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CMR CONSIGNMENT NOTE - Form and User Guide

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CMR CONSIGNMENT NOTE Form in Word-format and User Guide with instructions to fill in and complete the document.

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CMR CONSIGNMENT NOTE - Form and User Guide

  1. 1. CMR CONSIGNMENT NOTE What is used for Sender and recipient Practical advice Document template
  2. 2. The CMR document -also know as CMR consignment note- constitutes a proof of the contract of carriage by road, determines the scope and responsibility for the operation performed and identifies the parties involved and the goods being transported. Its use implies adherence to the CMR (Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route) that governs this document. This document includes the instructions that the exporter or the importer gives to the carrier, so it necessarily has to accompany the goods in road shipments. WHAT IS USED FOR www.globalnegotiator.com
  3. 3. SENDER AND RECIPIENT Sender: this document is issued by the exporter and the freight forwarder, that is a member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarder Associations). Recipient: the importer and the transportation company. www.globalnegotiator.com
  4. 4. This document is issued in four originals (sender, consignee, carrier and administration) which must be signed by the sender and the carrier at delivery and the consignee at destination. Each issue has different colour edges: sender (red), consignee (blue), carrier (green) and administration (black). The CMR document serves as proof of delivery, signed with date, time and adding reserves if required in box 19 (Special agreements), because in case of receiving the goods in poor condition should be declared at the time of delivery. The use of the CMR consignment note confers a transport insurance established under the Convention, but in no event this insurance implies the obligation for sale under the Incoterms CIP. PRACTICAL ADVICE www.globalnegotiator.com
  5. 5. To obtain the CMR Consignment Note ready to use in Word format and a complete guide with instructions to fill in the document click on: CMR Consignment Note DOCUMENT TEMPLATE www.globalnegotiator.com