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8 laws-of-health

  1. 1. When Lord Palmerston, premier of England, was petitioned by the Scotch clergy to appoint a day of prayer and fasting to avert the cholera, he replied in effect: Cleanse and disinfect your streets and houses, promote cleanliness and health among the poor, and see that they are plentifully supplied with good food and raiment, and employ right sanitation measures generally, and you will have no occasion to fast and pray. Nor will the Lord hear your prayers while these, His preventives, remain unheeded.
  2. 2. Promotes Physical Vigor Strengthens Mental Power Strengthens Moral Power
  3. 3. Decreases Physical Vigor Weakens Mental Power Weakens Moral Power
  4. 4. World famous You know their names Power to heal and prevent disease Doctors The 8
  5. 5. N E W S T A R T utrition
  6. 6. Our bodies are built up from the food we eat, therefore, those foods should be chosen that best supply the elements needed for building up the body. “You are what you eat” So... what should be eaten?
  7. 7. Fast 18 hours a day Reduced total calories •Better eyesight •Sharper intellect and memory •Less kidney disease •Less stress •93% fewer cancers •Better hearing •Greater energy •Less overweight •Less osteoporosis
  8. 8. Eating Breakfast Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 Breakfast skippers Breakfast eaters • Without breakfast, possible heart attack risk may be elevated for 2-3 hours after waking.
  9. 9. Simple Instructions on Eating •Grains, fruits, nuts & vegetables, in as simple a manner as possible •Eat only what is sufficient •Breakfast like a king lunch like a prince supper like a pauper (if at all) •Two meals are better than three
  10. 10. STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT ASTUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT A VEGETARIAN DIET IS THE LEASTVEGETARIAN DIET IS THE LEAST DANGEROUS ANDMOST LIKELY DIET TODANGEROUS ANDMOST LIKELY DIET TO PROMOTE LONGEVITY.PROMOTE LONGEVITY. ““...there is now an overwhelming scientific...there is now an overwhelming scientific and medical case foravoiding theand medical case foravoiding the consumption of meat and meat productsconsumption of meat and meat products despite the government’s attempts todespite the government’s attempts to persuade us otherwise.”persuade us otherwise.” Dr. Richard Lacey, prominent microbiologist and BSE researcherDr. Richard Lacey, prominent microbiologist and BSE researcher
  11. 11. Meat eaters must be instructed in how to make sure their food is safe Vegetarians can eat bountifully without worry To be as strong as an ox, eat what the ox eats, not the ox!
  12. 12. U.S. Public Health Service Regulation “Milk, after pasteurization, should contain no more than 20,000 bacteria per milliliter of milk and no more than 10 coliform bacteria per milliliter.”That’s 5,000,000 bacteria and 2,500 coliform bacteria per glass of milk.
  13. 13. Type I Diabetes factors:Type I Diabetes factors: Early dietary exposure to cow’s milk Short duration of breast feeding High milk intake after age 9, or at diabetes onset Recent infection Attending day care before age 3
  14. 14. The enemyThe enemy is us?!is us?!  There is a 17-amino acid peptide chain commonly found in the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas.  There is a 17-amino acid peptide chain commonly found in cow’s milk.  Both are nearly identical.  Children with IDDM had elevated serum concentrations of antibodies against bovine whey protein.
