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Enterprise Software - Scaling up Sales

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Enterprise Software - Scaling up Sales

  1. 1. Enterprise Software – Scaling up Sales Aruna Schwarz Stelae Technologies
  2. 2. Go To Market Strategy : Enterprise Software – Scaling up for Enterprise Software Vendors – via System Integrators • Keep Delivery Teams Small – Non Linear Team Growth – Implementation done by Si • Focus on R&D & Innovation & building IP – How to attract the SI • Flagship customer references • Direct sale – Repeat Sales from the SI
  3. 3. Khemeia™ - Content Transformation Customer benefits:   Cloud based Automated Rapid deployment Ultra-fast processing times One product for multiple content types (legal, technical)  Multi-language  Input formats (PDF, Word, …)  Outputs (XML, XBRL, EPUB, S1000D, …)      Improved indexing  Features: Enriched content for users Better search results  Faster speed to market  XBRL – filing of company accounts  S1000D – technical documentation for defense, aerospace
  4. 4. Customer – Rolls Royce Aerospace Legacy data  Aircraft maintenance manuals ASCII text and scanned paper Khemeia™ processing  Automated structuring into linked S1000D data modules  Images linked to part numbers Benefits  Speed of deployment  Automation and accuracy  Security considerations: NATO & MOD classified information  Khemeia™ identified as only viable solution  Getting Rolls-Royce  Through our personal contacts – cold calling corporate customers NEVER WORKS Delivering • Sucked 100% of our technical & project resources • But was also R&D (product build)
  5. 5. The Rolls Royce Example – To hook the SI Has to be an industry leader/reference The SI has to call you – outbound calling a waste of effort Short circuit the innumerable layers : presales, sales, account managers, consultants, specialists,…… Get to the right projects/decision makers Shorter technical pre-sales, proof of concepts,….
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