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Quotidian - Documenting Everyday Life

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Ji Sun Lee's 2nd Solo Show: Quotidian - Documenting Everyday Life
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Quotidian - Documenting Everyday Life

  1. 1. Quotidian Documenting Everyday LifeCodifying my daily, routine activities is a way of visualizing and gaininginsight into the greater total event called my life. The people, places,things, and processes that cumulatively define who I am are uniqueoccurrences within me, yet they are also common experiences we allshare.My daily life in Seoul and the time I spent in New York are memoriesthat are selections by their very nature. Recollecting and reconstitutingthem as visual code creates a meta-level of remembrance that is similarto information graphics but different in representing a micro view ofpersonal data that leads to a macro view of an individual’s life.Quotidian - Documenting Everyday Life is divided into separate categoriesof daily living: Commuting, Shopping, Eating, Dressing, Residing, andSharing.Riding the New York City M5 bus in 2007 is my original source of inspi-ration.
  2. 2. CommutingThe M5 bus runs in Manhattan, from SoHo to Harlem. Passengers looking out the buswindow are foreign to me. Riding the bus provides a broad palate of moving colors on thestreets of a strange land: People’s hair, faces and clothes become a visual record of living inNew York City.A comparable ride on the 1500-1 bus in Seoul reveals a homo-geneous society. The passengers and people on the street arethe same in color: Their hair, faces and clothes contrast withthe changing colors along the New York City bus route. Colorsdarken as the M5 moves from SoHo to Harlem.Easily identifiable are the colors and patterns of the people’s clothes and their accessories,such as hats or sunglasses. Advertising images and maps found in the interior of the busesare also included. The distinct ambient sound of each of the buses tracks their arrival anddeparture along their routes. Ji Sun Lee_commuting - people in New York City and Seoul_digital illustration_2012
  3. 3. Ji Sun Lee_commuting - M5 Bus in New York City_digital illustration and video with sound_2012
  4. 4. Ji Sun Lee_commuting - 1500-1 Bus in Seoul_digital illustration and video with sound_2012
  5. 5. shoppingIn capitalist society the individual act of buying is hallow. For me, going shopping once aweek is one of my most important activities. I usually go to a mall and purchase things to eatand live. I have taken four months’ worth of receipts and combined the barcode of each ofthem with images of the itemized foods and products I purchased. These, in turn have beensubject to the same visual coding. The sounds at the mall and the check out counter heightenthe immediacy of the event.Ji Sun Lee_shopping_video with sound_2012
  6. 6. Ji Sun Lee_shopping_digital illustration_2012
  7. 7. eatingAmong the necessities of life, eating is the sine qua non. For a month, I recorded the fooddishes placed on my table and coded them in a series of dots. I was inspired by DamienHurst’s work entitled Dots. But while death is the subject of his abstract work, the dots in mywork prescribe the colors of food as a celebration of life.
  8. 8. Ji Sun Lee_eating 1_digital illustration_2012
  9. 9. Ji Sun Lee_eating 2_digital illustration and video_2012
  10. 10. dressingEvery morning, we spend a good deal of time deciding what to wear. Looking at a rack ofclothes in a closet provides an initial visual response to color and texture. I photographed mycloset and that of my husband and daughter, mapping them in color.
  11. 11. Animating the colors corresponds to sifting through clothes on the rack. Their modulatingsizes are visual metaphors of removing and replacing them on the rack.
  12. 12. Ji Sun Lee_dressing_digital illustration and video_2012
  13. 13. residingI live on the main street of Seoul, in an apartment. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, akitchen, and a living room. The furniture, objects and appliances in each of these spaces arecodified as colors that modulate in size to correspond with their use.
  14. 14. Ji Sun Lee_residing_digital illustration and video_2012
  15. 15. sharingMost things we repeatedly do in our lives are operated within a family. I visualized the photodocumentation of a typical family that has a 41 years old husband, a 40 years old wife, andan 8-year-old kid regarding each photos as each of their one year. A man and a woman givenbirth in a similar time and live each of their own life. They found each other and shared 3years going out together, even sharing 2002 world cup wearing same red T-shirts. They gotmarried and their kid has become 8 years old. All of these procedures of their lives are visual-ized into colors.
  16. 16. Ji Sun Lee_sharing 1_digital illustration and video_2012
  17. 17. Ji Sun Lee_sharing 2_digital illustration_2012
  18. 18. JI SUN LEENew media artist and interaction designer Ji Sun Lee studied Industrial Design at SookmyungWomen’s University and Interactive Telectommunications at New York University. She hasworked for major technology companies in Korea as an engineer and IT consultant. She iscurrently a doctoral candidate in Visual Communication Design at Seoul National Universityand working on projects of image visualization using processing and physical computing. JiSun Lee currently teaches at Sookmyung Women’s University as a full-time faculty at VisualCommunication Design department.
  19. 19. EXHIBITIONQuotidian-Documenting Everyday Life, MediaNoche-The 2nd Solo Show, New York, NY, 2012Tech D.I.Y., Maker Faire 2012 in Seoul, Seoul, Korea, 2012Urban Meditation, MediaNoche-The 1st Solo Show, New York, NY, 2011Urban Meditation, SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, Seoul, Korea, 2010Tech D.I.Y., SIGGRAPH 2008, Los Angeles, CA, 2008Tech D.I.Y., Maker Faire 2008, San Mateo, CA, 2008The Meditative Mind, ITP on the Big Screen at IAC, New York, NY, 2007The Meditative Mind, Design Now, Seoul, Korea, 2007The Meditative Mind & Tech D.I.Y., ITP Winter Show 2007, New York, NY, 2007Affection, All light! All Right?, Seoul, Korea, 2007Secret Tree, Maker Fare 2007, Austin, TX, 2007Four Gracious Plants, NYC SIGRAPH-Metro CAF, New York, NY, 2007Affection, Sony Wonder Technology Lab, New York, NY, 2007Interactive Cake, Maker Faire 2007, San Francisco, CA2007Affection & Interactive Cake, NYU ITP Spring Show, New York, NY, 2007Four Gracious Plants, Screening of Video/Animation Work, New York, NY, 2007Tales of Grim & Tea Ceremony, NYU ITP Winter Show, New York, NY, 2006AWARDBest Education Website, SNOW.orkr, Web Award Korea, Korea, 2010Semi-finalist, Documenting New York’s Diversity, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, USA,2007Winner, Documenting New York’s Diversity, Expression-Photography magazine, USA, 2007
  20. 20. Ji Sun Lee’s 2nd Solo Show in New YrokQuotidian - Documenting Everyday LifeMedia Noche in New York07 13 2012 to 08 10 20121355 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10029, USAT. +1 646.228.7950www.medianoche.us* Special thanks toshow curator : Judith Escalonaeditorial design assistant : Yuseung Songvideo production assistant : Chaerim Limdigital illustation production assistant : Yuna Park, Yuseung Song, Dahye Kim, Sunghye Lee, Borim Lee** The show is made by research fund grand from Sookmyung Wemen’s University.
  21. 21. This work is licensed underhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
  22. 22. JiSunLee.netsun.neofuture@gmail.com +82 (0)10 7385 9373 facebook : jisunlee.net twitter : jisunlee