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Microsoft hosted exchange

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Microsoft Hosted Exchange is the world's powerful corporate-class email solution, which improves productivity with On-the-go-access to email, calendar, and task management tools with No IT resources required!

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Microsoft hosted exchange

  1. 1. Microsoft HostedExchange is theworlds leadingcorporate emailplatform, which allowsusers to access emails,contacts, calendarand other tasks at will2Net4 India Limited
  2. 2. CalendarsContactsEmailDocumentsMeetings3Net4 India Limited
  3. 3.  Anywhere access to email, voicemailcalendars and contacts Enterprise-level mobility options Compatibility with Microsoft OfficeOutlook Virus and spam filtering Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities premier disaster recovery capabilities4Net4 India Limited
  4. 4.  Shared Colanders Shared Contacts Shared Task Management Appointment Scheduling Messaging Back-Up5Net4 India Limited
  5. 5. With Shared calendars, users can :› share their calendar information› View multiple calendars simultaneously› Accept, decline or propose changes to meetingrequestsSchedules for shared resources like Conferencerooms & Projectors can also be incorporated6Net4 India Limited
  6. 6.  You can share contactscentrally maintained in thecompany directory Contacts can be downloadedand used in all versions of MSoutlook 2007 Distribution lists can also becentrally maintained andshared.7Net4 India Limited
  7. 7.  Create and Assign tasks Integrate with email notifications Manage status : ‘Active’, ‘overdue’ or‘complete’.8Net4 India Limited
  8. 8.  Save time in arranging and schedulingmeetings Get Suggestions for the best time formeetings9Net4 India Limited
  9. 9.  Get back-up for all your messages andcontacts saved in the centrally locatedserver Back-up restoration following the loss ofany data.10Net4 India Limited
  10. 10.  Net4: India’s leading web hostingprovider & Domain Name registrar. Hosted Exchange Mailing solutionstarting from Rs.432/Mo Only.24/7 Email &CustomerSupportCustomizableThemesAnti-Virus Anti-SpamMultiple MailForwardingMailBox Size:2GBBuyNow11Net4 India Limited
  11. 11.  Net4 India Limited Address: D-25, Sector-3, Noida (U.P) Call: 1800-108-4444 Email: onlinesales@net4.in Website: http://www.net4.in12Net4 India Limited