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Kerrine with Coach - Real human interactions

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Where else can you get this level of connection?
No bot can deliver this type of connection. It takes a real, live, interested, concerned human to produce this level of interaction.
We understand.

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Kerrine with Coach - Real human interactions

  1. 1. / CHAT WITH A SPECIALIST YOU ARE CHATTING WITH KERRINE FROM HOUSTON, TX COACH SCOUT HOBO IN PEBBLE LEATHER $295.00 as» X D: = "= View Details la Open Page DZ Hi, welcome to Coach. Hi! I see you are interested in the hobo. Is that correct? I am taking a look at it. I am curious as to how durable your bags are. I am interested in something that would be good for daily use for a while. Our handbags are very durable and last a long time if taken care of properly and stores properly. I understand. Do you like shoulder, crossbody, or tote handbags? I tend to go for shoulder and crossbody bags. okay. Let me pull a few up that I would highly recommend. I do recommend the Scout Hobo as well. please hold. Sure COACH EDIE SHOULDER BAG IN SIGNATURE JACQUARD $328.00 gg View Details [3 Open Page COACH DUFFLETTE IN SIGNATURE CANVAS $295.00 = =' View Details E Open Page these are the shoulder bags I recommend. Let me pull a few crossbody for you. COACH CONVERTIBLE CROSSBODY IN POLISHED PEBBLE LEATHER $235.00 DZ gg View Details IE Open Page COACH PRAIRIE SATCHEL IN PEBBLE LEATHER $275.00 gg View Details E Open Page COACH CADY CROSSBODY IN FLORAL APPLIQUE LEATHER $395.00 EE View Details [3 Open Page How do you like these? COACH CROSBY CARRYALL IN CROSSGRAIN LEATHER um I . . H V $398.00 DZ gg View Details E Open Page the prarie satchel, coach edie shoulder, and coach crosby look nice. what is pebble leather and how does this differ from traditional leather? Pebbled leather is a grain pebbled texture form of leather. Our traditional leathers are smooth leather or some are crossgrain with another form of grain leather surface with the grain texture. is it good for withstanding the elements? i live in chicago and the winters are pretty terrible. .. The leather on the pebble and crossgrain have been given that texture. Oh I understand. I use to live in Michigan and the crossgrain and Canvas leathers will work well for hard winters. The pebble will work well too, but you have to keep it moisturized alot. COACH CROSBY CARRYALL IN CROSSGRAIN LEATHER V $398.00 33 View Details E Open Page Is there anything else I can assist you with today? no, i think i am good. thank you for the recommendations. :-) It has been my pleasure and I hope that you like my suggestion. You have a wonderful day and thank you for shopping with Coach. thank you.