  15. 15. Mice, milk, and meMice, milk, and me Diabetes does not occur in diabetes-prone rodents reared on a diet free of cow’s milk for the first two or three months of life, indicating that cow’s milk protein can trigger the disease. New England Journal of Medicine 1992
  16. 16. Ethnic IntoleranceEthnic Intolerance Ethnic Group % intolerant • African Blacks ................................ 95-100 • Indians ............................................. 90-100 • Asians ............................................... 90-95 • Native Americans ............................ 70-90 • Mexican Americans ........................ 70-80 • African Americans.......................... 70-75 • Mediterranean Peoples .................. 60-75 • North American Whites ................. 10-15 • Northern Europeans ....................... 5-10
  17. 17. Adults who consume large quantities of milk, who have high lactase activity,...suffer repeated small galactose challenges, accumulation of galactitol in the lens, and a greater likelihood of developing senile cataracts. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 1982 Cow’s MilkCow’s Milk and Cataractsand Cataracts
  18. 18. The Pharyngitis Connection Any time a patient of mine is found to have streptococcal pharyngitis or pyoderma, we can establish by history that he has ingested milk protein within five days... Frank Oski, M.D. Pediatrician
  19. 19. Problems With Fish and Fish OilsProblems With Fish and Fish Oils • Can worsen blood sugar levels in diabetics • Large amounts can dangerously prolong blood clotting time • Fish oil is expensive • Large amounts can cause vitamin overloading or vitamin deficiency • Can lead to an increase in body weight • Sea food is a large reservoir for infectious diseases • Toxins acquired from contaminated waters concentrate in the fatty tissues of fish
  20. 20.  Fish from mildly polluted water concentrate toxins up to more that 1,000,000 times more than detected in water  Toxins in their fatty tissues include pesticides, chlorinated hydrocarbons, mercury, and dioxin Fish can also be contaminated with PCB’s, various heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, halogenated organic compounds, and lead
  21. 21. Biomagnification of DDD InsecticideBiomagnification of DDD Insecticide Sample siteSample site DDD,ppmDDD,ppm Lake waterLake water 0.020.02 PhytoplanktonPhytoplankton 55 Herbivorous fishHerbivorous fish 40-30040-300 Carnivorous fishCarnivorous fish >2,500>2,500
  22. 22. If cooks pretended that in handling raw meat, they were handling a lump of raw sewage in a food environment, and took all the necessary precautions, then that would be just about adequate.
  23. 23. Four out of every five chickens sold in a supermarket are infected with salmonella. Bon appetite!
  24. 24. • Therapeutic use - Fix the one sick cow. (Human toxic effect.) • Prophylactic use - Protect the whole herd. • Growth promotion - Part of the feed. (Human hypersensitivity effect.)
  25. 25. Chickens are now being fed their own excrement to about 50% of their total intake of food, its very economical. But it means that contaminants, such as drugs, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics are getting more and more concentrated each time they go through.
  26. 26. • Cases of allergy, including... – Asthma (3 times more common in youth today than in their parent’s day.) – Eczema (6 times more common today.) • Have increased alarmingly over the past few decades • Use of antibiotics in food animals has also increased greatly.
  27. 27. There are approximately 23 different amino acids known to man. Each protein molecule will be made up of hundreds of these amino acid building blocks.
  28. 28. The Basic Building BlocksThe Basic Building Blocks • Growth • Repair • Maintenance • Synthesis – enzymes – hormones – antibodies
  29. 29. There are no benefits but many risks associated with consuming too much protein. • Animal protein often high in fat • Fat contributes to obesity • High meat eating linked to colon cancer •The more protein consumed, the less fruits, vegetables, grains •High protein diets promote calcium excretion •Excessive protein may cause fluid imbalances
  30. 30. Sweet PotatoSweet Potato 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sweet Potato Recommended Isol Leuc Lys Meth Phen Thre Trp Val
  31. 31. Brown RiceBrown Rice 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Brown Rice Recommended Isol Leuc Lys Meth Phen Thre Trp Val
  32. 32. Rolled OatsRolled Oats 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rolled Oats Recommended Isol Leuc Lys Meth Phen Thre Trp Val
  33. 33. White BeansWhite Beans 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 White Beans Recommended Isol Leuc Lys Meth Phen Thre Trp Val
  34. 34. BroccoliBroccoli 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Broccoli Recommended Isol Leuc Lys Meth Phen Thre Trp Val
  35. 35. A diet high in anticancer foods such as fruits and vegetables... …results in a low instance of pre- cancerous polyps in the colon. A diet high in anticancer foods such as fruits and vegetables, with two drinks of alcohol added to each meal... …results in a high instance of pre- cancerous polyps in the colon.
