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1World Media Kit October 2015

  1. Media Kit and Advertising Capabilities O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5
  2. 1World Online Introduces our Platform for Publishers Deploy engaging polls, quizzes, surveys, and debates 1World powers them with ads Create new revenue for your site 1 2 3
  3. What is 1World? 1World’s Platform for Publishers consists of highly engaging applications (polls, quizzes, surveys and debates), content, and powerful analytics.
  4. Comprehensive Benefits for Publishers — Editorial and Business INCREASE ENGAGEMENT VIA: Interactive media Content discovery Social sharing INCREASE REVENUE VIA: More effective advertising Sponsored, native content Audience insights
  5. Advertising Options Increase user engagement while creating new revenue opportunities, all at no cost to you. Here’s how it works: “Set it and forget it”: 1World can manage all the content and fill the ad inventory through our partnerships with the leading online ad exchanges and ad networks. Plug in your own preferred ad network or programmatic partner and fill the ad inventory in 1World’s tools*. Sell custom, sponsored native content to your premium advertisers for high CPMs*. * 1World retains a small, flat fee to cover hosting and ad serving costs. OR OR
  6. Proven Engagement Tools Whether it’s a poll, quiz, survey, or debate, 1World’s interactive media is proven to drive new revenue and increase reader engagement. Engagement stats for poll respondents: 2.7% 60% 4x 2x CLICK-THROUGH RATE INCREASE IN READER LOYALTY INCREASE IN TIME ON SITE INCREASE IN PAGES PER VISIT (Results were obtained from a representative sample of publisher clients)
  7. Platform Capabilities Publishers know that increasing reader engagement and loyalty drives revenue. With 1World’s Platform for Publishers, you can: Amplify content discovery and recommendations on your site Create a social boost with fun, shareable content Collect valuable reader data to understand your audience and increase content relevancy Syndicate content from other publishers or create all your own — it’s up to you 1World’s SAAS platform is flexible, customizable, and white-labeled for your specific needs
  8. Deployment Options Deploying 1World’s tools is fast and easy. Just add one line of JavaScript to your site template on all pages. Advertisement Advertisement 1World Poll 1World Quiz Deployment in the right rail Deployment in the article
  9. Monetize New Ad Inventory Ads or sponsorships can be deployed in different adjacent locations: on top, bottom, either side, as an interstitial, or combination. Support all IAB ad sizes Recommended ad sizes: • 300x250 • 300x50 • 160x600 Top RightLeft Bottom Support for responsive ad formats Poll dimensions A range of options is available: • Height: 300-600 • Width: responsive design to match your site
  10. Monetize New Ad Inventory Ads or sponsorships can be deployed in different adjacent locations: on top, bottom, either side, as an interstitial, or combination. Ad on top of application Ads on top and within application
  11. Advertising Specifications Media Types: • Banner • Interstitial • Text • Expandable • Skin Maximize revenue while providing a superb user experience • High Impact • Native • Video • Static Image (jpeg or gif) • Animated gif
  12. Viewability with 1World Viewability is a critical concern for all publishers and brands. You can ensure nearly 100% viewability when you offer ads that are only displayed when a reader votes on a poll, quiz, survey, or debate. Before voting After voting
  13. Sponsorships Enhance your native advertising offerings with 1World’s tools. Sponsoring a quiz, poll, or debate creates brand lift, new social activity, and deeper understanding of target customers.
  14. Data Collection for Advertisers In addition to sponsorships, display, and video ads, offer your advertisers the ability to ask targeted questions to your audience. Companies can collect valuable data on brand awareness, purchase intent, media habits, and much more.