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Daily hundred Pitch Deck 2014

  1. Deck for Prospective Investors
  2. The Daily Hundred has developed an innovative mobile marketing platform, which businesses can use to turn customers into an extension of their marketing team. ! Our platform helps businesses increase brand loyalty, store traffic, customer engagement (both in-store and online) and most importantly, our platform helps increase sales. Marketing teams can use our platform to run unique, location specific and time sensitive marketing campaigns, which encourage users to either create or share branded content. Users receive cash and other great rewards instantly by completing different actions for their favorite brands.  Meet The Daily Hundred
  3. Our History 4/2012 Company founded 8/2012 Beta iPhone app launched 12/2012 Completed beta test Over 35% of total test market (Gainesville, FL) download app. 1/2013 $300k friends and family round 3/2013 Strengthen tech team Made several key hires to build out our tech team. 9/2013 $500k professional money round 10/2013 New Product Launch Launched universal platform with robust dashboard for clients. 1/2014 Instant Reward feature released 2/2014 First Full Paying Client Signed up, the number 1 pet daily deal site in USA.
  4. Problems Facing Businesses Today Mobile Ads ! It is no secret that the world is going mobile and the traditional banner ad model does not translate to mobile devices. In order to reach consumers on mobile devices, businesses need to look beyond traditional advertising methods and adopt more engaging models like The Daily Hundred. Brand Loyalty ! Customers today no longer think that receiving a free small drink after 10 full priced purchases is a good reward for their loyalty. ! Companies spend a majority of their marketing budget on the medium instead of the actual customer. Businesses of all sizes need to rethink this model or risk losing customers. Content Generation ! Companies of all sizes today are running photo contests in order to directly interact with their customers and fans. Unfortunately, even the biggest companies are just hacking together existing social media tools like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to run these contests. Current offerings are not producing consistent or controlled results. This has led to several high profile photo contest failures in the past year.
  5. The Daily Hundred’s Solution Empowering customers to become your most effective marketing tool!
  6. Timed Contests Instant Reward With Timed Contests users compete for big prizes by taking awesome pictures that meet the contest description set by the business. Users win by receiving the most votes, taking the most creative photo or having the most viral photo. With Instant Reward users earn small rewards by completing different actions set by businesses, such as taking a picture or sharing a piece of content on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Instant Reward Shoutouts Win a VIP Trip to Central Florida with airfare & luxury pool home! How how you would #RockYourVacation with an Instagram video! 1. Users click “Share” in the app and the brand’s message is automatically posted to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 2. The respective user’s connections see the message is from their friend, not a brand, and are more likely to interact with the post by either liking or re-sharing it with their connections. 3. As soon as the user successfully shares the message they receive their reward, so their is instant gratification.
  8. Instant Reward Pictures 1. Users click “Photo” in the app and take a picture meeting the description of the type of photo the brand wants. 2. A large number of users take awesome photos for your brand and share those photos with friends on Facebook and Twitter. 3. As soon as the user successfully takes the photo they receive their reward, but it remains pending in their wallet for 24 hours. This allows brands to ensure the photo is appropriate and reject photo that aren’t.
  9. Timed Contests 1. Users browse through both local and national campaigns. They can see what prize each campaign offers and how they can win the prize. 2. Users enter contests by taking a photo that meets the contest description. They can then share their photo on Facebook and Twitter in order to receive more votes. 3. When the contest ends the user/users who receive the most votes, shares or take the most creative photo win the prize set by the business.