  36. 36. Hot dogs Tossed salad Spaghetti Meat balls Green beans Doughnuts Sweet rolls Apple pie Cheese Garlic bread Chocolate cake Candy bars Cookies Mustard Pickle relish Coffee Soft drinks Spices Typical Teenage Diet 10% Alcohol vs. Water 52.9%
  37. 37. Purina Lab Chow 18% 2.7% Vegetarian Diet
  38. 38. Diet/Behavior ConnectionDiet/Behavior Connection How can we secure depression, nightmares, mental lapses, fatigue, and violent mood swings? According to psychologist Barbara Reed’s research, one cure was found: Omit... Sugary junk foods Coffee and its relatives Refined carbohydrates
  39. 39. Meat and intelligence “…Eating much flesh will diminish intellectual activity. Students would accomplish much more in their studies if they never tasted meat. When the animal part of the human nature is strengthened by meat- eating, the intellectual power diminishes proportionately.”
  40. 40. “Grains used for porridge or “mush” should have several hours’ cooking.” Ministry of Healing 301
  41. 41. Starch granules were found in blood, urine, bile, and human milk after a human subject drank a suspension of water and raw starch.
  42. 42. Radiologists can detect many tiny lacunar scars in the brains of all people over the age of 30. Some scientists believe they are caused by the inadequate cooking of starch. Medical Hypothesis 1991 (35:85-87
  43. 43. Other possible areas of damage: Bones Adrenals Muscles Joints Lymph nodes
  44. 44. • Rolled oats, corn grits, whole grain rice, whole grain wheat, and cracked wheat were tested. • Specimens were observed after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours of cooking.
  45. 45. To achieve complete hydrolysis: • Rolled oats ........................ 90 minutes • Corn Grits ........................ 3 hours • All other grains ................ 2-3 hours
  46. 46. The lowering of sodium to theThe lowering of sodium to the recommended levels could reducerecommended levels could reduce the mortality rate of stroke by 39the mortality rate of stroke by 39 percent and heart attack by 30percent and heart attack by 30 percent according to a panel ofpercent according to a panel of blood pressure experts.blood pressure experts.
  47. 47. Corn chips, 1 C Corn flakes, 1 C Peanuts, 1/4 C Tomato soup, 1 can Bacon, 2 slices Danish pastry, 1 Ham, cured, 3 oz Chinese rice, 1 C Peas, frozen 1/2 C Peas, canned, 1/2 C French fries Ice cream, soft serve Bouillon, 1/2 C Dill pickle, large 163 215 155 932 290 317 1080 2700 70 340 123 220 647 833
  48. 48. Soy Sauce 1T 1319 Olives, Mission 10 med. 258 French Dressing 1T 219 Italian Dressing 1T 314 Mayonnaise 1T 84 Spaghetti Sauce 1/2 C 992 Cottage Cheese 1 C 515 Tomato Juice 6 oz. 364
  49. 49. Av. Sodium Food per serving Fresh Fruit 6mg Grains & Cereals 7mg Nuts (unsalted) 3mg Vegetables 15mg Shredded wheat (1 oz.) 3mg
  50. 50. A diet high in anticancer foods such as fruits and vegetables... …results in a low instance of pre- cancerous polyps in the colon. A diet high in anticancer foods such as fruits and vegetables, with two drinks of alcohol added to each meal... …results in a high instance of pre- cancerous polyps in the colon.
  51. 51. N E W S T A R T utrition xercisexercise
  52. 52. • Increases muscular strength • Increases muscular mass • Increases endurance • Thickens cartilage • Strengthens tendons & ligaments • Increases bone mass • Decreases amount of fat tissue • Increases number of mitochondria • Increases glycogen deposits
  53. 53. HOW MUCH EXERCISE IS ENOUGH? Running, walking, situps, push-ups, steppers, aerobics, gardening, biking... Consider your age, and physical conditioning before beginning any exercise program...
