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  1. 1. 拉斯维加斯塔 Do you trust in today’s technology? 你相信当今的高超技术吗?点击翻页 音乐:班得瑞·仙境
  2. 2. What you are seeing is the Stratosphere. 请留意看塔的最高部分This is a hotel of the city of Las Vegas. 这是拉斯维加斯的一家饭店 Las Vegas is full of hotels and casinos with the most exotic architectural forms.拉斯维加斯拥有许多饭店和娱乐场其建筑外形都是光怪陆离奇特无比 But give it another look! 但这一个更加抢眼! Do you see anything extraordinary? 你看到有什么与众不同之处?
  3. 3. Closer....... 近一点看看…The Tower is 350 meters high, equivalent to 110 floors. 塔高350米 相当于110层楼高
  4. 4. It’s a panoramic tower! 这是一个全景观光塔 下图是巴西电信塔 在巴西Curitiba市,高110米 We see below, Brasil TelecomTower in the city of Curitiba. It is 110 meters tall.
  5. 5. But the tower that we see here is special... 塔的特别之处就在这里…What strange thing is that at the top of the building? 你看到在建筑物的顶部 有些什么奇怪的东西?
  6. 6. YES – you are right! 上升 你说得很对! 甩出 下冲An amusement park with fourof those "toys" normally found in parks on the ground? 塔的顶部有四个游艺项目这些玩意儿通常装在公园的地面上
  7. 7. ... It is a rollercoaster -- at the top of the tower! …第1项是空中过山车——在塔的顶上!
  8. 8. A second “fun ride" is an elevator, which rises to the top and thendescends, making people feel the effect of up to four times the gravitational force! 第2项玩意儿是一部电梯 先上升再下落 人身上会感受到四倍重力!
  9. 9. The other "fun ride" is sort of a corridor.第3种玩意儿是一部空中滑车 It “simulates” as if it’s going to go into space…..but it stops at the last minute.它模仿一个人正在进入天空之时 在最后一分钟突然刹车
  10. 10. And now the last one….. People sit on the chairs and see what happens.... The whole unit begins to rotate at high speed.The effect of the centrifugal force causes the mechanism to start to open up and... 最后一项 人坐在椅子中 看看会发生什么 整个装置 开始高速旋转 离心力使机械 开始向外张开 并且…
  11. 11. Catch the speed! It circles at 40 MPH at a 3G force!!!看看速度有多高!以每小时40英里的速度旋转,人经受的力高达3G!!!
  12. 12. Need I say More惊恐之余――我不想再说什么了