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Digital #NetworkLeadership

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Presentation to NHS England Network Leadership Programme on opportunities for network leaders in health to use a range of free digital platforms to reach out, connect and build network membership. Includes reflections and learning to date on my use with North West AHP Network, @WeAHPs and @physiotalk.

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Digital #NetworkLeadership

  1. 1. Digital #NetworkLeadership NHS England Network Leadership Programme Naomi McVey March 2016
  2. 2. Overview • Digital opportunities for network leaders • My use of digital platforms as a network lead • My top three digital options for health networks • Making it happen…
  3. 3. Digital opportunities to engage and collaborate
  4. 4. Website or webpage Pros • Visibility - people can find you, your purpose and work quickly and easily • Promotes what you do • Ease of sharing information Cons • Cost (depending on platform) • Agreeing practicalities with host/funding organisation • Keeping up to date • Access to, time for and skills in content management
  5. 5. Facebook Pros • Largest number of users • Option of page or group • Groups can be closed or secret • Groups = shared content • Admin settings and control • Good mobile app • Share images and documents, videos, links Cons • Acceptance - still seen as a social platform • Access - limited NHS access • Helping people to understand privacy settings/control
  6. 6. Facebook group: Women’s Health Physiotherapy • Grew from group of 20 • 4000+ members • International • Grassroots • Multiple daily posts • Thriving community of practice
  7. 7. Twitter Pros • Fast • Large number of innovative health workers • Ease of which you can connect with others • Visibility • Good mobile app Cons • Account is hub and spoke – led by one person or team • Needs regular activity • Can take more energy and time to build • Acceptance - still seen as a social platform • Access - limited NHS access
  8. 8. The WeCommunities • Grew from nursing tweetchats in 2011 • Now a family of 17 different twitter communities with over 100k combined followers • Grassroots • Multiple tweetchats each week • Thriving multi-professional community
  9. 9. ‘In the new world, power comes from connection and ability to influence through networks’ The new era of thinking and practice in change and transformation, NHS IQ 2014