  54. 54. HOW MUCH EXERCISE IS ENOUGH? Generally speaking, a half hour to an hour of moderate exercise daily.
  55. 55. The fool folds his handsThe fool folds his hands and consumes his ownand consumes his own fleshflesh. Ecc. 4:5 • The Earl of Darby said… • “Thosewhocannotfindthetimeforexercisewillhavetofindthetime forillness.”
  56. 56. Target Heart RateTarget Heart Rate 220 minus your age equals Predicted Maximum Heart Rate From this PMHR, subtract your Resting Pulse Pate. Determine Target Zone. Beginner × 60% Experienced × 70% Expert × 80% Multiply above total by this percentage. Add Resting Pulse Rate. Target Heart Rate
  57. 57. •Promotes growthPromotes growth •Increases O2 to bodyIncreases O2 to body •Speeds recovery from surgerySpeeds recovery from surgery •Reduces blood pressureReduces blood pressure •Improves collateral circulationImproves collateral circulation •Reduces clottingReduces clotting •Reduces blood cholesterolReduces blood cholesterol
  58. 58. Exercise May Curb Breast Cancer RiskExercise May Curb Breast Cancer Risk A study of 1090 women over the age of 40 found:  Those who averaged four or more hours of activity per week during reproductive years had a 58% lower breast cancer risk.  Those who averaged one to three hours of weekly activity had a 30% lower risk. “We already know that physical activity is good for you in other ways so there’s already plenty of reason for women to exercise.” Louise Brinton, researcher at the National Cancer Institute
  59. 59. N E W S T A R T utrition xercisexercise aterater
  60. 60. 42.5 quarts of42.5 quarts of waterwater (60% of body(60% of body weight)weight)
  61. 61. 20-25% water 85% water 93% water 10% water 75% water
  62. 62. •50 gallons of fluid filtered •8 quarts used in digestive juices •2-4 quarts lost in - Urination - Respiration - Perspiration
  63. 63. Water intake can increase physical endurance by as much as 80%
  64. 64. SaltSalt SugarSugar ProteinProtein All require more waterAll require more water
  65. 65. The incidence of illness around the globe would fall by 80% if people in the developing nations had access to pure drinking water. World Health Organization
  66. 66. Benefits of Water •Frees system of impurities •Cleans the body tissues •Invigorates the vital organs •Proper use promotes health •Beverage God provided for our thirst •Good to prevent and treat disease, used inside, and out
  67. 67. CHRONIC DEHYDRATION freshen it up! drink at least two liters of water daily... MOST PEOPLE SUFFER FROM
  68. 68. N E W S T A R T utrition xercisexercise ater unshineunshine
  69. 69. Solar Energy Food for humans Physical energy for work Food for animals Physical energy for work Growth energy
  70. 70. Blood sugar lowered Stress tolerance improved Blood pressure lowered Respiratory rate decreases
  71. 71. ImmuneImmune systemsystem Oxygen inOxygen in tissuestissues BloodBlood pressurepressure CancerCancer ++ ++ == SunlightSunlight
  72. 72. Benefits of Sunshine •Powerful disease fighting agent •Relaxes tension •Produces mental alertness •Improves the complexion •Accelerates and increases effect of exercise
  73. 73. •Open the home to sunlight exposure The sun which heats the seed in the ground, colors the vegetables, and tints the flower, is health and life-giving to your body. “Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.” --Eccl. 11:7
  74. 74.  Destroy harmful bacteria  Lowers blood pressure  Decreases blood cholesterol  Lowers excessively high blood sugars  Increases white blood cells  Lowers respiratory rate  Slows resting heart rate  Allows blood to carry more oxygen  Relives bronchial asthma
  75. 75. Strength of heart steadied and deepened Pulse rate lowered Heart muscle pumping more blood Heart rests more Blood output increased 39% for several days
  76. 76.  Deepens sense of well-being  Better sleep at night  More relaxed  Crises of life met with less difficulty  Calms the nerves  Increases adrenaline
  77. 77. More benefit derived fromMore benefit derived from short frequent sunbaths thanshort frequent sunbaths than from long, infrequentfrom long, infrequent sunbaths.sunbaths.
