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DevOpsDays Austin 2013 Reading List

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Books mentioned by speakers at DevOpsDays Austin 2013

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DevOpsDays Austin 2013 Reading List

  1. 1. DevOpsDaysAustin 2013Reading ListBooks mentioned by speakers atDevOpsDays Austin 2013V1.2 Compiled by Nick Galbreath
  2. 2. All these books were mentioned byone of the speakers atDevOpsDays Austin 2013.Unfortunately, I didnt note whichspeaker. Oops.If I missed any, let me know.Nick Galbreathnickg@client9.com@ngalbreathAlso dont miss:•http://devopsdays.rockapparelshop.com !!!•http://bit.ly/13xErIj (photos)•http://vimeo.com/album/2373722/ (videos)•http://slidesha.re/18XoknW (this presentation)
  3. 3. How Great Leaders InspireEveryone To Take ActionSimon SinekStart With Whyhttp://amzn.com/1591846447
  4. 4. http://amzn.com/0262541165For Industry, Government,EducationW. Edwards DemingThe NewEconomics
  5. 5. The GoalA Process of OngoingDevelopmentEliyahu M. GoldrattJeff Coxhttp://amzn.com/0884271951
  6. 6. DRiVEThe Surprising Truth AboutWhat Motivates UsDaniel H. Pinkhttp://amzn.com/1594484805
  7. 7. ContinuousDeliveryReliable Software ReleasesThrough Build Test, andDeployment AutomationJez HumbleDavid Farleyhttp://amzn.com/0321601912
  8. 8. InspiredHow to Create ProductsCustomers LoveMarty Caganhttp://amzn.com/0981690408
  9. 9. PeoplewareProductive Projects andTeamsTom DeMarcoTimothy Listerhttp://amzn.com/0932633439
  10. 10. The PhoenixProjectA Novel About IT, DevOps, andHelping Your Business WinGene Kim, Kevin BehrGeorge Spaffordhttp://itrevolution.com/books/phoenix-project-devops-book/
  11. 11. http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/tangled/A Guide to Securing ModernWeb ApplicationsMichal ZalewskiThe TangledWeb
  12. 12. The Origin ofSpeciesCharles Darwinhttp://amzn.com/0451529065
  13. 13. Hey.. This wasntmentioned atDevOpsDays??Who put this in???See you next year!--nickghttp://amzn.com/0471210293