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LED Corn Light Cover

LED Corn Light Cover
Email: sales@nuoguan.net
Website: www.ngtlight.com

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LED Corn Light Cover

  1. 1. LED C0?" Light 7W"15W Product categories P/ UiillifNi'll71P , . : ' Beam A/1(,7i: ’l NGST-40W Dia:110mm"120mm 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120" NGST-60W Dia:110mm"120mni 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120° NGST-BOW Dia:110mm"120mm 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120° NGST-100W Dia:110mm'120mm 2 PIN Wires WW. NW, CW 120“ NGST-120W Dia:110mm"120mm 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120° NGST-160W Die:110mm"120mm 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120° NGST~18OW Dia:110mm"120mm 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120° NGST-ZOOW Dia:110mm'120mm 2 PIN Wires WW, NW, CW 120” NGST-300W Dia:110mm"120mm 2 PIN Wires WW. NW. CW 120” Warranty Shenzhen Nuoguan Technology Co. ,Ltd guarantee that all LED lights being sold are QC passed and reach export standards for shipment Under normal use, the lamp is verified to be the quality assured by NGT or any third-part testing authority, NGT or any third-part testing authority, NGT will offer three years Product Features . warranty service. . Avaname in 7W. .15W Specific warranty as follow: . Convection hole design 1. We Will offer exchange service within six months from the products Date Code, beyond three months NGT will offer repair service technology service & components in the guaranty time; - Cooling more quickly and evenly 2. Since the date from Seventh month to thirty-sixth month. N<3T will free offer repair service. NGT provide ' PL” A'”mi"i”"‘Fi"'“/ P9 hi9he' ihermai °°"d“°“""V technology support and components only charging cost if customers want to replace by themselves- ‘ N0 need b5"35i- 3. Shipping freight caused by the warranty process will be paid by the shipper; 0 5 Veils WETFEMY 50.000 WW5 “795P3n- 4. NGT will only bear the responsibility between our directly contact clients; 0 5 V9375 W5"3"iY-50000 h°| -"'5 “'95P3“- 5. NGT will charge for the parts and shipping freight for maintenance service beyond guarantee time frame; a No RF imerference’ No flickering’ No Buzzing 6. Lumen depreciation of chips need to be returned to our company checked and tested, only then NGT will offer afler-sales service plan, We will repair and replace afler both manufacturing or component fault is confirmed: specifications 7. The production date is subject to the Date Code on the products. The following situations are not covered by warranty: Wattage Light Source Lurnens CRI ccT(kelvin) Rated Lire IP Rating Beam Angle 1, The products have been beyond wenemy time aw aw SPCS COB aaoim 70 300D~6500k 5o,0ooHrs IP45 360° 2. Damage caused by service man's disassembly, maintenance, refit without NGT‘s authorization. 5W 5W wpcs COB 550"“ 70 3D00_6500k sovoooms was 360“ 3. I3ei': laik: :1v: ’1“: aused by substandard installation or operation without according to the specification 7W 7W “PCS COB 770"" 7° 3°°°"65°°k 5°'°°°H'5 IP45 36°“ 4. Breakdown caused by move, drop, water ingress, or scoring. 9W 9W1BF°5 COB 990"“ 7° 3°°°”55°°" 5°'°°°H'5 ‘P45 35°" 5. Damage caused by the irresistible force factor, such as fire, earthquake, thunder and lightning. etc. 15W 15W 30PCS C05 1550"“ 70 3°°°‘55°°k 50.000HI5 “"5 360“ 6. It’s the normal phenomenon that 0,1“/ a~0 2% LED chips burnt out on the lamp, this situation is out of the 113w iaw 35Pcs coe 1B9D| m 7o 3000~6500k 50,DO0His IP45 350° F3099 °' V9133" °' °X°"3"9°- 210w 7 module Bridgelux 1B900|m 70 3D00~6500k 5o. oooHis IP45 360° 210W 7 module Bridgelux 18900|m 70 30U0~5500k 50,DOOHrs IP45 360° ‘ 210w 7 module Bridgelux iasooim 70 3ooo~s5ook 50.000Hrs IP45 350° C E C u € L M W new 7 module Bndgemx iesooim 70 3ooo~s5ook 5o. oooHis IP45 360“ “ ® L Uni“

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LED Corn Light Cover Email: sales@nuoguan.net Website: www.ngtlight.com


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