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Increasing Discoverability, Access and Circulation of Objects (Equipment and Realia) in Libraries

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Cyrus Ford Zarganj, Special Formats Librarian, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Increasing Discoverability, Access and Circulation of Objects (Equipment and Realia) in Libraries

  1. 1. Cyrus Ford Zarganj Special Formats Librarian Cyrus.Ford@unlv.edu
  2. 2. Equipment • Films, computers, cameras, electronics, even books in this library! • Collections are not what we used to have anymore
  3. 3. Equipment
  4. 4. Equipment
  5. 5. Equipment Collection • Purchasing • Display and access of equipment • Academic use for research • Use in lessons
  6. 6. Realia re·a·li·a /rēˈālēə/ • Realia (library science) Three-dimensional objects from real life such as coins, tools, and textiles • Realia (education) They are objects and material from real and everyday life, especially when used as teaching aids in classroom
  7. 7. Realia (Library Science) • Three-dimensional objects from real life. • Realia may include coins, textiles, artifacts, tools, utensils, models, toys, games, puppets, musical instruments, specimens, etc. • It’s hard to incorporate objects of realia in the general collection or to describe them easily in the catalog. • It requires special formats cataloging rules. • Unlike books, the artifactual value of these materials is important.
  8. 8. Realia (Library Science) Description of three-dimensional artifacts and realia by AACR2 Three-dimensional objects of all kinds including models, diograms, games, braille cassettes, sculptures, and other three-dimensional art works, exhibits, machines, and clothing...naturally occurring objects, including microscope specimens and other specimens mounted for viewing.
  9. 9. Realia (Library Science) AACR2 three-dimensional GMDs · art original · art reproduction · diorama · game · microscope slide · model · realia · toy
  10. 10. Realia (Education) • Virtual Reality (VR) • Augmented Reality (AR)
  11. 11. Virtual Reality (VR) • Virtual Realities of my childhood Atari founded a research lab for virtual reality in 1982 View-Master visual simulator
  12. 12. Virtual Reality (VR) • Computer-Generated Experience (Simulation)  Immersion Virtual Reality Military and Police Training Simulator Virtual Reality Flight Simulator
  13. 13. Virtual Reality (VR) • Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Augmented Reality ToolPokemon
  14. 14. Different with Kits Kits: AACR2 definition • A single-medium package of textual material. • An item containing two or more categories of material, no one of which is identifiable as the predominant constituent of the item.
  15. 15. Cataloging Three-Dimensional Artefacts and Realia Highlights • Cataloger’s judgement is essential • The Bibliographic Format is “Visual Materials” • Usually title is the main entry and most of the time cataloger supplies a title • For a piece of art, main entry could be the creator For Type (Type of record) field we usually use “r” for three-dimensional artifact or naturally occurring object and “o” for kits • For TMat (Type of material) field we usually use “r” for realia, “b’’ for kits, “g” for games, “w” for toys, etc. • Fields not applicable to three-dimensional items are Tech where we use “n” and Time where we use “nnn”
  16. 16. RDA: Content, Carrier, Media • Content Type three-dimensional form • Carrier Type object • Media Type unmediated Content Description: Color (3-D Form) • black and white • color • tinted blue • blue, red, and white
  17. 17. Carrier Description: Extent (3-D Form) · atlas · coin · diagram · drawing · flash card · game · model · poster · radiograph · sculpture · toy · wall chart Carrier: Base Material · aluminum · cardboard · glass · leather · metal · paper · Plastic · polyester · textile · Wood · Plastic and wood Carrier: Dimensions height x width x depth · 3 x 9 x 13 cm Accompanying Material · Number of physical units and name of any accompanying material · e.g. 1 portable video magnifier, 1 battery, 1 charging cable with adapter, 1 carrying case, 1 user's guide
  18. 18. Manufacture statement [place : name, date] Production statements include statements relating to the inscription, fabrication, construction, etc., of a manifestation in an unpublished form.
  19. 19. Cyrus Ford Zarganj Special Formats Librarian Cyrus.Ford@unlv.edu