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Anna foote super volunteers presentation

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Anna foote super volunteers presentation

  2. 2. BURLINGAME COMMUNITY LIBRARY Nominated by Library Director Sara Worcester SHELBIE PETERSON
  3. 3. LANSING COMMUNITY LIBRARY Nominated by Library Director Terri Wojtalewicz PAT LONG
  4. 4. MERIDEN-OZAWKIE PUBLIC LIBRARY Nominated by Library Director Jerie Tichenor JEANETTE WATERS
  5. 5. LIBRARY DISTRICT # 1 DONIPHAN COUNTY Nominated by Library Director Maggie McKeithan GUS GRONNINGER

Notas do Editor

  • Each year, NEKLS asks staff at member libraries to nominate their outstanding volunteers for recognition at Assembly. This year, we had many great nominations—so much so that we ended up choosing FOUR volunteers to honor!
  • Shelbie Peterson, Burlingame Community Library
    Nominated by: Library Director Sara Worcester
    Shelbie just graduated high school. For the past couple of years she has:
    helped run circulation desk in a pinch,
    shelved books,
    helped catalog and process new materials,
    served as an impromptu teen adviser,
    worked at library special events for the library,

    And most importantly: Shelbie was the Emergency Babysitter while baby Elaine was coming to work with the library director.  
    Shelbie’s nominator says, “I nominate Shelbie for her outstanding service to the library. She's in multiple times a week and is always willing to help out wherever needed.” 
  • Patricia Long, Lansing Community Library
    Nominated by: Library Director Terri Wojtalewicz
    Since 2009, Pat has helped with many library tasks, including:
    Shelving items,
    Courier management,
    Assisting with program preparation,
    She helped develop a New Volunteer Orientation program

    And here’s the big one: Keeping the Staff Sane
    Pat’s nominator said, “I can say without a doubt that we could not have completed the necessary steps to join the NExpress catalog without Pat’s assistance. Without her help, we wouldn’t be able to serve the more than 30,000 patrons who come through our doors each year. Whether or not she wins the Volunteer of the Year Award, she is a winner in our book.”
  • Jeanette Waters, Meriden – Ozawkie Public Library
    Nominated by: Library Director Jerie Tichenor
    For the past four years, Jeanette has volunteered at the library.
    Here are a few of the things she has done:
    Each year, she sews more than 200 book bags for summer reading.
    In addition, this year she made bandannas for all the children.
    She serves on the library board.
    Jeanette’s nominator says, “Jeanette goes above and beyond and we think it would be wonderful if she was recognized for being such a great supporter of the library. Any time we have an event, she is there and helping with it.”
  • Gus Gronniger, Library District #1 Doniphan County
    Nominated by: Library Director Maggie McKeithan
    The Troy library is undergoing a large renovation, and Gus has been instrumental in it.
    He has:
    installed new furnaces, air ducts, and electrical wiring,
    knocked down walls, poured concrete,
    and he’s done much more for the library renovation
    Gus’s nominator says, “Gus comes to the library every weekday morning and works for four hours or longer on the renovation. He leads the volunteer construction crew and plans what needs to be done next. He has worked tirelessly to make the Troy Library renovation happen and we couldn't do it without him.” 
  • Please join me in thanking all of our Super Volunteers!