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Performance management survey

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Performance management survey

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Performance management survey

  1. 1. Performance management surveyThere is always a risk involved in running a company. There is always a possibility ofrunning into losses in a business. Risk to a large extent can prove fatal at times to abusiness when things go awry and low chance may also prove costly as a lot of amounthas to be spent in limiting chances.Risks significant in nature are often ignored or kept hidden by corporations. The best wayto assess these hidden or ignored risks is the survey of the managerial level people andthe staff professionals hired by the organizations. There is a survey called Business RiskAssessment survey which collects the relevant information of the company including thepossible unforeseen risks or the threats that a business can face. It also collects thebusiness related all information from the employees hired by the company and mergewith it with the other risks faced by an organization.The risks undertaken by the company should be clearly visible so that the human,financial and the intellectual assets of the company can be protected at all times. Themain goal of the survey is not only to get rid of uncertainty from the business but alsorather taking all the possible factors into account assess them and manage them for thebenefit of the company.To run a business successfully and a productively this assessment survey is a veryessential tool. At all the levels this critical tool helps the management to identify, assessand manage the various threats a business faces.• Broad spectrum risks to the business.• Inefficient tools and processes which help in identifying and assessing risk significance.• Unsuccessful in identifying and taking remedial actions• Reckless spending to evade risks• Dodging risks leads to miss profit making opportunities.• Risk failure leads to reputation impact and financial losses.• The solution to assess and manage risks at suitable levels is provided by RiskAssessment Surveys.• Sharpens focus on specific risk evaluations according to your organization needs.• It collects suggestions and information from all possible sources in identifying andcalculating risks.Profits can be increased significantly and earnings can be made more predictableconsistently by identifying the possible risks and assessing them at every suitable level.Few are the following that have been identified, assessed at various levels and managedusing the technique of Business Risks Surveys:
  2. 2. Risk posed by employees, competitors and customers in form of legal suits, Status of theorganization, Competitions, Investments, Accounting, Economy, Customer (Reliance onkey clients and chances of losing them), Accidents, Insurance (too little or too muchinsurance), Hiring, Business decisions, Service portfolio/Product risks, Productdevelopment/Innovations, Availability/ Capacity utilization, Risk of losing customers dueto service and product problems, Continuity/Business interruption Stocks, Legal andRegulatory compliance, Theft and fraud, Weather/Environmental risk, Safety and health,Outsourcing, Supplier, Information, Technology, Fiduciary, Abuse-Bias and diversity,Key employees and management succession, Facilitieshttp://performanceappraisalebooks.info/ : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.