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Global Art Manifesto

  1. A manifesto for global art [email_address] Katowice 21 November 2008
  2. Not on Wikipedia Not communication art Not space art Not planetary art Not network art Not satellite art But related to all the above
  3. Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  4. La Terre vue du ciel
  5. La plissure du texte (1983)
  6. Joe Davis Red Ruby Falls (project 1984)
  7. Fred Forest
  8. Le centre du monde (Fred Forest 1999)
  9. La conscience des limites Gaia, 1992 Galileo, 1993
  10. Sensorium The Japanese concepts of "I (myself)" and "human being" reflect the essential and ambivalent "network-like" nature of our being. The Japanese "I" ("jibun") implies the existence only within a relational context, one that comprises both the relational aspects within myself and the holonic and relational structure of the universe.
  11. Stelarc Ping Body
  12. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
  13. Alzado Vectorial Mexico City 1999-2000
  14. Lorella Abenavoli Le Souffle de la Terre (1996-2002) Nox Mater with Nicolas Reeves 2007
  15. Emotional Traffic 2005
  17. Example Sites – Initial Installation Examples: BCE Place or Eaton Center, Toronto
  18. Galleria Vittorio Emannuelle II in Milan
  19. Eaton Center - Toronto Eaton Gallery Toronto People will approach a large screen onto which a live, life-size, remote image is projected.
  20. Eaton Center - Toronto People in one place will see and hear the distant persons as if they were physically present.
  21. Eaton Center - Toronto The distant surroundings will appear to be a natural continuation of the local space
  22. Eaton Center - Toronto
  23. Feeding global emotions
  24. In the electric age, we wear all mankind as our skin