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Human Element in Digital

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Digital is in everything we do today. In how we transact, in how we entertain, in how we unwind, in how the next generation ‘thinks’!

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Human Element in Digital

  2. 2. Digital is upon us! it’s the new normal.
  3. 3. Digital is in everything we do today. In how we transact, in how we entertain, in how we unwind, in how the next generation ‘thinks’!
  4. 4. Shopping…
  5. 5. Hanging out…
  6. 6. Finding your way…
  7. 7. Managing health…
  8. 8. Managing finances…
  9. 9. Serving customers…
  10. 10. Communicating…
  11. 11. Digital is in everything we do
  12. 12. And it’s nice!
  13. 13. Until…
  14. 14. Systems are all we see…
  15. 15. Coworkers are workflow…
  16. 16. Audience are profiles…
  17. 17. People are Yes, a resource!
  18. 18. Contact stops at arm’s length…
  19. 19. …And, context is lost!
  20. 20. When processes and systems are built to complete a transaction…
  21. 21. Can I talk to a human! Do you even know me? it’s blind digital …and, deaf!
  22. 22. Delight Your Customers Be Faster than The Fastest Make your Business Infinite IMPERATIVES OF DIGITAL BUSINESS Lest we forget…
  23. 23. Delight Your Customers IMPERATIVE 1 OF A DIGITAL BUSINESS Exceeding customer expectations is now expected. Every interaction with the customer must be designed and mapped to ensure the right message at the right time. And, Customers are people, beyond rationality - with their own psychological and emotional drivers and motivations.
  24. 24. #Customer #User #Audience #Target segment #Prospect #Reference #Member I’m not an ID, not a transaction!
  25. 25. #KnowThyCustomer - Name - Filed documents - Relevant details - Business relationship - Past transactions - Open complaint(s) - Past feedbacks - Recent events Know your customers before reaching out to them! Understand them when they reach out to you!
  26. 26. IMPERATIVE 2 OF A DIGITAL BUSINESS Respond to any change with agility. Whether it stems from the market, competition, or even a single interaction with a customer. And, this agility goes beyond automation and speed. It’s the ability to change and respond in context, with smartness that comes with People. Be Faster than The Fastest
  27. 27. Automation ≠ Digital Automation can work in preset models Digital means fast & smart response to situations
  28. 28. You need Smart Processes! Ability to orchestrate in response to emerging situations, without having to go to drawing board. Respond to people v/s acting on robotic process.
  29. 29. You need Empowered Workers! Ability to make smart decisions in response to emerging situations, and alter the course of action as needed. Power to people v/s Rigid preset models.
  30. 30. You need Superior Context! Ability to see faces & situations, and ability to access relevant content, to do what’s needed quickly. Context for people v/s inaccessible information.
  31. 31. IMPERATIVE 3 OF A DIGITAL BUSINESS An infinite workplace is where everyone works, wherever they are with easy and real time access, to whatever their work demands. And, an infinite business goes beyond enterprise resources, encompassing business ecosystem - enabling people including employees, suppliers, partners & customers to participate. Make your Business Infinite
  32. 32. Mobility can get you access. Your enterprise needs to connect with people. Your processes need to connect beyond internal resources, enable people to collaborate - to connect with people inside and out, with systems inside and out, and with things. Digital is all about Connect!
  33. 33. Touch interface is only an enabler. Your enterprise needs to reach out and touch. Your processes need to evolve and involve. Make them infinite. Your processes need to touch customers and partners as people, enabling them to work with your people and systems toward common goal. Digital is all about Touch points!
  34. 34. Delight Your Customers Be Faster than The Fastest Make your Business Infinite People make a business DIGITAL. HUMAN ELEMENT IS CORE TO DIGITAL. LET PROCESSES INVOLVE & EVOLVE.
  36. 36. THE HUMAN ELEMENT IN DIGITAL About Newgen Newgen Software is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Case Management, with a global footprint of 1300+ installations in more than 61 countries with large, mission-critical solutions deployed at the world's leading Banks, Insurance firms, BPO's, Healthcare Organizations, Government, Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers. Newgen's Quality Systems are certified against ISO 9001:2008 and Information Security Standard, ISO 27001:2013. Newgen has been assessed at CMMi Level3. Write to us: USA & CANADA: info@newgensoft.com INDIA: corpmktg@newgensoft.com APAC: asiapac@newgensoft.com EMEA: emea@newgensoft.com For sales enquiry, dial: USA & CANADA: +1 (202) 800 7783 INDIA: +91 11 40773769 APAC: +65 3157 6189 EMEA: +44 (0) 2036 514805, +973-1-619-8002 www.newgensoft.com