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Pandya and vijaynagara

pandya and vijayanagara style of south india...

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Pandya and vijaynagara

  2. 2. PANDYA STYLE--  Pandya comes after chola stlye from 1000-1250 AD;  Plan- usually rectangular but emphasize were on the gateways; GOPURAM;  GOPURAM plan- rectangular in shape;  Ground floor-- vertical built in stone; First floor– vertical built in stone; Above floors– pyramidal built in bricks (inclination of 25 degrees);  Pinnacles called shikharas are always used in odd numbers;  Niches -- with heavily carved HINDU Mythologies sculptures;
  3. 3.  12-tiered tower structure dedicated to the Lord of Srivilliputtur, known as Vatapatrasayee;  tower of this temple rises 192 feet (59 m) high  Pandyas include the famous Meenakshi temple in Madurai.  Srivilliputtur Andal Temple is the official symbol of the Government of Tamil Nadu;
  4. 4. SRIVILLIPUTTUR ANDAL TEMPLE  images of Panchamurtis, Thumburu, Narada, Sanatkumara, Kinnara Mithuna, the Sun and the Moon are represented at his feet;  sanctum sanctorum has three doorways and Lord can be seen from them;  flight of stairs leads to the sanctum sanctorum;  a large, impressive hall with detailed wooden carvings depicting incidents from the Puranas;  carvings act as support as well as decorate the ceiling;
  5. 5. THIlLAI NATRAJA TEMPLE  a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva;  the "form" is a appearance of Nataraja, called the Sakala-thirumeni;  the "semi-form" –the Crystal linga of Chandramaulishvara, the Sakala-nishkala- thirumeni;  the "formless" --an empty space within the sanctum sanctorum, the Nishkala- thirumeni;  nine gateways, and four of these have gateway towers or gopurams each with 7 storeys facing the East, South, West and North.
  6. 6. VIJAYANAGARA STYLE—  Established by two brothers– HARIHAR I and BUKKA I;  Vijayanagara– “the victory city”, located on bank of Tugabhadra river and granite hill on the other;  Moderate size temples, rich in beauty, form and proportion;  Elements– separate shrines, pillared halls, pavilions and KALYAN-MANTAPA(marriage hall);  Pillars are important feature here, monoliths of granite blocks;
  7. 7.  style was a combination of the styles developed in South India  the Yali columns (pillar with charging horse),  balustrades (parapets) and ornate pillared manatapa are their unique contribution,  vibrant combination of the Chalukya, Hoysala, Pandya and Chola styles,  legacy of sculpture, architecture and painting influenced the development of the arts,  stylistic hallmark is the ornate pillared Kalyana- mantapa (marriage hall), Vasantha-mantapa (open pillared halls) and the Rayagopura (tower)
  8. 8. VITHAL TEMPLE--  By Krishna-Devaraya;  Dedicated to LORD VISHNU(in form of VITHAL and VITHOBA);  70 m long and 8 m high with one storey;  Consists of garbha griha, mantapa, ardh-mantapa and rich maha-mantapa ;  Maha-mantapa– 56 pillars of 4m height, monoliths;  Single massive capital supports bracket and entabulature;  Flat ceiling with richly ornamented lotus flowers;  Pillars– produces musical notes called musical pillars;
  9. 9.  Mantapas based on star plans;  Courtyard- 152m x95m surrounded by three GOPURAMS;  Materials- whole is in stone but top-tower is in brick;
  10. 10. HAZARA TEMPLE--  By Krishna-Devaraya;  It is also an VISHNU temple;  Small in size but heavily ornamented;  Surrounded by 8m high wall, east side entrance;  Walls are carved with animal figures or epic story RAMAYANA;  Lower storey is built in stone and shikhara in brick;
  11. 11.  To the east there is a small shrine perhaps for an image of Hanuman or Garud a,  A road from HANUMAN IMAGE lined with shrines dedicated to different divinities proceeds,  finally exits the fortified zone at Talarighat gate,
  12. 12. THANK YOU….