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Cloud IT Transformation for Enterprise

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At the CloudFX Group we specialise in providing
a range of services including strategic advisory,
cloud services automation, cloud operational
transformation, SaaS based IT decision support tools
and multi-vendor cloud brokerage and management.

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Cloud IT Transformation for Enterprise

  1. 1. 22 Acquisition International - November 2015 The CloudFX Group is a multi-discipline Cloud Platform and Solutions firm. We speak to CEO Damian Crotty who discusses At the CloudFX Group we specialise in providing a range of services including strategic advisory, cloud services automation, cloud operational transformation, SaaS based IT decision support tools and multi-vendor cloud brokerage and management. The overall purpose of our company is to provide clients across all industries and regions with independent, industry leading advice and solutions in an effort to help them navigate the journey of IT Transformation and realise measurable and significant financial results be those revenue creation or cost rationalisation. Our business operates across all markets in Asia Pacific and our intention is to bring our Industry leading platforms, CloudSelect and CloudConsult to Europe and the Americas in 2016. My own role as CEO is to lead, inspire and bring value to our clients and employees through industry leading solutions and value creation. I achieve this by defining the products and solutions clients will need to transform their businesses through technology, unlocking value and improving the way they execute and realise financial success in the markets they serve. As CEO, optimising our strategy and operating structure, hiring great leaders, building a winning culture and delivering long term shareholder value are all critical elements of my role, and I dedicate my experience and industry knowledge to achieving this. Among the hardest aspects of my role is executing effectively our business strategy and optimising the outcome’s that I have defined for the business. The key elements are ensuring this strategy is well understood by everyone responsible for its execution, so communicating clearly and regularly, having a business management system in place that provides visibility to the KPI’s you’ve defined so that you can measure and manage the quality of the businesses execution and finally, aligning compensation and training around those goals so people feel motivated to perform their best and confident they have the skills and capabilities to perform. Ensuring that my business strategy and goal are upheld at all times is particularly important when working through challenges. I launched my business in 2009, in the aftermath of the crippling global recession, which presented me with a number of issues financially. These problems were compounded by other factors related to our location in Singapore, such as Asian customers readiness to embrace transformative technologies, those same customers being typically risk adverse around working with new company’s and identifying the talent necessary to build a great business. Despite those challenges, virtualisation and cloud solutions unlock unprecedented value for customers and has the capacity to save company’s significant expense whilst opening up new capabilities that drive positive P&L outcomes, which is why we have continued to thrive despite these problems. Despite these issues we had at our inception, the Asian technology market is diverse, dynamic and presents enormous opportunity. The tendency to look at Asia Pacific and Japan as one large homogeneous market from those outside of Asia underestimates the complexity of operating in this region. The market here is widely diverse in many categories, with mature and progressive technology markets like Australia through to several emerging geographical markets that make up ASEAN (South East Asia) and then massive homogenous markets like China and India. If other firms can work out how to work across such diverse markets culturally, maturity and complexity, Asia Pacific is truly a market of significant opportunity. Currently the software technology market is in a good place as there has been a step change in the adoption of products, cloud particularly, so the outlook for our business and others in this space is truly exciting. As such we predict many years of positive growth and significant change over a five to eight year horizon. Overall Asia Pacific is a challenging but unique set of markets. Some are very large such as China, whereas others are small and fast growing like Vietnam, so operating across a region of this size and cultural diversity can be a challenge. The other challenge we have found operating across Asia is that you are working across 15 different markets so driving consistency in culture, execution and strategy makes having a data driven management system that’s process and systems driven is a fundamental part of working across these geographies. Globally the software technology industry is also in a good place, with a combination of interplay factors that highlight a wide range of opportunities that are now available through mobility. These opportunities stem from developments in technology, with virtualisation technology enabling an anytime, anywhere, any application capability, cloud computing and particularly SaaS, new applications on new devices, enhanced network performance and connectivity. Within each of these categories there are challenges around maturity however this space is evolving quickly so it is important to harness the opportunity that these factors present to both customers and suppliers. In order to capitalise on these opportunities, strategic agility is the key, for example utilising the ability to be able to anticipate what customers will want and need to enable their goals and objectives. Fortunately, in the current technological age there is a wealth of information available so the ability to be able to piece disparate data points together into a cohesive strategy and then working closely with customers to understand their concerns and challenges enable Company: CloudFX Group Name: Damian Crotty Email: Damian.Crotty@cloudfx.com Web Address: www.cloudfx.com Address: CloudFX Pte Ltd, Singapore HQ, Winsland House I, 3 Killiney Road, #04-05, Singapore, 239519 Telephone: +61 437838558
  2. 2. Acquisition International - November 2015 23 CEO of the Month us to remain aligned, but more importantly ahead of our competitors and deliver disruptive products and services to clients which keep them ahead of their competition. As a result, I have found as a firm that we need to lead with insight, which means challenging the way our clients think so they understand the opportunity available to their business if they embrace change. Beyond that our approach to our clients revolves around committing to servicing their needs, executing on their commitments, over communicating and allocating our best resources to deliver on the expectations we have created is important. On a personal level, I try and build strong personal relationships with our key customers so that we have a direct connection and I can be responsive to their needs and requirements, this builds trust, rapport and openness. It is this personal relationship, alongside our capability, which makes our firm unique. People, products and platforms and a true, unwavering sense to help our customers achieve their goals are all vitally important aspects of the way we work. As such we have built capability others don’t have and would be difficult to replicate and we are manically focused on continual innovation and doing things better. We never rest on our laurels and we know that we can always do better and improve the way we operate and serve our clients. Looking to the future we see an excited time ahead and we all firmly believe our brightest days are ahead of us. Our product roadmaps look exceptional, the products already built can be evolved, and we have cloud E-commerce market places in every Asia Pacific market, great people and excellent customers so the fundamentals look strong. The other exciting prospect we have moving forward is that this market is in its first decile of maturity so we have 10+ years of double digit market growth ahead of us with very attractive CAGR’s so there is only opportunity ahead and with Europe and American expansion, new products, new services and new capabilities in our pipeline. Growth looks attractive and the opportunity to truly make a difference to our customers business remains real and increasingly relevant.