby signs or road markings. If you are unsure that you are legally parked then just do not park there it's really not worth the risk of getting a huge parking fine or having to appeal a parking ticket.
  8. Appealing and getting a parking ticket in your hand is very easy procedure and majority people after claiming get it very rapidly. But still this is a very common fact that 99% pay traffic fine even after getting parking tickets. One simply needs to write a letter and pass it to the local council who grants the appeal in all cases. Or one can also let these things through email in a much easier way.
  9. The question right now is whether you believe it would be simpler to pay up in the range of a few hundred pounds, or whether it would be easier to just write the letter. It's your choice, but it's so much easier to write the letter. In fact, what we need right now is a website that will guide us through this process!
  10. Now comes making the parking appeal more attractive and henceforth a successful one to provide you with the clue which may aid in your procedure for proving that the parking ticket issued is legally invalid. Instances like one can provide photographic proves or may be some pre-recorded mediums which depicts that the area where he parked did not have any signs displayed in there correctly. In this way with near two thirds of parking tickets being distributed illegally there stands a big chance for you!
  11. It is possible to win your appeal using a technicality if you can produce one. One of the best technicalities you are bound to find is the existence of a typo or misspelling. For instance if you find that the event supposedly took place on a street name similar to the one it actually occurred on, you can claim the incident never transpired.
  12. A relatively new phenomenon is private parking tickets. You get a ticket in a similar fashion to what a traffic warden gives you. The ticket looks very similar to normal parking tickets. It will say something like "Parking Charge Notice pay within 14 days for a reduced rate. Non payment will result in us contacting the D.V.L.A. for your details."
  13. Because they are not issued by the city, they are far from a legally binding contract. You could pay them of course, but you should know that they will often send threatening mail in an attempt to make you pay. Do not give in, and understand that they are only threatening you because they cannot actually take you to court.
  14. There are not many companies that have gone to court over an issue such as this, and it is mostly because they will not receive all that they are asking. In fact their court costs would be much higher than the ticket itself after the ruling.
  15. That being said, try to avoid paying tickets of this nature regardless of the threats you receive. If you are harassed for too long, try telling the company that you will bring them to court if they continue. If they don't stop, then don't be afraid to take them to court. Whatever you do, don't pay them just to get them off your back.