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English Remove Class

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English Remove Class

  1. 1. Nama : ............................................................ Kelas : ......................... Masa : 1 Jam Arahan: Sila jawab semua soalan Circle the correct answers based on the pictures. 1. This ______________ is too big for Mary. A skirt B short C sweater D trousers 2. Maniam likes to wear a _________ to sleep. A vest B shirt C singlet D blouse 3. Kent put on his _________ for sports practice. A track suit B pinafore C raincoat D swimsuit 4. Chan prefers the white _______ to the black pair. A jacket B shorts C pyjamas D long pants 5. John usually puts on a ________ over his shirt. A veil B vest C singlet D jacket 6. Sean changed into his ______ and dived into the pool. A shorts B pants C trousers D swimming trunks SEK. MEN. KEB. JALAN MENGKIBOL KLUANG JOHOR PENILAIAN KURIKULUM 1, MAC 2014 BAHASA INGGERIS 1 TINGKATAN PERALIHAN
  2. 2. Circle the correct answers based on the pictures. 7. A florist sells ________ at a shop. A flowers B newspaper C furniture D stationery 8. A greengrocer sells fruit and _______ at the market. A drinks B tickets C plants D vegetables 9. A surgeon performs operations in the __________. A cinema B hospital C restaurant D workshop 10. A dentist attends to people’s __________. A skin B hand C teeth D eyes Circles the correct answers. 11. The newspaper vendor _________ newspapers to houses every morning. A delivers B collects C gathers D presents 12. The station master makes sure that the trains ________ the schedule. A run B obey C follow D change 13. The factory workers ________ the latex to produce rubber sheets. A tap B pour C keep D process 14. Fatin’s uncle is an architect. He _________ buildings. A hawker B paid C designs D cooks 15. The chef _________ delicious Japanese and Korean food.
  3. 3. A cooks B carpenter C dancers D host 16. The customers are lining up to buy noodle soup from the ________. A grocer B watchmaker C dentist D hawker Questions 17 and 18 Choose the word that has the similar meaning as the underlined words. 17. The builders used clear glass on all the windows of the building A dull B dirty C black D transparent 18. The rich man always helps the needy people. A poor B lonely C weak D careless Questions 19 to 21 Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation. 19. A sam ravi and azman are going to singapore in july. B Sam, ravi and azman are going to C Sam, Ravi and Azman are going to Singapore in July. D Sam, Ravi and Azman are going to singapore in july. 20. A “They’ve gone to watch a Movie at Leisure Mall.” said mother. B “They’ve gone to watch a movie at Leisure Mall,” said mother. C “They’ve gone to watch a movie at Leisure Mall!” said mother. D “They’ve gone to watch a Movie at Leisure Mall?” said Mother. 21. A Rajoo, Kamarul, and Kenneth are taking part in the interschool Cross Countryrace! B Rajoo, Kamarul and Kenneth are taking part in the interschool Cross Countryrace? C Rajoo, Kamarul and Kenneth are taking part in the interschool cross country race. D Rajoo, kamarul and kenneth are taking part in the interschool cross country race! Questions 22 and 23
  4. 4. Choose the correct spelling for the given options. 22. The________ is drawing the plan of the building. A arkitek B architect C architek D arkitech 23. The _______ is out of order. A telefon B telipon C telephone D talipon
  5. 5. Questions 24 to 27 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. 24. Wei Ren uses a _______ and spoon to eat noodles. A fork B blade C knife D pen 25. The contractor put on a_______to protect his head. A hat B cap C beret D helmet 26. You have to call the_____ to fix your leaking tap. A cobbler B plumber C foreman D mechanic 27. Jeevitha needs a_______to cut the wire. A file B chisel C pair of pliers D pair of scissors
  6. 6. Questions 28 to 32 Look at the pictures carefully. Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in
  7. 7. the picture.
  8. 8. 28. A Thank you. B Yes, she will. C Yes, I like them. 29. A I’m so afraid. B The price is reasonable. C Sales is not too good. 30. A I don’t know B My brother works hard. C Yes, I will. 31. A I’m sorry I can’t B I don’t like you C I’m delighted to meet you. 32. A It’s not my watch B This is a good time C It’s three o’clock Questions 33 to 37 Read the passage below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow. One day a shepherd boy was feeling bored. So, he decided to play a trick on the villages .The boy shouted, ``Wolf! Wolf!’’ Some men who were working on a farm heard his shouts. They picked up pitch forks and rakes and ran to save the boy and the sheep from the wolf. When they came to the shepherd boy, they could not see the wolf. The sheep were quietly eating grass. The boy laughed and laughed. He thought he was clever but the men were very angry. Whenever he felt bored he played the same trick on the villagers. Then one day, the wolf came and the shepherd boy shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!” on top of his voice. The villages thought that the boy was playing tricks on them again. No one went to help the boy. That day, the wolf killed many sheep. 33. The passage is about a A wolf B sheep C villages D shepherd boy
  9. 9. 34. The shepherd boy played a trick on the villages because he was A angry B bored C happy D clever 35. The villagers were angry because A they had been tricked B they could not find the wolf C the wolf had killed many sheep D the wolf has escaped before they arrived. 36. In the end, the villagers did not come to help the shepherd boy because A the boy could fight the wolf himself. B they would not hear the boy’s shouts C they thought the boy was playing tricks on them again 37. The moral of the story is A we must learn to be independent B we must try to solve the problem first C we must not lie D people will think we are lazy. Question 38 to 40. Choose the best word to complete the sentence. 38. __________ fire broke out in that house __________ hour ago. A A, an B The, a C An, the D The, the 39. Look at __________ plane flying high up in __________ sky. A a, the B an, an C an, the D the, the 40. Please give __________ orange to __________ beggar outside the gate. A a, an B the, a C an, the D a,
  10. 10. Prepared by, Reviewed by, Approved by, ……………….. …………………….. ………………….. (NOOR FAZILA (SHADZRENA (MAHARIAN MAT SAAIDIN) MOHD SHARIFF) ABD MAJID) English Teacher Panel Head of English Language Head of Language Department SMK Jln Mengkibol SMK Jln Mengkibol SMK Jln Mengkibol

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