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Looking through a black mirror

A second view on content, media and advertising for iPad and tablet devices in general. What is it all about and how can it affect our way of looking at media consumption.

Presented at the Digital Marketing seminar for the Marketing Foundation in Belgium.

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Looking through a black mirror

  1. Looking through a black mirror. A second view on content, media & advertising. by @ndecrock and @cvanrhijn
  2. First view on ‘The Tablet’ A lean mean mobile machine
  3. The story starts on November 19 2007 3.000.000 Kindles 630.000 book titles August 2010
  4. Kindle was in 2009 the bestselling product of Amazon. For the first time the webshop sold more e-books than paper books.
  5. In April it broke through. 2010 3.500.000 iPads 25.000 apps August 2010
  6. 3,3 million iPads sold in three months Number of days it took to reach 1 mio units sold
  7. Don’t compare a watch with a time machine.
  8. DEAR IPAD USER, HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE MIRROR LATELY ? “iPad user are Selfish, unkind, over-achieving and power-hungry” Yeah. Yeah. Source: Wired, August 2010
  9. The tablet is the first lean back, lean forward device.
  10. ✓ Reading ✓ Watching ✓ Working ✓ Browsing ✓ Learning ✓ Gaming ✓ Communicating
  11. iPad is not used like a desktop PC
  12. Evening iPad reading on a sofa Different usage in comparison to smartphones
  13. iPad Consumer Usage Study iPad preferred method of reading newspapers and magazines 7% 12% 24% 26% 31% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% e-Reader Mobile phone Print Laptop/PC iPad Source: Cooper Murphy Webb, 2010
  14. iPad Consumer Usage Study iPad preferred method of reading books 7% 4% 36% 12% 41% 0% 12,5% 25% 37,5% 50% e-Reader Mobile phone Print Laptop/PC iPad Source: Cooper Murphy Webb, 2010
  15. So, it’s better than a newspaper huh ?
  16. But it’s the apps, stupid.
  17. Source: MobClix index, July 2010
  18. iOS users have the widest choice Number of mobile apps available (paid & free), in thousands 285 130 27 13 10 Nokia BlackBerry
  19. 2. A second view on Content Inside Out the Newsroom
  20. From Morning Paper to News Brand always up to date quick scan iinteractivity internet reference morning paper quick scan quick scan news overview on the move reading moment on the move backgrounds and analysis reading moment breaking news information search breaking news reading moment 07:00 24:00 getting up commute work or school break work or school evening and relax breakfast
  21. Third Window or 3rd Dimension paper internet and tablets mobile (internet) • news overview • alerts • current affairs and • background and • breaking news backgrounds analysis • geolocal info • infographics • that day’s debate or • archives • video hot topic • reference • interactivity • interactivity
  22. Redefining content for different dimensions ‣ Adapting to new media ‘consumption’ behaviour ‣ Profiled advertising
  23. Key Success Elements for reader richness of the content offer open platform different platforms of choice experience ease of use, always-on connectivity and providing an unique experience
  24. Key Success Elements for publisher profitable pricing a premium price for model premium content control the value chain keep the customer for subscriptions and profiled relationship advertising in the future multi-platform keep you independence and have the opportunity to earn the investments back by leveraging on different platforms
  25. The ‘not invented here syndrome’ is gone. Finally.
  26. 3. A second view on media & advertising.
  27. A second view watching that other lean back medium. TV.
  28. Lean back + lean back = content2
  29. Watch F1 drivers LIVE from the iPad Formula One 2010 Timing and Track Positioning Application
  30. Interact with exclusive ‘synced’ content ABC's My Generation Sync
  31. Advertisers will like their glossy ads.
  32. Advertisers like their ads to be exclusive. Sponsoring is back in business. Free apps thx to advertisers.
  33. Advertisers will like their ads BIG.
  34. Extra large !
  35. Advertisers (and consumers) will like their interactive ads.
  36. Introducing: Lean Back Power 30 seconds = user interaction with online ad on iPad 6x = six times longer than an ad on desktop PC
  37. x live profiling > one2one opportunities
  38. Beware of the (r)Evolution in Media Land > > local global
  39. “iAd will turn the world of mobile advertising upside down" Rob Master, North American Media Director of Unilever.
  40. One more thing: The Tablet means business.
  41. The first real b2B mobile device Improve Product Demos • Trade Show Info Capture • More Multimedia Content
  42. x 1 out of 5 US doctors wants to buy iPad
  43. But, no need to rush It has only begun.
  44. Thanks for looking through the black mirror. @ndecrock and @cvanrhijn