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  1. 1. Tim Close<br />Sales Director<br />
  2. 2. About us<br />802 Global is a value-added distributor specialising in digital wireless <br />and surveillance solutions, with particular strength in Emergency <br />(blue light) Services, 802 Global is part of the UK Broadband Group.<br />UK Broadband (UKB) is the UK’s largest commercial holder of national radio spectrum for 4G mobiles services and fast wireless backhaul. UKB provides wireless data capacity, equipment, services and solutions to the telecoms industry, service providers, channel partners and the public sector and are a wholly owned subsidiary of PCCW.<br />Provider of Hong Kong’s first quadruple-play experience, PCCW/HKT offers a range of innovative media content and services across four platforms – fixed-line, broadband Internet access, TV and mobile, generating revenue in excess of $3B US per annum.<br />
  3. 3. is a wholly is a wholly owned subsidiary of in Hong Kong<br />a Leader in Technology Innovation in Asia<br />Largest Fixed, Mobile, Broadband & Pay-TV Operator in HK<br />Competitive market 100Mbps broadband £25; 1Gbps £40<br />Pioneer in IPTV ‘on-demand’ television<br />Market capitalisation of over US$ 1Bn<br />Annual revenues in excess of US$ 3Bn<br />Over 18,000 employees globally<br />Over 8,000 WiFi hotspots in city<br />UK Broadband – largest commercial holder of radio spectrum<br />
  4. 4. London<br />
  5. 5. 4G Site<br />(whole city coverage)<br />4G London<br />Multiple 4G ‘feeds” in licensed 3.5GHz mobile spectrum<br />To 1KM service radius<br />Increases bandwidth and Reduces Cost for Vehicle Borne Solutions<br />4G<br />‘direct’ 4G access for mobile working, digital inclusion, e-health, etc.<br />WiFi<br />Digital advertising revenue opportunities<br />Consumer WiFi access<br />Free access to govt. services<br />Wholesale revenue opportunity<br />WiFi Zones connected by 4G<br />(cost effective over huge parts of the City)<br />
  6. 6. Regional<br />Networks<br />Partner<br />Network<br />Services<br />Core to National Roll Out<br />IP Network<br />Radio Access Network<br />Internet<br /><ul><li>9 Figure Investment
  7. 7. 250 + Macro Sites
  8. 8. Mobile/Fixed
  9. 9. MPLS Core
  10. 10. ‘Ground Up’ Design to support wholesale model
  11. 11. 24 x 7 NOC</li></ul>DSS<br />BSS<br />NOC<br />
  12. 12. 1<br />H<br />2<br />B<br />3<br />C<br />4<br />D<br />E<br />6<br />5<br />F<br />G<br />7<br />UK Operations and Support<br /><ul><li>London - Head Office (400 + capacity)
  13. 13. Regional Sales and Support
  14. 14. Aldermaston
  15. 15. Birmingham
  16. 16. Newcastle
  17. 17. Manchester (2011)
  18. 18. Glasgow (2011)
  19. 19. UK wide approved subcontractors</li></ul>A<br />We will co-invest if the business case is right<br />
  20. 20. Benefits of Licensed Spectrum<br /><ul><li>Interference Free
  21. 21. Predictable Performance
  22. 22. End to End QoS
  23. 23. SLAs can be met
  24. 24. Superior link budget = more customers reached reliably</li></li></ul><li>What is 4G wireless;what does it do?<br /><ul><li>It’s one better than 3G right?
  25. 25. First mobile technology designed from the ground up for data
  26. 26. 3G designed for voice and adapted for data
  27. 27. Fast & high capacity – “feels” completely different
  28. 28. New but proven – millions of customers already in US, Korea
  29. 29. Wireless is more relevant to consumers – what’s on the end of your broadband?
  30. 30. More likely to include the Digitally Excluded – Ofcom CMR10 reports fixed broadband penetration flat @ 65% with all +6% growth attributable to mobile
  31. 31. More efficient for mobile workers – native IP, fast enough to free up remote workers
  32. 32. More cost effective for rural – low cost per line compared to fibre
  33. 33. Similar social and economic benefits to superfast fixed – often at a lower cost</li></li></ul><li>3G vs. 4G - Comparison<br />
  34. 34. PE Link BundleOffer<br />Big button phone & EasyCare<br />PCCW Hong Kong eHealthcare Device and Infrastructure Development<br />Service & Brand Launch Ready <br />MyGlucoHealth Trial Start<br /> DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN <br /><ul><li>Marketing
  35. 35. Focus group for medical professionals
  36. 36. Web Portal hardware & development
  37. 37. Confirm content partners
  38. 38. Web Portal ready for</li></ul> internal user trial <br />
  39. 39. EasyCare<br />Example Devices (HK)<br /><ul><li>Features cater for elderly including big button for emergency, radio, extra large screen, etc)
  40. 40. 750 pcs arrived on 23-Nov
  41. 41. Phone sets will be available in shops early Dec
  42. 42. Service for changing the emergency number Over-The-Air will be available on Q1 2011</li></ul>Big Button<br /><ul><li>Service launched Nov 2010
  43. 43. Users can access EasyCare service via PCCW mobile Channel, www.pccwmobile.com or eye2</li></li></ul><li>Budgetary Outline<br />Back Haul<br />Last Mile<br />4 x 1Gbps Microwave Links<br />4 x 4 G Base stations<br />Budget<br />Capex - £690K<br />Annual Opex - £80K<br />400 External CPE (up to 15 KM from Base Station – LoS)<br />
  44. 44. Solve the Notspot Problem Whilst Mobilizing your County<br />Home Broadband<br />Mobile Broadband<br />15 KM<br />2 KM<br />
  45. 45. Key points summary<br />Further work needed to clarify network and services required<br />Need to define roles and responsibilities<br />Success of network will rely not only on eHealth but Super Fast Broadband (etc.), mobility, public safety etc.<br />UKB has appetite and capability to engage in this project<br />
  46. 46. Thank You <br />

Notas do Editor