  78. 78. Combined with exercise, BP lowered 15% Sunbaths alone will lower blood pressure 8%
  79. 79.  Sunlight has an insulin-like effect on the body  Does it in exactly the right proportion  Sunlight causes glycogen (stored sugar) to increase  Enables blood sugar to be lowered
  80. 80. Sunlight strikes skin Cholesterol under skin changed to Vitamin D Cholesterol from blood sent to take its place Cholesterol stored in plaques in artery walls takes its place Two hours after a sunbath, an average 13% reduction in human blood cholesterol occurs
  81. 81. Post operation infections high Petri dishes in OR for 1 hour 78 colonies of staphylococcus in one dish alone Placed UV lights in OR All germs killed within 8 feet in 10 minutes
  82. 82. •Sunlight can purify water. It kills: Cholera Typhoid Bacillary dysentery Hepatitis •It kills bacteria on the skin. •Changes skin oils into bactericidal agents. •Good for acne and psoriasis. •Increases WBC’s. •Reduces jaundice. •Good of arthritis. •Good for gout - increases uric acid secretion. •Reduces heavy metals and chemicals in body.
  83. 83. N E W S T A R T utrition xercisexercise ater unshineunshine emperanceemperance
  84. 84. WHAT IS “TEMPERANCE”? Ask yourself, Do I exercise enough? Do I get enough sleep? Do I eat nutritious food? How much? Food should be eaten at the same time daily, five to six hours between meals. No food should be taken between meals.
  85. 85. Self-control is aSelf-control is a skill that can beskill that can be learnedlearned
  86. 86. The WillWill is a short term for Voluntary ActionVoluntary Action
  87. 87. Temperance - Self-Control is the of everything we do in life WhatWhat WhenWhen HowHow
  88. 88. Like a city whose wallsLike a city whose walls are broken down is a manare broken down is a man who lacks self-control.who lacks self-control. • Proverbs 25:28
  89. 89. TemperanceTemperance Abstinence from harmful... alcohol tobacco caffeine
  90. 90. True temperance teaches us to abstain entirely from that which is injurious, and to use judiciously only healthful and nutritious articles of food. Health Reformer April 1877
  91. 91. Too much sunToo much sun == ExhaustionExhaustion Too much good foodToo much good food == ==Too much exerciseToo much exercise SunburnSunburn Too much restToo much rest LethargyLethargy Multiple problemsMultiple problems ==
  92. 92. ConversationConversation DietDiet WorkWork StudyStudy RecreationRecreation SleepSleep All thingsAll things
  93. 93. Tobacco Alcohol Drugs Caffeine Sugar Grease Animal products Refined foods Spices Fumes Chlorinated water Fluoridated water Hot or cold foods Preservatives
  94. 94. 1. Memorize Scripture. Use a thus saith the Lord. 2. Study the Word daily. 3. Make up your mind that you will not let Jesus down. 4. Only one way to lose the battle: Surrender 5. Ask for Divine love - the kind that keeps loving even when the object of that love cannot benefit you. 6. Witness. Tell the world that it takes a Saviour to be saved…and One has been provided.
  95. 95. Recognize need for help. Self-discipline is a valuable tool. Develop a support network. Establish short/long term realistic goals. Prioritize values for proper motivation. Make up your mind to make the effort. Believe God will give you the power. In developing self control
  96. 96. N E W S T A R T utrition xercise ater unshine emperance ir (FRESH)
  97. 97. • Our memory • Our mental agility • Ability to work more productively • A good respiration soothes the nerves • Stimulates the appetite and renders digestion more perfect • Induces sound, refreshing sleep • Reduces cholesterol Deep breathing aids blood circulation. Increased oxygen intake, especially when we have been breathing properly, will help...
