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Ingles 7 ano

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Ingles 7 ano

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Ingles 7 ano

  1. 1. SERVIÇO PÚBLICO DOESTADO DE MINAS GERAIS SuperintendênciaRegionalde Ensino Varginha AVALIAÇÃO DIAGNÓSTICA DE LÍNGUAESTRANGEIRA - INGLÊS - 7º ANO Escola:________________________________________________________________ Nome:_________________________________________________________________ Turma:___________ Data da Aplicação:___/___/___ Read the text and answer the question 1 and 2. Brigadeiro Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa. 1 tablespoon of butter. 1 can (14 ounces) of sweetened condensed milk. Directions: In a medium saucepan over medium heat,combine cocoa,butter and condensed milk. Cook,stirring, until it be becomes thicker, for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let it rest until it gets colder enough, so that it can be handled. Make small balls and cover them with granulated chocolate or eat it in a spoon. Disponívelem:http://www.waterballoon.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/800 px-Brigadeiro1.jpg> Acesso em 12 fev 2012. 1- This text is: a) a biography b) apoem c) a recipe d) an article 2- The highligheted verbs in this text are used for giving : a) advices b) information c) intructions d) ordering 3- Look at the chart and circle the right adverbs of frequency. DAYS OF THE WEEK NAMES SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT Henry Naomi Nancy Helen
  2. 2. I- Henry __________ listens to music. II- Naomi __________ works in the garden. III- Nancy __________ reads comic books. IV- Helen ___________ writes letters. 4- Look at the picture. The correct sequence is: a) always, never, seldom, sometimes b) always, seldom, sometimes, never c) always, sometimes, never, seldom d) never, seldom, always, sometimes The coupon indicates that if the customer presents: a) doesn't pay at all b) gets a twenty per cent discount c) gets a souvenir from the shop d) pays half a price www.nikestore.com 5. A utilização da palavra "GUESS" dita pelo Cebolinha (Jimmy Five) expressa uma ideia de: a) desperation 6- Observe: Name: Date ofBirth: Place ofBirth: Birth Name: Nationality: b) hesitation MichaelJackson August 29,1958 Gary,Indiana,USA MichaelJoseph Jackson American c) irony d) suggestion Profession : Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, dancer, choreographer,record producer,actor,businessman, Genres: R&B,pop, rock,soul, dance,funk, disco, new jack swing Instruments: Vocals Date ofdeath: Jun 25,2009
  3. 3. Complete the sentences with "wh-words": I- ___________ is he? He's Michael Jackson. II- __________is he from? He's from Gary, Indiana, USA. III- _________ he was born? He's bornin August 29, 1958. IV- _________ is the name of his birth? His birth name is Michael Joseph Jackson. The correct sequence is: a) what, when, where, who b) where, who, what, when c) who, what, where, when d) who, where, when, what Read the text and answer the questions 7 to 9: 30% of Americans and 25% of Europeans are fat. Many of them are teenagers. In fact there are even "fat farms" for young people in the United States. These are special camps where it is against the rules to eat chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, popcorn, and other kinds of junk food. Instead of that, there is a diet of fruits, vegetables, brow bread, fish and other healthy foods. MARQUES, Amadeu;TAVARES, Kátia;PRESTON, Susanna, Passaword 9ºano. São Paulo: Ática, 1995. pag. 25. 7- The numbers de Americans and Europeans that are fat is: a) fifty-five per cent b) five per cent c) sixty-five per cent d) thirty per cent 8- Mark the alternative that the words belong to the same group: a) chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, popcorn b) chocolate, vegetables, bread, fish c) vegetables, pizza, hamburgers, popcorn d) pizza, fish, vegetables, chocolate
  4. 4. 9- Podemos afirmar que o tempo verbal das frases abaixo é: Many of them are teenagers. 30% of Americans and 25% of Europeans are fat. These are special camps where it is against the rules to eat chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, popcorn, and other kinds of junk food. a) present continuous b) present continuous contrasted c) simple past d) simple present 10- What would be the best title for picture? a) A global language b) Speak to all peoples c) The international language d) The world in your hands Avaliação cedida pela S.r.E de Campo Belo.