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Japan ICT Market Info for Thailand Event

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Thumbsup Event on 16th Feb 2013
This is one session of Japan ICT market and more.

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Japan ICT Market Info for Thailand Event

  1. 1. Japanese ICT Marketand Strategy of AsianMarket for Startups! 07th Feb 2013 Powered by! The Glocal Company Open Meetup Inc.
  2. 2. Japan overview / Basic indicator Population GDP PPP Population : 127M Japan 127,619,200 6,125,842 35,578 male female Thailand 67,444,960 367,875 10,204 1)  Aging    -­‐  Healthcare  service    -­‐  Service  for  Aged  person   Japan   2)  Economically  mature    -­‐  Something  different   Similar  Problem  -­‐  High  quality    -­‐  Higher  request         3)  Inflexibility  of  Companies       Thailand
  3. 3. Local  Economy  of  Japan Dubai ≒ Shiga  Pref.   (Local  District)
  4. 4. Japan overview / Location Looking for Local Area more !! Nagoya : Toyota, many ! manufacturing Sendai : Revival support by Gov. Tokyo : Metropolitan Kyoto : Some international companies Osaka : Second large city, medicine Kobe : P&G, big port Hakata : Try to international Naha : IT Park, Data Centre
  5. 5. Japan overview / General Indicator Income  :  Monthly  around  70k  THB  (Graduated  Univ,  First  year)    Not  big  gap  (Large  Middle  Class)  compared  to  other  countries     Credit  Card  Penetra;on  :  310%    But  sRll  lower  usage  than  other  developed  countries      e-­‐commerce  rate  (online/offline)  =  around  3%  (2011)      -­‐  Travel  :  around  6%      -­‐  House  hold  goods,  Electrical  goods  :  4%      -­‐  Fashion,  accessory  :  around  1%                      -­‐>  Korea  10%         Source  :  Ministry  of  Economy  and  others
  6. 6. Japan Shopping (e-commerce) site PV Ranking 0" 500,000,000" 1,000,000,000" 1,500,000,000" 2,000,000,000" 2,500,000,000" 3,000,000,000" 3,500,000,000" Rakuten"Ichiba" Amazon"Yahoo!"Shopping" Rakuten"Travel" Zozo"Resort" Hot"Pepper" Kakaku.com" Rakuten  Ichiba   Market  Place  type Moving  to  Market  Place  type Yahoo!  Shopping   hcp://shopping.yahoo.co.jp/
  7. 7. Still “Yahoo! Japan” is top portal site in Japan Korean  Top  Naver China  Baidu Design,  Colorful  &  harmony,  Portal  (List) 0" 2,000,000,000" 4,000,000,000" 6,000,000,000" 8,000,000,000" 10,000,000,000" Yahoo!"Japan" Google"Japan" Facebook"
  8. 8. Top Travel site “Rakuten Travel” Hotel,  Air,  Train  (ParRal),  Bus,  Local  &  Oversea,  Package  tour…
  9. 9. Success of Zozotown.com / Fashion EC Typical  e-­‐commerce  site  has  a  lot  of  Text  explanaRon To  use  Social  Buying  funcRon  and  more   hcp://zozo.jp/
  10. 10. Some Success examples Korean service in Japan More  natural  and  visible
  11. 11. Other popular sites Kakaku.com Comparison  of  goods  to  e-­‐commerce  shop Hotpepper.jp Restaurant  etc..  and  Coupon Free  Paper
  12. 12. Delivery system & Payment Sagawa Yamato Charge Direct  Delivery  to  users   Others 6% 9% To  get  signature  by  users   Convinience Store 9% CreditCard 45% BankTransfer 15% Cashondelivery 16% Payment  Gateway  Service Payment  Method
  13. 13. Convenience Store in Japan Bank,  Payment,  Delivery  and  more.  They  are  providing  many  services 0" 2000" 4000" 6000" 8000" 10000" 12000" 14000" 16000" Seven"Eleven" Lawson" FamilyMart" Circle"K" Mini"Stop"
  14. 14. E-money share in Japan Suica  :  25.5%  (Rail  company)   Nanaco  :  25.4%  (Seven-­‐Eleven)   WAON  :  24.2%  (Big  Mall)   Rakuten-­‐Edy  :  15.8%  (Rakuten)   PASMO  :  8.0%  (Rail  company)
  15. 15. Japan overview / Mobile and ICT Indicator Mobile  Penetra;on  :  More  than  100%    3G PenetraRon  around  100%,  LTE  becomes  popular    Smartphone  Penetra;on  :  Around  40%      Android  :  iOS  =  7:3    Flat  rate  :  around  1300  THB  -­‐  /  Total  2000  THB  -­‐      Internet  Penetra;on  :  around  80%    ADSL  :  650  THB  -­‐  /  50Mbps  -­‐      OpRcal  :  800  THB-­‐  /  100Mbps  -­‐    Mobile  :  700  THB  -­‐  /  40Mbps  -­‐  
  16. 16. Japan Mobile Scene KDDI% Docomo% Sobank% Mobile  Operator  Share Smartphone  Shipment  more  than  70%   Docomo  doesn’t  have  iOS  and  push  Android     **  Mobile  Gaming  are  used  country  side  more