  • UK Broadband is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCCW which is Hong Kong’s largest telecoms company offering the Quad Play of fixed, mobile, broadband and television services.We operate in one of the world’s most advanced &amp; competitive telecoms markets and already offer Superfast Next Gen speeds at amazing prices. In Hong Kong you can get 100 Mbps for £25 per month and 1Gbps for £40! All without government subsidy.We were one of the first telecoms companies to offer IP television services providing the ability to watch content on demand as well as enabling interaction with companies and the public sector via the TV set instead of a computer.We also have one of the worlds most advanced wireless networks which combines the very latest cellular technologies with over 8,000 WiFi hotspots crammed into an area the size of central London.This means there is a lot of fast wireless connectivity in Hong Kong, WiFi is almost everywhere you go, even on the underground system.It is free everywhere for Government &amp; tourist services and it gets used so much that in many places we have to connect the WiFi with fibre to cope with demand!PCCW is also a big “billion dollar” company with over 18,000 employees and interests across the world.UK Broadband is one of these global companies and holds the UK’s largest commercial portfolio of radio spectrum, I think only the MOD has more than we do.We are also currently the UK’s only holder of spectrum suitable for the next generation of 4G mobile broadband services
  • Cost effective scalable wide area WiFi coverage with multiple WiFi access points per macro ‘feeder’ siteReduced cost of each access point as only power required = more footprint where it is really neededGuaranteed transmission QoS in 3.5 GHz WiMAX (compared to relying on unlicensed 5.x GHz or mesh)Flexible deployment, drop WiFi coverage anywhere it is needed
  • In order to address these congestion and performance issues we need new networks and these need new spectrumUnfortunately, like land, there isn’t a limitless supply and this means we have to efficiently re-use the same bits over and over again across the country.In an internet driven video dominated future this means many many more base stations – not big towers or rooftop antenna systems but smaller base stations closer to the customers and therefore closer to the ground.They need to be deployed on building fronts and street furniture in order to provide the kind of capacity which translates into an experience which customers would describe as “fast”Our experience in both Hong Kong and the UK is that the Public Sector is going to be a key stakeholder for superfast wireless just like it is for superfast fixed.As significant land and property owners Public Sector can assist greatly in the development of new 4G wireless networks that will help deliver challenging social and economic gains but there are issuesIn planning – the base station is small but not invisible and planning guidance varies considerably between Local Authorities – this slows network build and adds costs that need to be passed on to the end user – it also makes places like London with 33 Planning Departments a bit of a nightmarein state aid – I think this applies equally to fibre and wireless – and, as far as I can tell, there is still not a simple or consistent position regarding state-aid when Local Authorities take an active role in the deployment of telecoms infrastructure in procurement – without a precedent for pricing rental of street furniture we are finding procurement becomes an issue adding time and costsTo investors these issues represent uncertainty and risk, so like duct sharing and rates in fibre business models we need to get some certainty to help close business cases and get building for the future
  • So what is 4G wireless?...... We’ll its one better than 3G right?Well not quite, it’s a bit more than that. For those of you who are not familiar with the telecoms industry jargon, 3G is what is probably in your phone, if you have fairly new iPhone it is almost definitely 3G and that is what you use to check email, browse the web and use Apps when you are out and about.4G is a big step forward, it is a new type of wireless technology designed for the IP, internet world. It is fast and has the capacity to enable many more people to enjoy the experience than is possible with current It is new but not unproven – as I have already mentioned 4G is in use with millions of connections already in the US, Korea &amp; JapanBut what is really exciting about 4G is what you can do with itIt can connect people they way they want, wirelessly, flexibly whether at home or not and can already meet and exceed the kind of user experience you currently get from a really good fixed copper broadband connectionIt can cost effectively connect the digitally excluded who don’t even have a phone line never mind fibre – UKB is already running pilots and interestingly Ofcom recently reported that 65-71% all the growth in broadband adoption in the UK during 2009 was due to mobile – fixed penetration was flat - wireless has a key role to play in enabling more people to access e-government services It can enable mobile working like never before with enough speed and capacity to allow office applications to run just like they do on your deskIt can get to a cost per line that is competitive with copper never mind fibre and still deliver 10Mbps+, especially in rural areas.And if it is economic benefits we seek just one thought or you… according to Ofcom the UK telecoms market is worth £30Bn per year and more than half of which is mobile. We can’t ignore the economic and social benefits of wireless
  • 121 learners that culturally reflect the LA;36% Girls; 25 Statements of SENReferred because of exclusion; managed move; no school place; SEN; behaviourNotschool.net experience used to develop a school model called BAO (The Bridge Academy Online)Originally about innovation, bridging the digital divide and reengagementNow about transparency; learning extension through online community collaboration (Mitchell – sample)
  • Outline Ideas for Telemedicine Trial in East Anglia. A Gigabit Wireless backbone network will connect Northgate Hospital onto Martham Health Centre, Hemsby Medical Centre, Ormesby Surgery and Caister Medical Centre. A WiMAX base station is situated at every Health Centre Location. A 12 meter monopole would be installed at each Location. Our proposal assumes that 400 customers would be connected to the network.  This should only be used for estimating funding requirements. Further site survey and design work would need to be undertaken to derive and accurate costing.Our assumptions are based on external radios installed on the houses of clients to connect them