  10. The Components Consumers Businesses Consumers interact with The Daily Hundred through a mobile and web app that is universally accessible. Businesses interact with The Daily Hundred through a robust client portal, which can be accessed with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. iPhone, Android & Web App Web Dashboard
  11. The Daily Hundred Client Portal Live Photo Ticker ! View photo submissions in real time while seeing who submitted them. ! ! ! ! ! Data Visualization ! Monitor and analyze your Daily Hundred contests by keeping track of entries, shares, votes and views. Top Participants ! View the most active and influential contest participants in one easy view. Dashboard
  12. The Daily Hundred Client Portal View Entries ! Take a bird’s eye view of all your contest submissions and filter submissions by date, # of shares, # of votes and # of votes. ! ! ! Entry Stats ! View the number of votes, shares and views for each submission. Switch Actions ! Along with viewing the stats for each photo submission, you can also view all of the shoutouts along with their corresponding analytics. See how many times each user’s share on Twitter was favorited and retweeted. Also see how many times each user’s share on Facebook was liked and res-hared. Actions
  13. The Daily Hundred Client Portal View Participants ! View all contest participants on one screen and understand which participants are most influential and effective at promoting your brand. ! ! ! Contact Users ! Easily contact your most influential fans via email. Winners Only ! Just like on the Entries Page we allow you to view just contest winners in order to easily view and connect with your most influential users. Participants
  14. The Daily Hundred Client Portal Creating a Campaign •Upload Banner Image ! •Create Contest Title ! •Set Description ! •Set Contest Location ! •Pick Start Date ! •Add Additional Rules Select prize types and ways to win the contest
  15. Why Us? Industry data and trends show why The Daily Hundred is the future of advertising.
  16. There is currently a massive imbalance in mobile advertising as 10% of media is consumed on mobile devices, but only 1% of total ad spend is allocated to mobile. This same imbalance existed in the late 90s for the Internet. Traditional digital ad formats do not work on mobile given the small screen. Thus businesses need to use new mobile-first advertising tools like The Daily Hundred in order to advertise effectively in the mobile world. Why Us? We Are Mobile First 0% 13% 25% 38% 50% Print Radio TV Internet Mobile Time Spent Ad Spend
  17. Today’s consumer is smarter than ever and isn’t sold just because they saw your banner ad or TV commercial. In fact, 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as truth! This fact is why using The Daily Hundred is the right choice. By running a Daily Hundred contest you are empowering your customers to become an extension of your marketing team. Having your customers advertise for you is important because... Why Us? You’re Not Advertising. Your Customers Are! Trust Don’tTrust ...90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends, which is over 2x as effective as newspaper, TV, Internet or radio ads. 90% 10%
  18. Why Us? $50 Daily Hundred Shoutout Campaign vs. $50 Facebook Boost Campaign
  19. Groupon claims they help small business owners, but the data and customer testimonials tell a very different story. Here are just a few reasons why your business should not use Groupon or any other daily deal platform and instead use The Daily Hundred. Why Us? Groupon vs. The Daily Hundred • Groupon deals require a 50% discount and take 50% of the revenues. When all is said and done you are left with 25 cents for every dollar of sales. • We don’t require discounting, which means we drive the right type of customers to your store instead of driving deal seekers who will never return. • Groupon’s targeting algorithm will ensure that after your business offers a deal, your competition will be targeted to run the next Groupon and take your new traffic away. • We don’t automate the sales process. Even if your competition runs a contest with us, it will not pull traffic away from you since we work to build real brand loyalty instead of attracting deal seekers with no allegiance to any one brand. • With Groupon you are exposing your business to uncapped losses as the more successful the Groupon is, the more money your business loses. Not only does a successful Groupon increase losses, but it also increases lines and wait times. This can upset your loyal customers. • We charge a set fee, which you can easily incorporate into your marketing budget. Every new customer that visits your business and participates in your contest will be adding value, not hurting your bottom line. “We estimate that for every 100 Groupons a restaurant sells it will lose almost $1,200, while the average day spa loses about $2,250 on Groupon deals. If the deal goes “well” and sells 500 Groupons, the spa would lose about $11,250 while Groupon puts the same amount in the bank.” - Bill Bice CEO, SpaBoom/CoverBoom on
  20. Results Here are some key facts and figures that demonstrate our success thus far.
  21. Campaign #1 18% increase in sales 250 orders from our users 25% new customers Gator Domino’s asked Daily Hundred users to take a picture of themselves trying their new deep dish pizza. Campaign #2 Gator Domino’s asked Daily Hundred users to like their Facebook page, post why they loved Gator Domino’s and take a picture of their screen showing the like and post. 35% increase in likes 1,533% increase in people talking about Gator Domino’s 87 Facebook posts Domino’s Campaign Results
  22. Freddie Wehbe Domino’s Franchise Owner Runs 10 Domino’s in Florida “I’ve never seen a one-day impact so powerful.” - Quote from article in The Independent Florida Alligator Domino’s Campaign Results
  23. 10,000 users 4,000 photos submitted 30,000 votes cast Frequency of Use Sessions 0.0 1.5 3.0 4.5 6.0 Daily Weekly Monthly Daily Hundred Average Lifestyle App Platform Activity Stats for newly launched Instant Reward product (4 weeks since launch) 1,500 shoutouts 2,000 rewards earned $37,000 earned by users
  24. 3/46 for “brand loyalty” App Store Rankings 5/73 for “earn cash” 13/1,177 for “contests” 26/2,188 for “cash” 52/310 for “prizes” 112/2,015 for “rewards” Our Rank/Total Apps For Keyword
