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I Chose Plan B and Became an Entrepreneur

A motivational seminar on entrepreneurship at Eureka Pakistan.

Details: www.mybloggertricks.com

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I Chose Plan B and Became an Entrepreneur

  1. 1. STCnetwork “I CHOSE PLAN B AND ……. BECAME AN ENTREPRENEUR!” Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant, a Father, Computer Engineer & Web Developer
  2. 2. Meet The Boss! (Ifza) “Marriage is the biggest proof that you are established”
  3. 3. Meet Bilal! (The French Fries Seller) Customers Waiting In Queue No Customers! Working Since Years Any Guesses?
  4. 4. The Fries Secret! Unlike finger Chips, he was selling spiral chips! Success of any business is “Uniqueness”
  5. 5. 1. Going abroad for Higher Studies? 2. Finding a great Job at a Corporate Firm? 3. Living your parents’ Dream? 4. Getting married? 5. Doing what your elders did? 6. Or 7. Choosing to follow PLAN B? What Is Your Aim in Life?
  6. 6. A PHP Developer Who is Blind! If He Can Do It Then What’s Your Excuse? Waleed Raza Abbasi
  7. 7. PLAN A 1. Spoon Feeders (liyari, lalukait, 7 years) 2. Financially Dependent 3. Career Orientated 4. Taleem ( do ACCA, CA, PhD, scholarships) 5. Poor Marketers ( slice, baba Junaid Bangali) 6. Night Dreamers 7. Plan testers (moving round and round) 8. Follows social trends 9. Go For Liabilities 1. Self Fed 2. Financially Independent 3. Business Orientated 4. ilm – skills factory! 5. Great Marketers 6. Day Dreamers 7. Plan Executors 8. Builds Social trends 9. Go For Assets [Video] PLAN B Choosing The Right Queue
  8. 8. 1. Develop a Skill – Web Development & SEO 2. Take Risks – Start a Business but in Unique Style! (Koti, The Jacket Maker, Omrel jewelry, Irteka) 3. Set a SIX MONTHS Target 4. Offer free Service and products 5. Follow Competitors – Find Vacant Areas - Do Better! 6. Enjoy! My Online Earning Strategy
  9. 9. Lets Play SEO! (Demonstration)  Ezoic, WebTextTool, PublicityClerks. Reviews (Earned $2000 Alhamdulillah)  I charged $500 for this 30 minutes work.  Choose a Case Site  Basics of SEO Auditing, Review & Inspection.  Basic Tools that do wonders
  10. 10. Thank you! 