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Executive summary guild42 elca_blockchain.pptx_v1.0


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Executive summary guild42 elca_blockchain.pptx_v1.0

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Agenda ― What is Blockchain ? ― How to develop Dapps and Smart-Contracts ― ELCA Real live Blockchain projects : Ticketing and P2P Solar Energy ― Bonus : Live Demo 1 2 3 4
  3. 3. Exchanging value 3 ➔ No middleman required. ➔ Do your Fraud detection yourself ➔ Sufficient trust for the value of the transaction ➔ Anonymous/Private ➔ Distributed
  4. 4. Electronic Payment Today • Requires 3rd party trust • The more complex the flow, the more middlemen required • Specialised equipment needed (e.g. POS terminal, connection to Txn networks • Fraud detection by 3rd parties • Every step adds cost
  5. 5. Bitcoin payment tomorrow 5 ➔ Return to Peer-to-Peer ➔ Speed ➔ Trustless trust ➔ No special equipment needed ➔ Fraud ➔ Minimal Cost ➔ No chargebacks ➔ No monthly fees ➔ Transparency
  6. 6. ©copyright 2017 6Source : BlockGeeks.com
  7. 7. ― How Bitcoin transaction are secured ?
  8. 8. What is Blockchain ?
  9. 9. Internet of Value 9 Blockchain is a distributed network of value
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. How Blockchain is replicated accross the distributed ledger ? • • • • • 11
  12. 12. ▪ ▪ ▪ A block chain or blockchain is a distributed database, introduced by Bitcoin (2008) on Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records that each refer to previous items on this list. 12
  13. 13. ©copyright 2017 Keys and Wallets 13 Software wallets / Mobile Installed in your computer, and give you complete control over your wallet. Need to do backup and protect agains malware that target now specific wallet. Bitcoint-Qt, Multi-Pt, https://99bitcoins.com/best-bitcoin-wallet-comparison-review/ Paper Wallet / Cold Wallet , Hardware wallet Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th
  14. 14. What is a Smart Contract Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, or that make a contractual clause unnecessary. Smart contracts often emulate the logic of contractual clauses Source : Wikipedia
  15. 15. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain Type Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 16 Public Blockchain Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/blockchain-enterprise-karthik-ramamoorthy
  16. 16. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain Type Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 17 Private Blockchain Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/blockchain-enterprise-karthik-ramamoorthy
  17. 17. ©copyright 2017 Do you want to mine Bitcoin ? Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 19
  18. 18. ©copyright 2017 Bitcoin blockchain is not energy efficient ! Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 20 9.9 Millions habitants >1,888.12 kWh
  19. 19. ©copyright 2017 Bitcoin – Blockchain - Facts Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th Cryptocurrency Bitcoin HISTORY FACTS AND MARKET SHARE • The first wallet program was released in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as open-source code • Famous transaction is 10,000 BTC used to indirectly purchase two pizzas delivered by Papa John's • On 6 August 2010, a major vulnerability in the bitcoin protocol was spotted but fixed with network split • On 21 July 2017 miners locked-in a software upgrade referred to as Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 91 • Segwit2x has been adopted by enough of the bitcoin community to proceed thus creating 1st hard fork in Bitcoin. Bitcoin CASH is a rival proposal and created on August 1st 2017. • Represent 69$ Billion Market share in the crypto-currency world (as Sept 09 2017) 21
  20. 20. ©copyright 2017 Ethereum – Blockchain - Facts Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th Public Blockchain Ethereum – Open-source, public, blockchain- based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality – It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine called EVM : Ethereum Virtual Machine, is the runtime environment for smart contracts in Ethereum HISTORY FACTS AND MARKET SHARE • Ethereum was proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin • The system went live on 30 July 2015 • In 2016 Ethereum was forked into two blockchains, as a result of the collapse of The DAO project, thereby creating Ethereum Classic • Represent 29$ Billion Market share in the crypto-currency world (as August 2017) • ETH is the currency used to fuel and make the smart-contract running • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is offering a permissioned version of Ethereum for Enterprise 22
  21. 21. ©copyright 2017 How to read the Ethereum Blockchain : Etherscan or Ethplorer Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 23
  22. 22. ©copyright 2017 Hyperledger – Blockchain - Facts Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th Permissioned Hyperledger – Blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation – Allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play – Leverages container technology to host smart contracts called “chaincode” that comprise the application logic of the system HISTORY MARKETS AND FACTS • December 2015, the Linux Foundation announced the creation of the Hyperledger Project • July 2017, the project announced its production- ready Hyperledger Fabric 1.0. • Regroup more than 100 partners (IBM, Cisco, Hitachi, JPMorgan,Accenture …) • Hyperledger is mostly used in enterprise and private blockchain • There is no crypto-currency associated with Hyperledger 24
  23. 23. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain Key Principles Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 25 Blockchain Transparency & Visibility - No one should be able to cover their tracks. Privacy - Security should be afforded without giving up confidential information. Scalability - Must be able to scale to trillions of digital assets and also transactions (not the case for public blockchain for the moment). Reduce Time to market : via smart- contract can be easy to make a P2P transaction Accountability - Every action should be attributable to it’s owner. Permanence - Security must not be ephemeral – it must exist as long as the data exists, and ideally longer.