  98. 98. Shallow breathing is aShallow breathing is a learned habitlearned habit • Often caused by bad posture • It increases carbon dioxide levels in the blood
  99. 99. Effects of Negatively Charged Fresh AirEffects of Negatively Charged Fresh Air Improved sense of well-being Increased rate and quality of growth in plants and animals Improved function of the lung’s protective cilia Tranquilization and relaxation Lowered body temperature Lowered resting heart rate Decreased survival of bacteria and viruses in the air Improved learning in mammals Decreased severity of stomach ulcers
  100. 100. Animals exposed to negative air ions showed a normalization of pertinent brain chemistry measurements and did not show any tendency to high blood pressure or ulcers.
  101. 101. Normal children and those with learning disabilities showed measurable improvements in brain functions in an environment of negative air ions.
  102. 102. Middle Eastern windstorms bring an abundance of positive air ions. During these storms, as many as 30 percent of individuals develop problems with…  Increased anxiety & suspicion  Migraine headaches  Nausea  Vomiting  Diarrhea  Eye problems  Irritability  Respiratory congestion  Serotonin altered  Etc.
  103. 103. Recirculating air in buildings Tobacco smoke City smog Other pollutants
  104. 104. Around evergreen trees Beach surf After thunderstorms Natural outdoor environments
  105. 105. Do you suffer from... • Fatigue • Anemia • Depression • Sore Throat • Lung disease Are you irritable the first thing in the morning?
  106. 106. N E W S T A R T utrition xercise ater unshine emperance ir (FRESH) est
  107. 107. Vitamin R (Rest) Comes in Four Kinds • Vitamin R1 Daily rest or sleep • Vitamin R2 Weekly Rest • Vitamin R3 Recreation • Vitamin R4 Meditation
  108. 108. Eight hours needed for optimal performance One hour of rest before 12 is worth two after Eating before bedtime disturbs sleep
  109. 109. Presleep Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 REM Temperature falls - alpha waves Pulse slows, muscles relax - 5-10 Waves larger, eyes roll - 20 Waves slow & large, relaxed, breathing slow - 30 Delta sleep - 20 Rapid eye movement, dreams, lighter - 5-60
  110. 110. The sleep of a laboring man isThe sleep of a laboring man is sweet. Ecclesiastes 5:12sweet. Ecclesiastes 5:12 Go to bed early.Go to bed early. Tense then relaxTense then relax Warm bathWarm bath Catnip, hops. or other herb teaCatnip, hops. or other herb tea
  111. 111. N E W S T A R T utrition xercise ater unshine emperance ir (FRESH) est rust in God
  112. 112. •Churchgoers live longer •Prayers for sick decrease hospital stay •God blesses the health of those who trust Him
  113. 113. STEWARDS
  114. 114. It won’t hold still • 1881 - Professor Carl von Voit 120 gm/d • 1904 - Dr. Russell Crittenden 50 gm/d • 1914 - Dr. Mikkel Hindhede 40 gm/d • 1920 - Henry Sherman 45 gm/d • 1941 - National Research Council 70 gm/d • 1946 - Dr. Mark Hegsted 32 gm/d • 1955 - Dr. William Rose 22 gm/d* • 1959 - Dr. Mark Hegsted 20 gm/d • 1968 - National Research Council 65 gm/d • 1973 - National Research Council 56 gm/d
  115. 115. .0001 nm - cosmic rays .01 nm - gamma rays 200 nm - far ultraviolet 300 nm - middle and near uv 380 - 760 nm - visible spectrum 1000-4000 nm - shortwave infrared 100,000 nm - infrared To 545 meters - radio waves 3100 miles - electric waves
  116. 116. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet UltravioletInfrared