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App vs. Mobile Web

  1. 1. Hvem er vi TS Mobile / Telecom Scandinavia Nicolai N. Worsøe +45 27890221 nnw@telecomscandinavia.dk
  2. 2. Facts Comparison of Sizes Globally 2009 Compared to people in the world 59% of the entire population has a mobile subscribtion In 66 countries the mobile subscribtion has now extended 100 % Source: Tomi Ahonen 1.700.000.000 1.500.000.000 1.400.000.000 1.300.000.000 850.000.000 800.000.000 480.000.000 0 Mobile phone subscriptions in use Mobile phones – unique subscribers Credit card – unique owners of Television sets Internet active users (using any access) E-mail active users Fixed landlines telephones PC’s in use incl. laptops Cabel/Satelite TV subscriptions Cars registrated in use Newspapers daily circulation
  3. 3. 73% uses their phone to check time instead of wearing a wristwatch 72% uses their phone as their alarm clock 25% of British couples sleep separately part time because the other one is texting in bed. Source: Tomi Ahonen A survey from Nokia concludes that:
  4. 4. Mobile Market (Europe) Mobile market is driven by Mobile Internet & Apps - And purchase is made by device price & brand Still very fragmented - 4000+ handsets, 8 platforms to develop on, 48+ App stores, nearly 500,000 apps on AppStore, Android Market and GetJar alone. Increased interest in mobile advertising - 32% accept mobile ads if it lowers their bill - 15% responds to mobile add Source: Tomi Ahonen
  5. 5. Mobile Market – Apps (Europe) Apps growing explosively - $32 Billion by 2015 (Juniper) - Driven by Games & Music & Mobile Internet Increased willingness to pay for apps - 25% of App downloaders willing to pay up to $ 10
  6. 6. Global Mobile Apps DownloadDownloads(mm) Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting 2010
  7. 7. Market is driven by Mobile web and apps Source: A.C. Nielsen
  8. 8. Smartphone Penetration Growth by Country Q2 2009 - Q2 2010 Source: A.C. Nielsen
  9. 9. CASES
  10. 10. Case: YELL.COM (UK) iPhone app, iPhone Safari browser, Blackberry app, JAVA app, alm. browser iPhone app: • local search • location based • maps • search • business listings • POI
  11. 11. Location Based Services Zipcar Combines Mobile Internet + GPS
  12. 12. Augmented Reality New York Subway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps49T0iJwVg
  13. 13. Why brands should launch branded mobile apps? •  "Never dismiss branded utility. It's a lot easier to be repeatedly useful than repeatedly funny.” Rory Sutherland, Executive Creative Director at OgilvyOne •  You can’t just have a big brand and create an app You need to develop a cross platform promotion (SMS, Web, App Store, AdNetwork buy, social media) for your strategy to be successful
  14. 14. Why brands should launch branded mobile apps? •  Hype (Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, Kraftfood and Pizza Hut are doing it) •  Entertainment (iPint, Barclays Waterslide, Volkswagen Polo Callenge, Malibu Bowling) •  Tap into new revenue streams (North Face Snow Report, Yellow Pages, Timeout by Smirnoff ect.)
  15. 15. How to choose mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Java, Widgets, etc)? •  What is your objective? PR or Mass market reach? •  Who is your target audience? Markets? Niche segments? •  Where will you get the most attention for the least money? Many operators and handset manufacturers offer very attractive distribution deals. •  How much are you willing to spend? •  How important are mobile for you ?
  16. 16. Apps Pros Cons Faster Greater availability with mobile browser (One app per device) Better functionality Less spending costs Better Security The speed of the internet grows rappidly Top-of-mind Better visual opportunities… for now Not depended of network cover
  17. 17. Mobile phones i Scandinavia Smartphones are not mainstream …….. Yet !
  18. 18. Mobile Users > Desktop Internet Useres Within 5 Years Internetusers(mm Source: Morgan Stanley
  19. 19. ...er den mobile trafik steget fra 5 til 15 mio månedlige sidevisnnger sidste år ...vokset med 1000% det seneste år ...i år 15-doblet trafikken på sine mobile apps JP / Politiken Berlingske TV2
  20. 20. Internet per phone type in Scandinavia
  21. 21. Case: AutoTrader (CA) Alm. browser Alm. browser: •  Adjusts to all mobile browsers •  The Client has in short time created over 2000 sites based on 3 templates in AdsiteBuilder
  22. 22. Coupons in Scandinavia Source: MoCo News
  23. 23. Coupons in Scandinavia Coca Cola is claiming that this campaign got one of the highest response rates in the history of mobile coupons Stats: • Total coupons sent: 4531 • Total coupons opend on phone: 2051 • Total coupons redeemed for a Sprite: 1279 • Total times the coupon was viewed: 8499 • Redeem Rate: 28%
  24. 24. Next step…. •  Analyze your market •  Define your needs •  Make your mobile strategy •  Have a plan – and stick to it !! •  Find your right mobile partner.
  25. 25. Q & A
  26. 26. The Puma Phone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOqr-uyGjeI
  27. 27. Tak for i dag !