  24. 24. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain is more than Bitcoin Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 26 https://www.six-interbank-clearing.com/dam/downloads/de/events/2016/sbof/blockchain.pdf BLOCKCHAIN CURRENCY ASSETS CONTRACTS DATA P2P INSURANCE, FILE STORAGE, VOTING & E-ID, AND MANY OTHERS ... PATIENT HEALTH RECORD, DRUGS TRACKING, SUPPLY CHAIN CROSS BORDER PAYMENTS, KYC, SECURITIES TRADING
  25. 25. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain state in 2017 Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 27 Cryptocurrency Market share exceed $100Bn with more than 1’000 tokens Rise of permissioned Blockchain R3, IBM, Hyperledger and soon Microsoft) Regulator cannot ignore Blockchain and is moving to regulate it (ICO warning by US Securities SEC and China banned ICO) ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) fund raising exceed traditional Venture Capitals fund (will exceed $1Bn by end of 2017) A lot of startup try to innovate by creating their own Blockchain (soon will appear Blockchain of Blockchains !) A lot of pilot project running with government, private company (ELCA ☺) using mainly Hyperledger, R3, EEA.
  26. 26. Use Cases
  27. 27. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain use cases per industry Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 33
  28. 28. Use case : Combatting Fraud in Ticketing
  29. 29. ©copyright 2017 Combating Fraud in Ticketing Fraud Black marketBot buying tickets Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 35 Bots buy tickets faster than real fans. Tickets that are then resold on the secondary market at higher prices. Some dealers lie on the spot category or even sell fake notes. With the multiple resale and the redistribution of tickets, one does not know who are the real spectators.
  30. 30. ―Send tickets to friends and family ―Allow resale at a regulated price ―Be sure to own a real ticket 36 & Our approach with blockchain Blockchain Mobile
  31. 31. ©copyright 2017 37 Securing the ticketing industry BLOCKCHAIN TICKETING Your ticket Receive ticket at home or print e- ticket Receive a Personal Secure Ticket on your mobile wallet proving ticket ownership Pay with credit card Pay with credit card and provide information on one’s wallet account Personal Secure Ticket can be transmitted securely or resold on a regulated market Tickets are insecurely resold or transmitted Sign up/in Sign up/in REGISTER REGISTER BEFORE BLOCKCHAIN WITH BLOCKCHAIN At the entrance ticket owner’s name does not match with the holder’s At the event entrance, display your ticket on your mobile wallet
  32. 32. High Level Architecture Secure wallet in a mobile app LDA P/ AD Hyperledger nodes API Gateway Identity Provider REST + JSON AWS SNS Realtime notifications Spring boot app server Integration Hub SecuTix 360° SMS openId + JWT Access Contro l Nearrealtimesync End to end transactions Async transacs 38 Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th
  33. 33. ©copyright 2017 Transfering Tickets using Wallet apps and Blockchain Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 39 Stand 1 Stand 2 Stand 3
  34. 34. Core Ticketing Platform feature pack 40 OBJECTIVES • Dematerialize ticket management for stand managers and employees to simplify processes • Test the «100% mobile ticket experience» on a captive audience with minimum risk before extending it later to a wider audience subject to fraud • Tickets used to be paper-based for the stand staff resulting in manual distribution, lack of visibility and suboptimal management of changes SOLUTION Technology stack • Mobile app with smart wallet • Private Blockchain Hyperledger • Enhanced access control to allow the conversion of a mobile ticket into a bracelet Constraint: • Different attendance schedule for staff members across six days with last minute changes. • Various maturity levels of mobile phone usage within target audience FACTS & FIGURES Target audience 200 managers of stands and their staff Volumes • 10,000 tickets spread across 200 stand managers • 2,423 users • 72% of tickets were transferred one time • 8% of tickets were transferred more than 2 times and up to 5 times RESULTS • Good level of satisfaction from users although some assistance was required onsite • 100% visibility on ticket allocation and status • Successful ticket transfer and exchange « No need for me to leave my stand and go to the main gate to hand over his ticket to each of my employees when they arrive. All it takes is a simple transfer ». (Stand manager) « This is a great system! Out of 48 employees, only 2 required my help.» (Stand manager) «This is very convenient. No more paperwork! We can even exchange tickets ». (Stand employee) 6-day event on 18-23 July in Nyon PALEO 2017 EDITION
