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Who	  is	  using	  your	  system?	  	  We	  know	  them.	  Evidence	  Driven	  Design	  The	  Cross-­‐Channel	  Experience...
About	  Me	                                                                     User	  Experience	                        ...
Twi9er	  hashtag:	  #xChannel	  	  
UX	  Lx	  is	  the	  best	  user	  experience	  conference	  in	  the	  world.	  	  
Folks,	  brace	  yourselves,	  today	  is	  going	  to	  be	  full	  of	  Awesome.	  
Overview	  1)    DefiniHons	  	  2)    Methods	  3)    Tools	  4)    Examples	  5)    Q&A	  
90%	  of	  businesses	  say	  the	  cross-­‐channel	  experience	  is	  criMcal	  to	  their	  business’s	  success.	  - F...
What	  is	  cross-­‐channel	  experience	  design?	  
Cross-­‐Channel	  Experience	  Design	  is	  the	  process	  of	  designing	  for	  all	  the	  touchpoints	  a	  person	 ...
Wait!	  Aren’t	  you	  just	  talking	  about…	  -­‐  User	  Experience	  Design?	  -­‐  Customer	  Experience	  Design?	 ...
“70%	  of	  US	  online	  customers	  	  	  research	  products	  online	  &	  	  	  purchase	  them	  offline.”	  	  	  	  ...
 	  65%	  of	  search	  visitors	  are	  	  	  	  looking	  for	  further	  info	  on	  	  	  something	  they	  saw	  via...
“53%	  of	  mobile	  searches	  on	  	  	  Bing	  have	  local	  intent.”	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  -­‐	  Greg	  ...
3	  Types	  of	  Touchpoints	  
StaHc	  Touchpoints	  
InteracHve	  Touchpoints	  
Human	  Touchpoints	  
You	  might	  think	  of	  your	  work	  in	  the	  context	  of	  a	  channel	  but	  your	  customers	  do	  not.	  
So	  how	  do	  we	  cra_	  a	  good	  cross-­‐channel	  experience?	  
Observe	  how	  people	  use	  it	  
Know	  the	  context	  of	  use	  
A>enHon	  to	  detail	  counts	  
Look	  for	  hacks	  
Follow	  the	  whole	  engagement	  
Learn	  the	  business	  processes	  
Understand	  how	  employees	  work	  
On	  Stage	  
Support	  Processes	  &	  Systems	  
Customer	  Journey	  Map	  
Experience	  Map	  
Service	  Blueprint	       Twitter Experience     Physical                           Tweet            Blog Post          C...
Some	  Examples	  
Add	  a	  DVD	  to	  my	  queue	  on	  the	  website	  
Told	  me	  when	  to	  expect	  the	  DVD	  
DVDs	  arrives	  in	  the	  mail	  
…and	  I	  can	  tell	  them	  when	  something	  went	  wrong	  
Confirmed	  when	  they	  received	  the	  DVD	  
I	  can	  also	  stream	  movies	  on	  my	  Laptop	  
I	  can	  resume	  the	  movie	  on	  the	  web	  
…or	  through	  the	  app	  
…on	  Xbox,	  tablet,	  smartphone,	  laptop,	  or	  TV.	  
Asked	  me	  how	  my	  experience	  was	  a<erwards	  
Compensated	  me	  when	  something	  went	  wrong	  
…and	  I	  can	  tell	  them	  when	  something	  went	  wrong	  
Cross-­‐Channel	  touchpoints	  1)    Web	  2)    Email	  3)    Packaging	  4)    Product	  5)    Streaming	  Media	  6)  ...
I	  wanted	  to	  get	  a	  mountain	  bike	  
So	  I	  researched	  them	  online	  
I	  wanted	  to	  test	  them	  in	  person	  
I	  headed	  to	  the	  store	  Photo	  by	  Hien	  Nguyen	  -­‐	  h>p://bit.ly/ekeNdN	  
They	  had	  many	  mountain	  bikes	  
…and	  a	  place	  to	  test	  them!	  
Cross-­‐Channel	  touchpoints	  1)    Web	  2)    Retail	  3)    Product	  4)    Sales	  Support	  5)    Environment	  
So	  I	  wanted	  to	  watch	  Game	  of	  Thrones…	  
There	  is	  no	  way	  to	  add	  HBO	  on	  the	  web	  
So	  I	  went	  to	  Twi>er…	  
HBO	  was	  added	  in	  no	  Hme	  
…and	  then,	  like	  magic,	  I	  had	  HBO.	  
Cross-­‐Channel	  touchpoints	  1)    Web	  2)    Click-­‐To-­‐Chat	  3)    Social	  Media	  4)    Broadcast	  Media	  
Not	  everyone’s	  boss	  is	  David	  Brent	  
…They	  are	  more	  like	  Neil	  Godwin.	  
“We	  cant	  solve	  problems	  by	  	  	  using	  the	  same	  kind	  of	  	  	  	  thinking	  we	  used	  when	  we	  	 ...
We	  must	  break	  down	  the	  silos.	  
We	  must	  cross-­‐pollenate	  
We	  must	  work	  more	  like	  a	  hive	  
…with	  a	  unified	  vision	  of	  what	  we’re	  trying	  to	  do.	  
Thank	  You	  
Follow-­‐up	  quesHons	  •    ConsulHng:	  BlinkInteracHve.com	  •    Personal:	  NickFinck.com	  •    Email:	  nick@blink...
The cross channel experience - UXLx
The cross channel experience - UXLx
The cross channel experience - UXLx
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The cross channel experience - UXLx

