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  1. LABELit Social driven eCommerce Label the web. Buy anything you see online.
  2. The Problem You see something you want to buy Imagine this: You see a great shirt in a picture. You love the shirt but don’t know where to get it. With LABELit you’ll find out. That shirt looks great! But where can I get it?!
  3. The solution Buy anything you see online With LABELit purchase information can be a!ached to products in images on any website, by any user who visits the site. See this? This is our label. Anybody can place it on ANY website. Now you know where to get this shirt. !
  4. How does it work? Want and Haves Want If a user sees a product in a picture but don’t know what it is, he simply asks the community. We call it a Want. Seems as if Paula likes the bow tie a lot. Any user who sees her Want can now tell her where to get it simply by pasting the shop’s URL.! Have A completed label with price and product info is a Have. Now every user can shop that item. That’s Natalie Portman on the streets of L.A. And one of our users actually knows exactly what she is wearing so she put a label on that picture.!
  5. How do we earn money? Every party involved benefits Users: 33% commission share because they do the work Average of 9% commission on every purchase Publishers: 33% commission share because it‘s their content Shops Sales increase LABELit: 33% commission share because it‘s our product
  6. Different tools for different use cases. LABELit’s technology Here are our tools: Browser app Label and discover anywhere on the web Web plugin Blogger & publisher white label solution to monetize own content Mobile apps Place labels on your mobile pics </HTML> Our website Label, discover an d connect with other users ✔! Done and Currently under development! pipeline ! In our production ✔!Done and working! working!
  7. Marketing Three steps to success 1st! 2nd! Friends and trendse!ers While still in beta we are initially targeting a small intimate number of friends and trendse!ers to get best labels possible and initial spread. Social media Social Media is becoming our core marketing and communication platform. We share the „Wants of the Day“ to activate the users. Strong community management in both german and english then leads to high quality contacts. 3rd! Targeted advertising We have a lot of experience with targeted campaigns on Facebook and Google‘s platforms. Conversion focused campaigns will grow our audience and increase reach.
  8. Key competitors Exciting times for social commerce models* Consumer Space ! Content Embedded Info (Consumer) TheHunt (US) ! Social eCommerce Fancy | Svpply | Nuji | Lockerz ! Visual Boards Pinterest | Polyvore Business Solutions ! Content Embedded Info Stimp (DE) | Pict | Thinglink (FIN) | Stipple ! Affiliate Platforms Skimlinks | Yieldkit (DE) *at least in the US. In Europe there’s still a lot of potential for new solutions
  9. Why LABELit? B2C meets B2B LABELit is the only product in the market, that combines a consumer-centric platform ( and browser app) with a business approach (web plugin for publishers) – plus a financial benefit for every pary involved. Consumers get a social shopping & discovery experience Publishers get a tool to monetize is the design their content and lifestyle-centric hub for all the content
  10. Detailed financial planning Break even in Q3 2016 " LABELit is completely bootstrapped for the last 18 months " We are looking for a € 0.65m seed funding to proof market success within Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 12 month Operating Income / losses -608.616 -938.115 3.255.379 14.951.780 18.869.570 Revenues* 26.525 1.137.957 9.436.592 27.815.200 34.787.000 Affiliate Items* 24.192 877.824 6.324.480 22.500.000 28.125.000 Affiliate Music* - - 61.488 115.200 162.000 Advertising* - 112.000 2.135.000 2.500.000 3.125.000 Featured Labels* - 148.133 915.624 2.700.000 3.375.000 Total costs 635.141 2.076.072 6.181.213 12.863.420 15.917.430 Total variable costs 566.041 1.882.041 5.677.173 11.905.400 14.819.150 Total Employees 6 12 30 43 52 Wages 393.600 905.600 1.921.280 3.750.400 4.550.400 Affiliate commissions 9.641 144.841 1.147.893 4.455.000 5.568.750 Marketing 160.000 730.000 2.120.000 2.900.000 3.700.000 Server 2.800 101.600 488.000 800.000 1.000.000 Total Fixed costs 69.100 194.031 504.040 958.020 1.098.280 Fees 51.600 146.656 425.040 833.520 950.280 Invest 17.500 47.375 79.000 124.500 148.000
  11. Wow, you made it this far. Thanks a lot! For further questions contact us under LABELit GmbH Winterhuder Weg 142 22085 Hamburg | | |!