  25. Daily Hundred Customers Some of our favorite National and Local customers.
  26. The Future Take a sneak peek at what we have planned in the coming months.
  27. Dynamic Rewards Currently businesses can set a single reward that goes to any user who completes an action. Going forward we will allow businesses to set a range of potential rewards that are more or less valuable based on the users influence and relevance. Jill 100,000 Twitter Followers Influential in client’s industry Earns $200 for Tweet Matt 2,000 Twitter Followers Medium influence in client’s industry Earns $15 for Tweet Heather 250 Twitter Followers Low influence in client’s industry Earns $1 for Tweet Steve 10 Twitter Followers No influence in client’s industry Not eligible for reward
  28. iBeacon Apple’s new iBeacon technology allows brick and mortar businesses to connect with individual customers in real-time via their smartphone, while also receiving website-like analytics for their store. iBeacon will allow us to offer our customers the ability to send targeted offers (ex. take a picture of product x and get product y free) to Daily Hundred users at different times of day and different locations within a business. Passive Rewards ! With iBeacon we will be able to reward users just for walking into a business. The customer will not need to even take their phone out of their pocket. We will also be able to offer progressive rewards, so each additional time a customer visits a business during the day, week or month they get a larger reward. This turns The Daily Hundred into the ultimate customer retention tool. Brick and Mortar Analytics ! Never before have brick and mortar businesses been able to receive analytics like their digital counterparts. iBeacon dramatically changes this situation. Daily Hundred customers will be able to see how many times a user that completed an action returns to the business, how long they stayed during each visit, where they spent most of their time in the business and dozens of other valuable pieces of customer data. Real-Time Marketing ! While Daily Hundred users are in a business, the respective client can send certain users one- time offers based on where they are located within the store, how long they have been there or what their past in-app active was. Imagine being able to systematically move customers through your store by sending them different offers. This is the future of marketing and the future of The Daily Hundred.
  29. Cash Float The Daily Hundred rewards users in cash for different actions they complete. However, we require a user to earn at least $10 before they can withdraw those funds, which helps us cut down on our transaction costs. This also increases the gap of time between when we take cash in from clients and pay that cash out to users. Since launching our Instant Reward product 2 weeks ago close to $1,000 has been earned by users and 4 users have hit the minimum withdraw limit receiving $42. We still have $958 in our bank account from clients. This number will clearly become much bigger and we plan to leverage this gap for our financial benefit and are investigating several options. Client Daily Hundred $100 User $2 The client wants to run a campaign with a $100 budget, so they pay us for the campaign and also pay us for the campaign budget. We receive the $100 along with the campaign fee and launch the campaign, which for this example pays users $2 per action. The user earns $2, which shows up in their in-app wallet. Until they earn at least $10 this $2 remains in a Daily Hundred bank account.
  30. Client Pipeline Here are some of the big customers we are in late stage conversations with. •Macy’s •Disney •Heineken •Walmart •Brown Forman (Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Finlandia) •TRX •GrubHub Seamless
  31. Pricing for Campaigns Monthly Subscription Future Pricing Run unlimited campaigns and gain full access to our client portal for a set monthly fee. We are working on a secondary pricing model where customers can pay per action, which removes the upfront cost and ensures that the business is only paying for results. $199/month
  32. Financials Financial projections are available upon request. See final slide for contact information.
  33. $1.5 - $2.5 Million Investment Opportunity We are planning to raise through the sale of preferred stock
  34. Brand Ambassador Manager Play Book Contact Us ! 260 South Osceola Ave. Suite 1406 Orlando, FL 32801 ! Nick Haase Email: Phone: 214-673-3067 ! Maxwell Finn Email: Phone: 609-664-6630