No matter how many departments your organization has, to your customers, it's all the same business. They expect a cohesive experience across all touch-points with your company, regardless of whether it's related to advertising, customer service, social presence, or the actual product or service you provide. The satisfaction of your customers, and thereby the success of your organization, depends in no small part on your ability to create a cohesive and consistently high-quality cross-channel experience.

Some examples of disjointed cross-channel experiences are:

The customer has to inform the customer service representative of what the website says about their own return policy.
The specifications of a product online does not match the actual product a customer goes to pick up in the retail store.
The experience of the mobile application is far superior to the experience of the standard web application or software application.
The customer has to make three different phone calls to get their account changed because the information is stored in three separate business units.

Applying consideration for the cross-channel experience is much easier said than done. It requires a significant level of coordination and collaboration between the stakeholders, to understand not just how to optimize their particular part of the service, but to maintain that optimal and consistent experience throughout. For example, the customer service department can do a great job of correcting a problem after the fact, but they can add greater value to the product or service as a whole by collaborating with sales and product teams to prevent the issue from arising in the first place.

In this presentation, you will gain a better understanding of the different ways your customers might interact with your business. We will show how you can map out these touchpoints and help drive the creation of a cohesive experience across the various channels. We will show you how to navigate the political waters within your business to implement a true cross-channel design, which will build great experiences for your customers, regardless of how they are engaging with your business.

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The cross channel experience - UXLx