  35. 35. Core Ticketing Platform feature pack 41 OBJECTIVES • Secure the mobile ticket • First time that ever piloted the 100% mobile ticket equipped with a barcode • Up until now, all tickets were paper-based and encrypted with holograms to prevent fraud SOLUTION Technology stack • Mobile application with secure wallet • Private Blockchain Hyperledger • Two-step access control solution • Outer perimeter: HID + SecuTix • Inner perimeter: SecuTix access control on the stadium’s turnstiles Use Case 1. Ticket holder scans his m-ticket through the HID smart reader beacon at the outer perimeter 2. The system validates that the ticket holder is authorized. 3. The barcode materializes on the ticket. From that moment on, the ticket cannot be transferred anymore 4. The system retrieves complementary information from SecuTix and displays additional data on the ticket (seat #...) 5. Ticket holder enters the inner perimeter (stadium) by scanning his ticket at the access control FACTS & FIGURES Target audience Audience of people in the general public who did not get a ticket through the lottery Volumes • 1055 fans were invited to purchase tickets • 130 fans bought 188 tickets • Tickets could be transferred to friends & relatives • 156 fans had tickets Ticket activation 92% were automatically activated without any manual intervention RESULTS Smooth and transparent experience for the end users with minimal onsite support required Successful pilot proving that the mobile ticket works and meets strict security expectations. August 8 SOCCER GAME
  36. 36. Architecture Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th42
  37. 37. ©copyright 2017 MVC Apps and Dapps difference Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 43 https://blockgeeks.com/decentralized-applications-development-net-developers/
  38. 38. ©copyright 2017 Architecture of Dapps - Ethereum Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 44 http://blockchainers.org/index.php/2016/05/09/ethereum-development-tools-an-evaluation-matrix/
  39. 39. ©copyright 2017 Develop Dapps Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 45 https://consensys.github.io/developers/articles/101-noob-intro/
  40. 40. Use case Energy
  41. 41. ©copyright 2017 47 Blockchain Community Solar Brooklyn Microgrid http://brooklynmicrogrid.com Use Case : Energy – Microgrid in USA 47
  42. 42. ©copyright 2017 Our reference implementation for solar Energy Smart Contracts Create a community Add/remove members Invoicing Accept a community Is informed of shifting members Transfer metered data PV Building’s public spaces Building’s tenants Community manager Grid operator The platform proposes functions to administrate a Community through a web application Data meters are transferred from the grid operator to the Smart contracts to initiate the invoicing process Smart contracts coordinate the invoice process and provide automation and intelligence on support to the administrative tasks The platform includes smart contracts linking the meter data and the Community members Platform general description Platform demo Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th Platform principle 48
  43. 43. ©copyright 2017 Blueprint architecture Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 49
  44. 44. ©copyright 2017 Selling solar surplus via Smart-contract P2P Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 50 Solar production is «uploaded» in the Blockchain via hardware device Surplus is sold via smart- contract to neighboor Surplus is credited to producer with smart- contract
  45. 45. ©copyright 2017 Our energy Smart-contract Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 51
  46. 46. Ressources
  47. 47. ©copyright 2017 To read https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Mastering-Blockchain Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 53
  48. 48. ©copyright 2017 To look Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 54 Learn Blockchain – E-Learning : https://blockgeeks.com/ Read the Ethereum Blockchain: https://etherscan.io/ News on Ethereum : https://www.ethnews.com/ https://dapps.ethercasts.com/ https://blockchainhub.net/ https://medium.com/zapchain-magazine/the-best-resources-for-learning-to-build-bitcoin-and- block-chain-applications-8de1953506f5
  49. 49. BONUS : Solar P2P Energy live demo
  50. 50. Innovations @ ELCA ELCA is working on innovation projects wich aims to cover the following domain • Cloud Security and Searchable Encryption in the cloud • ChatBot and Natural Language processing • BigData • Blockchain
  51. 51. ©copyright 2017 ELCA expertise Digital & Business Transformation Complexity Reduction Modernization Automation & Standartisation Time to Market & Agility Alignement Business & IT Security … MARKET CHALLENGES PROJEKT ERFAHRUNG Consulting Software Engineering Technology Integration Application & Cloud Management BRANCHEN ERFAHRUNG Financial Services Health & Pension Public Administration Defense & Cybersecurity Transportation & Logistics Retail & Other Industries (ex. Intern. Org, Energy etc.) ANGESAGTE THEMEN IT Business Consulting ECM Enterprise Content Management CIM Customer Interaction Management Big Data & Analytics SaaS Service & Operations Architecture Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 66
  52. 52. ©copyright 2017 Blockchain team Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 67 – Blockchain – Team – Industry – Business expert Financial – Industry – Business expert Insurance – Industry – Business expert – Public sector – Industry – Business expert Healthcare Dedicated skilled Blockchain experts
  53. 53. ©copyright 2017 • • • • • • • • • • How ELCA can help on Blockchain technology Blockchain use cases - Guild42 - Sept 11th 68
  54. 54. Mr Nagib Aouini Mr Vincent Larchet Head of Cyber Security CTO Secutix Nagib.aouini@elca.ch vincent.larchet@secutix.com Tel : 021 613 2136 Tel : 021 613 2111 Confidential do not distribute 69