  17. 17. au Smartpath Free  apps  DL Storage Coupon  Point Security Constant  fee  124  THB  /  month AddiRonal  Contents
  18. 18. Incubation activities of Mobile Operators Incuba;on  Program  &  Funding Docomo  InnovaRon  Ventures   KDDI  Open  InnovaRon  fund   Fund  size  :  Around  100M  USD Fund  size  :  Around  50M  USD One  of  top  media  (TV  etc)  company  fund Around  15M  USD   Social,  Smartphone  apps,  New  media  tech hcp://www.fujimediahd.co.jp/
  19. 19. Popular IT company List Mobile Gaming  Social Ec-­‐comparison Mobile,  Internet,  Publishing Gaming  Social Gaming Ads,  Portal,  commerce Gaming Ads  and  service Gaming Commerce,  Stock
  20. 20. Japan Information Service Oversea business export Import Many  ICT  companies  are  struggle  of  oversea  business.  COLLABORATION  more Source  :  Ministry  of  Economy  and  others
  21. 21. Japan advertising companies Total  adver;sing  companies Online  /  Digital  /  Agencies
  22. 22. Some Unique Service in Japan Anonymous  bulleRn  board  system   Video  service  with  comments   hcp://www.2ch.net/ hcp://www.nicovideo.jp/
  23. 23. Japanese Startup Ecosystem (Not all! There are many others!) Angels Some  Angels Media Seed  IncubaRon Early Growth   Later Event * Not Including all related org/companies
  24. 24. Some success Japanese Startups/Ventures examples hcp://crowdworks.jp/ hcp://www.oisix.com/  (Went  to  public) hcp://gu3.co.jp/  (Go  to  IPO)   hcp://o.omiai-­‐jp.com/
  25. 25. In my Opinion for Japan Startups…. 1)  BtoC  and  CtoC  are  a  licle  difficult  except  “Job  Market”            In  short,  have  good  MoneRzaRon  model  or  not 2)  Social  Gaming  /  Smartphone  apps  are  a  licle  down 3)  BtoB  services  are  becer  posiRon Y-­‐com,  500  Startups,  Rocket  Internet  are… More  focus  on  MoneRzaRon,  More  GlocalizaRon  (See  market)  
  26. 26. Offshore !development
  27. 27. Japan Offshore Development except Thailand China   China  is  sRll  big  bad  higher  labor  cost   Bangladesh   Offshore  dev. India   Taiwan   Training Gaming  design,     Smartphone  apps Sri  Lanka   Philippine   Offshore  dev BPO  and  English  based     Offshore  dev.   Myanmar     Vietnam   Offshore  development   Offshore  Dev.  (tech)   Indonesia   Offshore  development   Singapore   Cinema  industries Head  Quarter,  First  step
  28. 28. Vietnam and Philippine Development / BPO Vietnam Accenture  in  Philippine US  tends  to  develop  in  Philippine  (BPO)  because  of  English  On  the  other  hand,  High  Tech  to  East  Europe,  Russia
  29. 29. Thailand Offshore / Collaboration Design  and  CreaRve CollaboraRon  to  Thailand  and  Myanmar Japanese  residents
  30. 30. Oversea!Market!!Similar to JP!Korea and TWN
  31. 31. Korean Market Kakao  Shock!  By  Gaming 90  %  PenetraRon   Smartphone  70%,  Android  90%   Trading  Card  Gaming     from  Japan Japan  is  Line  and  Buy  Stumps Tech  Media
  32. 32. Korean Market tends to have huge Platform e-­‐commerce  two  giant  Plauorm hcp://www.cafe24.com/ hcp://www.makeshop.co.kr/
  33. 33. Korean some service in SEA hcp://www.vingle.net/ hcp://www.wishtrend.net/
  34. 34. Korean / Japan Promotion Differences Korea Japan LisRng  ads Blog  are  effecRve Ads  are  sRll  effecRve More  focus  on  CommuniRes   More  focus  on  Reviewing  site   Naver  Cafe  etc.. AppBank,  Other  higher  PV  site
  35. 35. Taiwan Market e-­‐commerce,  Gaming  are  main  Startups Tech  Media hcp://www.inside.com.tw/ hcp://techorange.com/ Similar  Service iCook CookPad
  36. 36. Taiwan Service in SEA Cubie  Messenger hcp://cubie.com/ Taiwan  and  Korea  service  tends  to  more  social,  community,  matching  and  DaRng   compared  to  Japan  service
  37. 37. Outbound Business
  38. 38. Outbound Business of Thailand  Top  Manufacturing  points  in  SEA        BtoB  Marketplace  of  Manufacturing       Tourism,  Restaurant,  foods        Delivery,  Search  and  more     Real  estate  Business        Market  Place,  InformaRon     Medical  Care      Medical  tourism,  Database     Focus  on  strength  points
  39. 39. Collaboration! Japan  ICT  companies  are  lack  of  experiences  in  Oversea  market Economic  Mature,  so  many  service,  business  model  are  exisRng CollaboraRon  to  Thailand     and  SEA  market!   To  develop  new  Thailand     ICT  market  with!
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