  1. 1. Who  is  using  your  system?    We  know  them.  Evidence  Driven  Design  The  Cross-­‐Channel  Experience  Presented  by  Nick  Finck  
  2. 2. About  Me   User  Experience   Evangelist   Blink  InteracHve     Personal  Site   NickFinck.com   Twi9er   @nickf     Nominated   Sea>le’s  sexiest  geek  Photo  by    Jeff  Cro<  -­‐  h>p://bit.ly/g0hPil  
  3. 3. Twi9er  hashtag:  #xChannel    
  4. 4. UX  Lx  is  the  best  user  experience  conference  in  the  world.    
  5. 5. Folks,  brace  yourselves,  today  is  going  to  be  full  of  Awesome.  
  6. 6. Overview  1)  DefiniHons    2)  Methods  3)  Tools  4)  Examples  5)  Q&A  
  7. 7. 90%  
  8. 8. 90%  of  businesses  say  the  cross-­‐channel  experience  is  criMcal  to  their  business’s  success.  - Foviance & Econsultancy, “Multi-channel Customer Experience Report”, Nov 2010  
  9. 9. What  is  cross-­‐channel  experience  design?  
  10. 10. Cross-­‐Channel  Experience  Design  is  the  process  of  designing  for  all  the  touchpoints  a  person  has  with  a  business  regardless  of  channel.  
  11. 11. Wait!  Aren’t  you  just  talking  about…  -­‐  User  Experience  Design?  -­‐  Customer  Experience  Design?  -­‐  Service  Design?  
  12. 12. YES  
  13. 13. “70%  of  US  online  customers      research  products  online  &      purchase  them  offline.”                        -­‐  Forrester,  “Profiling  The  MulHchannel  Customer”,  July  2009  
  14. 14.    65%  of  search  visitors  are        looking  for  further  info  on      something  they  saw  via      another  channel.                -­‐  Andrea  Resmini  &  Luca  RosaH,  “IA  for  Ubiquitous  Ecologies”,  2007  
  15. 15. “53%  of  mobile  searches  on      Bing  have  local  intent.”                        -­‐  Greg  Sterling,  Search  Engine  Land,  November  2010  
  16. 16. 3  Types  of  Touchpoints  
  17. 17. StaHc  Touchpoints  
  18. 18. InteracHve  Touchpoints  
  19. 19. Human  Touchpoints  
  20. 20. You  might  think  of  your  work  in  the  context  of  a  channel  but  your  customers  do  not.  
  21. 21. So  how  do  we  cra_  a  good  cross-­‐channel  experience?  
  22. 22. Methods  
  23. 23. Observe  how  people  use  it  
  24. 24. Know  the  context  of  use  
  25. 25. A>enHon  to  detail  counts  
  26. 26. Look  for  hacks  
  27. 27. Follow  the  whole  engagement  
  28. 28. Learn  the  business  processes  
  29. 29. Understand  how  employees  work  
  30. 30. Tools  
  31. 31. Audience  
  32. 32. On  Stage  
  33. 33. Backstage  
  34. 34. Support  Processes  &  Systems  
  35. 35. Customer  Journey  Map  
  36. 36. Experience  Map  
  37. 37. Service  Blueprint   Twitter Experience Physical Tweet Blog Post Comment Form Tweet Twitter Profile DM button on Twitter URL on Twitter profile Evidence Profile User Actions Clicks on link Reads blog post Comments on post @Replies to Tweet Follows on Twitter DMs over Twitter Visits Website Line of Interaction Onstage Contact Post to Twitter Publish blog post Responds to comment Respond to @Reply Analyze followers Respond to DM Analyze web logs Person Line of Visibility Backstage Review, edit, & Review, edit, & Review, edit, & Review, edit, & Contact approve blog post approve comment approve responce approve responce reply Person Line of Internal Interaction Support Metricly & Google CoTweet ExpressionEngine ExpressionEngine CoTweet Metricly CoTweet Processes Analytics
  38. 38. Some  Examples  
  39. 39. Add  a  DVD  to  my  queue  on  the  website  
  40. 40. Told  me  when  to  expect  the  DVD  
  41. 41. DVDs  arrives  in  the  mail  
  42. 42. …and  I  can  tell  them  when  something  went  wrong  
  43. 43. Confirmed  when  they  received  the  DVD  
  44. 44. I  can  also  stream  movies  on  my  Laptop  
  45. 45. I  can  resume  the  movie  on  the  web  
  46. 46. …or  through  the  app  
  47. 47. …on  Xbox,  tablet,  smartphone,  laptop,  or  TV.  
  48. 48. Asked  me  how  my  experience  was  a<erwards  
  49. 49. Compensated  me  when  something  went  wrong  
  50. 50. …and  I  can  tell  them  when  something  went  wrong  
  51. 51. Cross-­‐Channel  touchpoints  1)  Web  2)  Email  3)  Packaging  4)  Product  5)  Streaming  Media  6)  Mobile  
  52. 52. I  wanted  to  get  a  mountain  bike  
  53. 53. So  I  researched  them  online  
  54. 54. I  wanted  to  test  them  in  person  
  55. 55. I  headed  to  the  store  Photo  by  Hien  Nguyen  -­‐  h>p://bit.ly/ekeNdN  
  56. 56. They  had  many  mountain  bikes  
  57. 57. …and  a  place  to  test  them!  
  58. 58. Cross-­‐Channel  touchpoints  1)  Web  2)  Retail  3)  Product  4)  Sales  Support  5)  Environment  
  59. 59. So  I  wanted  to  watch  Game  of  Thrones…  
  60. 60. There  is  no  way  to  add  HBO  on  the  web  
  61. 61. So  I  went  to  Twi>er…  
  62. 62. HBO  was  added  in  no  Hme  
  63. 63. …and  then,  like  magic,  I  had  HBO.  
  64. 64. Cross-­‐Channel  touchpoints  1)  Web  2)  Click-­‐To-­‐Chat  3)  Social  Media  4)  Broadcast  Media  
  65. 65. Business  
  66. 66. Not  everyone’s  boss  is  David  Brent  
  67. 67. …They  are  more  like  Neil  Godwin.  
  68. 68. “We  cant  solve  problems  by      using  the  same  kind  of        thinking  we  used  when  we      created  them.”                        -­‐  Albert  Einstein  
  69. 69. We  must  break  down  the  silos.  
  70. 70. We  must  cross-­‐pollenate  
  71. 71. We  must  work  more  like  a  hive  
  72. 72. …with  a  unified  vision  of  what  we’re  trying  to  do.  
  73. 73. Thank  You  
  74. 74. QuesMons  
  75. 75. Follow-­‐up  quesHons  •  ConsulHng:  BlinkInteracHve.com  •  Personal:  NickFinck.com  •  Email:  nick@blinkinteracHve.com  •  Twi>er:  @nickf