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Lessons learned from testing prototypes in real life

As one of the Product Discovery facilitators at D·Labs I came across some mind-blowing revelations while testing product prototypes in real world. From leaking caps on whiskey tasting packs to printout reports being unreadable by chemical company technician in the lab. My aim is to demonstrate the power of simple ways to test parts of complex products in order to make them more relevant. Lots of picutes, a few words. Hopefully some laughs.

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Lessons learned from testing prototypes in real life

  1. 1. Lessons learned from testing prototypes in real life Tilen Travnik, Dlabs @tilentravnik
  2. 2. A short story about people wearing special clothing ... and prototypes.
  3. 3. &
  4. 4. &
  5. 5. A prototype is an early sample, model or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. Wikipedia Or for your boss: “A way for us to save lots of money by doing stuff with paper first. Sign here Bob!”
  6. 6. Case 1
  7. 7. Case 2
  8. 8. Typical web/mobile product development phases Ideas User Stories Wireframes Prototypes Products Fre “Free € € €€€€€€ Damn Users :|
  9. 9. Levels of Prototype • Paper & ink (cards, fipcharts, whiteboards) • Digital (PPTs,Appcooker, Popapp, Axure ...) • Technologycal (HTML or other) • Physical (3D printing, handcrafting ...) • Mental :)
  10. 10. Types of feedback •Hypotesis validation •Pricing/framing •Weaknesess, defects •New ideas •...
  11. 11. Extracting data •User testing (video, observers, listening) •Analytics •Inspection after use •Telemetry
  12. 12. That’s nice.
  13. 13. But where are the freaking lessons?
  14. 14. Be creative. Use stuff laying around.
  15. 15. Make it look intentional. White box, white lables.
  16. 16. Test the whole product cycle. Manufacturing, shipping, on the shelf, usage ...
  17. 17. Test in real enviroment. Noise, gloves ...
  18. 18. Use real numbers and vocabulary. An incorrect sum can distract the user. NO Lorem Ipsum!
  19. 19. Thanks!