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Brand activation - Do something awesome with people (English version)

This presentation takes you through the first steps on how to make a succesful brand activation concept.

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Brand activation - Do something awesome with people (English version)

  1. 1. Brand activation Do something awesome with people
  2. 2. What is brand activation? Wanna play? !2
  3. 3. A suggested definition: ! Using brand activation, we create experiences and conversations with consumers and invite them to participate in our communication. This takes place in the real world and/or via digital or social media. Wanna play? !3
  4. 4. Why should you use brand activation? Wanna play? !4
  5. 5. Traditional marketing speaks to consumers. Brand activation speaks with consumers. Wanna play? !5
  6. 6. Traditional marketing !6
  7. 7. Dale’s cone of experience People understand x % of what they 10% Read 20% Hear Traditional advertising Traditional branding (advertising) is a visual and 30% See 50% Hear and see making promises to consumers. 70% Say or write Brand activation 90% Say as they do a thing verbal weapon owned by marketing, which is all about Activation means involving and engaging consumers in the brand. With activation, the brand and consumers share 100% Do the real thing ownership, since consumers help to create the content. Wanna play? !7
  8. 8. Brand activation !8
  9. 9. When we as people participate, it creates a stronger bond between us and the brand, because it makes us think, feel, and react, instead of just listening and seeing. Wanna play? !9
  10. 10. Does brand activation create sales? Wanna play? !10
  11. 11. Yes, but not necessarily in the short term. If you’re trying to sell a bunch of cheap mobile telephone subsciptions, it’s probably not the right approach. It’s a long-term investment in the brand that can help build up a fan base. In other words, it will indirectly lead to sales. Wanna play? !11
  12. 12. Many of the most-loved brands in the world are good at activating their consumers. Wanna play? !12
  13. 13. How do you create a good brand activation concept? Wanna play? !14
  14. 14. The concept The quality of the concept should be so good that the consumer wants to share it with others. If it lacks credibility, it will be an immediate failure. Wanna play? !15
  15. 15. Is the concept activate-able? Will it make me take action? Wanna play? !16
  16. 16. 3 - #værtilstede (be present) 3, a mobile provider, wanted to position itself as a leader within mobile telephony and mobile broadband, and as a company that had taken ownership of technology and of its network. ! 3 had an offline communication campaign with the slogans ‘Feel the rush’, ‘Feel the freedom’ and ‘Feel the sound’, which ended with the pay-off ‘The network of the future.’ The challenge was that this campaign was supposed to be continued digitally and involve consumers. But with a concept that was hard to activate, Konstellation had to find an alternative. ! Smartphones are a part a daily life, but the way people are constantly focusing on them while ignoring the people in front of them has become controversial. Our concept #værtilstede, with its slight ambiguity, put the focus on online and off line presence, and let 3 be the facilitator. Wanna play? !17
  17. 17. Relevance for consumers • How important is this for me? Is it something I find interesting? Do I have something to say? Does it connect with me emotionally? • In the case from 3 #værtilstede, we discovered the topic was highly relevant, since a lot of consumers had something to say but previously had not had a voice. Relevance is about how important an issue is for us and how much we are willing to invest. Wanna play? !18
  18. 18. Value for the consumer • What’s the return on participation? What do I get out of it? What’s the reward? • The value is not just a question of $ or prizes. It’s also social capital I can show to my friends, identity creation, something that solves a problem, knowledge, • The time the consumer invests must correspond to what the consuemr gets back. • Prizes can be used to attract participatns, but if that’s the only means to so so, the concept is too weak. Always seek to create a concept where the prize is not the reason to take part. Wanna play? !19
  19. 19. Value Degree of involvement = value + relevance The degree of involvement is the sum of the relevance and the value for consumers. ! The degree of involvement is basically the time the consumer is willing to use interacting with a given brand. Relevance Wanna play? !20
  20. 20. Sympathy • If we ask for something from consumers, we need to be willing to give them something back. Kindness and respect will help strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumer. • The kindness could be a gi", but it can also be a kindness to take up a topic like 3 #værtilstede in order to give consumers a voice. Wanna play? !21
  21. 21. Relative simplicity • Our concept and solution can’t be too complex for our target group to understand. But it all depends on how much we can expect our target group to get involved. If the value and relevance are high (hard core fans), the concept can be complex, because the user will be willing to give up much more time and energy to get involved. On the other hand, if the target group is broad, we need to make it very simple to take part. Wanna play? !24
  22. 22. Launch Wanna play? !25
  23. 23. Your activation must be promoted Owned Earned Paided Start with your own channels and use some energy to get the media to write about it. If the idea is good and consumers want to share the content with each other, that will deliver a much better ROI than if you work with an 80-20 rule - media vs. production - like in traditional campaigns. Wanna play? !26
  24. 24. Listen, learn and re-enforce, when you have launched and put aside a budget for it. You can get a lot out of this! Wanna play? !27
  25. 25. What value does it create? Wanna play? !28
  26. 26. For the consumer • Experiences and entertainment • Identity creation through social capital • Knowledge and learning • Prizes and money Wanna play? !29
  27. 27. For the brand! Wanna play? !30
  28. 28. Fans (ambassadors) ! This may be the most important value. Fans! These are the people we want to reach, but also our most important resource, since they will help us reach their friends. If we build up a large fan base, we can re-activate them in connection with events like product launches. Wanna play? !31
  29. 29. Content If we invite consumers to create our marketing, we’ll also get a lot of unique content that we can use in other contexts, or that can give us ideas for new initiatives. Wanna play? !34
  30. 30. Telenor created a concept in which usergenerated digital content was later moved over to television. !35
  31. 31. Awareness If our concept is so strong that our fans want to share it, we’ve created the basis for a viral spread that will expose us to consumers we’d otherwise never get in contact with. It also increases awareness, because a friend-to-friend recommendation is the strongest marketing possible. Wanna play? !36
  32. 32. Knowledge and permissions ! With digital activation, we can get a lot of data about our participants that gives us information about who they are and what they like. We can also get permission to contact them again. Of course, this must be done with deep respect and in relation to individual interests. Wanna play? !37
  33. 33. Evolution Our brand will evolve on the basis of this involvement and this content users help us create. Through content, dialogue and interaction with consumers, new possibilities arise to give our brand a more organic size, in which are fans are part of influencing and developing it. Wanna play? !38
  34. 34. 5 to take home Wanna play? !39
  35. 35. 5 to take home • Activation is an investment in your brand. • Talk with people - not to people • Involvement degree = value + relevance • Promote your activation and allocate a budget to re-enforcing it • Brand activation helps a brand evolve Wanna play? !40
  36. 36. Thank you ! Nicolai Elmqvist CEO & Partner @Konstellation ! +45 29 44 41 08 ne@konstellation.dk Wanna play? !41

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This presentation takes you through the first steps on how to make a succesful brand activation concept.


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