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Homes for Iowa

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Homes for Iowa

  1. 1. www.homesforia.com Homes for Iowa
  2. 2. Homes for Iowa - Principles • Train incarcerated men in the building trades by building homes • Provide a new pipeline of talent for Iowa employers • Reduce recidivism • Produce high-quality, affordable homes for Iowans delivered statewide
  3. 3. Homes for Iowa Homes: • Quality: 2x6 construction, attention to detail, good materials • Efficient: R49-attic, R-29 walls with thermal break, air sealed, heat rec. ventilation • Flexible: Main floor living, or expand into a basement • Add-on friendly: Garage, addition, deck • 3BR 2BA or 2BR 1BA homes • 3BR Cost Delivered: $90,000 (2022) • 2BR Cost Delivered: $76,000 (2022) • Anyone can develop the home: Private, public, non-proft, individual • Home is shipped complete but without finished floors (wiring, plumbing, drywalled, trim, cabinets, etc.
  4. 4. Homes for Iowa Homes: Buyer Eligibility and Restrictions • Ultimate buyer household income under $100,000 taxable • Cannot rent home for five years • If appraisal higher than purchase price, HFI claws back that amount upon sale; amount recedes evenly each month for 60 months • If appraisal is not higher than purchase price, no clawback • Must be primary residence for five years
  5. 5. Homes for Iowa Homes:
  6. 6. Homes for Iowa Homes:
  7. 7. Homes for Iowa Homes:
  8. 8. Homes are built complete – owners need provide flooring and appliances only
  9. 9. Homes are built complete – owners need provide flooring and appliances only
  10. 10. The Governor’s House program in South Dakota provided the model for Iowa.
  11. 11. Homes for Iowa is private/public partnership Public: Iowa Prison Industries Builds and moves homes, trains men, manages site Private: Homes for Iowa, Inc. A 501c3 organization, sets program policies (buyer eligibility, number of homes built, types of homes to build), pays for home building, takes home orders, sells homes to buyers/developers
  12. 12. Homes for Iowa Closely partners with Iowa COGs Iowa COGs led formation of the program with Iowa Prison Industries Iowa COGs originate all sales orders and administer buyer requirements via contract First homes were developed via Iowa COGs
  13. 13. Homes for Iowa Board of Directors and Partners
  14. 14. The HFI program enjoys support from builders, housing advocates and elected officials
  15. 15. HFI homes are stick built, and delivered across the state to Iowa communities
  16. 16. HFI homes are stick built, and delivered across the state to Iowa communities
  17. 17. Homes for Iowa can deliver to all 99 counties in Iowa
  18. 18. Homes are set on your basement or crawl space
  19. 19. Homes are set on your basement or crawl space
  20. 20. Iowa communities improve their housing stock with HFI homes
  21. 21. Men at the Newton Correctional Facility learn building trades prior to release 25 crew members have spent six months or more with the program Over 150 crew members have worked for the program, total An employer/crew member connection system is in development
  22. 22. HFI Offers Apprenticeship Programs
  23. 23. HFI Offers Certificate Training
  24. 24. Crewmembers • Crewmembers are minimum-security offenders near release from medium-security sentences • Crewmembers apply and are interviewed for HFI positions (voluntary) • HFI competes for crewmembers with private employment opportunities • March 2021-2022 1-year recidivism rates are 8% for crewmembers who are fully trained (six months or more in program) • 100 men have been trained for at least six months • Additional data from State of Iowa forthcoming on median earnings, industry employment, and unemployment rate
  25. 25. The HFI building site at the Newton Correctional Facility
  26. 26. The HFI program is a new source of skilled tradespeople for Iowa employers
  27. 27. Helen Miller | Chair Iowa Board of Parole “there is a need on the part of the community as well as a need on the part of the returning citizen. Our building program has effectively met both of these needs. As a board of parole, participation in this program provides for a favorable consideration for release."
  28. 28. Jay Iverson, CAE, IOM Executive Officer Home Builders Association of Iowa The Home Builders Association of Iowa is so thankful for this program. What could be better than providing affordable housing, training workers for unlimited quantities of jobs, and helping to keep offenders out of the system? A former offender told me a few weeks ago - "I'm making doctor level money with my skillset and without a college degree."
  29. 29. Andy Roberts | Business Manager Plumbers & Steamfitters Local #33 Plumbers & Steamfitters Local #33 are proud to continue our partnership with Homes for Iowa to help with the ongoing shortage of skilled trades members. This successful program helps in establishing skilled trades training in the fields of plumbing, electrical, and carpentry to offenders who are scheduled to be released back into the community. Offenders can use these skills to begin their journey into one of the many highly successful and recognized Union Building Trades Registered Apprenticeship programs.
  30. 30. Lance Henning | President & Executive Director Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity “Iowa needs 47,000 new homes in the next decade and 40% of those need to be affordable to Iowans earning less than $50,000 per year.” “The Homes for Iowa model provides a solid approach that can be scaled as one of the multiple solutions needed to meet this affordable housing demand.” “It is a needed housing and training program that’s a thumbs-up all around.”
  31. 31. American Recovery & Reinvestment Act • Gov. Kim Reynolds allocated $10 million to grow and sustain the program • Warehouse, home moving setup, materials and professional staff • “Scale the program” • State of Iowa has been extremely supportive of program, both private and publicly. ○ Gov. Kim Reynolds ○ Iowa Finance Authority, Dir. Debi Durham ○ State Senator Mark Lofgren ○ Iowa Dept of Corrections ○ Iowa Association of Councils of Governments ○ Home Builders’ Association of Iowa ○ Iowa Habitat for Humanity ○ Many, many others!
  32. 32. Improve crewmember/employer connections Create wraparound crewmember benefits Perfect order system communications for pre, during, and post-move times Grow the program to 100 homes delivered and 100 crewmembers trained annually. Homes for Iowa Future
  33. 33. 55 Total Deliveries 2020-2022
  34. 34. Sample Costs to Develop • Anywhere from $165,000 to $220,000ish • Depends on conditions - ○ Land price ○ Basement or crawlspace ○ Developer profit or not ○ Garage ○ Finished basement • Homes for Iowa Cost $90,000 • Basement/concrete/util $40,000 • Garage $20,000 • Lot $15,000 • Flooring $6,000 • Site carpentry $12,000 • Developer fee $12,000 TOTAL $195,000 or $162/sf
  35. 35. THANK YOU Mike Norris, Executive Director Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission President, Homes for Iowa, Inc. www.homesforia.com