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Maker City Seoul

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Ji Sun Lee, a leader of Tech D.I.Y. project and Maker Education Korea, will join the panel discussion of "Maker City: An International Concept" at World Maker Faire New York 2018. She is so excited to participate in the panel discussion for introduction of Seoul Maker City case.

"Maker Cities Around the World: How Local Makers Make Big Change”
Saturday, September 22
LOCATION: Zone 1 in Center Stage - NYSCI Auditorium
TIME: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Maker City Seoul

  1. 1. Seoul Dreams of Innovation through Transformation at the Maker City. 서울은 메이커 시티로의 변모를 통해 혁신을 꿈꾼다. Ji Sun Lee, a leader of Maker Education Korea
  2. 2. How Started Maker Movement in Korea? - Spreading hardware open source like Arduino - Launching Make: Magazine and Maker Faire by book publisher in Korea - Driven by government for job-creating in 4th industrial revolution Building Makerspace in the whole country Result of failure according to low rate of usage
  3. 3. Korea where Maker is recognized differently Make = Develop Arduino, 3D printer... Make ≠ Create & Share
  4. 4. Government has Changed. Also, Maker is Changing. CC BY-SA 2.0 KR https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3e/Mass_protest_in_Cheonggye_Plaza_04.jpg
  5. 5. Connecting Maker with Urban Regeneration Maker Community Revitalize the City.
  6. 6. Case 1. Dasi(Again) Sewoon
  7. 7. 1950s-1960s : Slum Settlement camp for refugees
  8. 8. 1968 : the first modern complex Eight multistory buildings covering a full kilometer in the heart of Seoul
  9. 9. 2014~ :Dasi Sewoon “Maker City Sewoon” in Seoul
  10. 10. Gole of Urban Generation is to Citizen
  11. 11. Connect by Pedestrians
  12. 12. Connect by Industry Craftsman
  13. 13. nnect by Makers’ Communities
  14. 14. Case 2. Seoul力 Fashion Hub
  15. 15. 1970s : Seoul Station Overpass To connect the eastern and western sides around Seoul Station
  16. 16. 2017 : Seoullo 7017 New High Line in Seoul
  17. 17. 2015~ : Blow to Urban Industry According to disconnect Seoul Station Overpass
  18. 18. Social Funding Project Fashion Show Project Pop-up Store Project
  19. 19. Co-working Factory & Fashion Makerspace
  20. 20. To Find our own Maker Spirit! Support Maker communities and project and encourage them to share Study how to share and boost community spirit through Maker City cases Educate Makers and Young Makers through collaboration project
  21. 21. Young Maker Project Young Maker Club Tinkering Teachers Group Citizen Educator Workshop
  22. 22. Maker City needs voluntary community by Makers. Community based on sharing should be built and sustained with action.
  23. 23. Ji Sun Lee Email: sun.neofuture@gmail.com Twitter: @jisunlee Facebook: @jisunlee.net Maker Education Korea : MakerEd.or.kr TechDIY.org