Have content? Now what?

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7 de Nov de 2014

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Have content? Now what?

  1. Have Content. Now What? Matt Wurst VP, General Manager @mwurst
  2. Before we talk about what’s next…
  3. NOW: Things are being thrown upside-down The Internet Trifecta has reached critical mass PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 3 CONTENT Provided by Consumers and Pros COMMUNITY Context and connectivity created by and for users COMMERCE Products tagged and ingested for seamless purchase Source: @KPCB 2014 Internet Report
  4. There is more content than ever before PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 4 27,000,000+ Pieces of content are shared every day Every minute of the day: Yelp users post 26,380 reviews YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video Twitter users tweet 277,000 times Instagram users post 216,000 new posts Facebook users share 2,450,000 pieces of content Source: AOL & Nielsen (2012) DOMO Data Never Sleeps 2.0 (2014)
  5. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 5 The only constant thing is Change Marketers Fans
  6. Measure PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 6 Listen Strategize Develop Plan Promote Publish Optimize Moderate The content marketing cycle requires advanced specialization
  7. What is Content Marketing? PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 7 A marketing strategy where brands create interest, relevance and relationships with customers by producing, curating and sharing content that addresses specific customer needs and delivers visible value. Delivers an intrinsic benefit to an audience Centered on the fan or customer and his or her situation Credit: Forrester Research, Inc.
  8. We must answer these questions to truly have great content: PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 8 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW is our target consumer? are we going to say? should we engage? is the right time to connect? do our fans engage? do we ensure it will be seen?
  9. Who is our target consumer? Use listening + research to uncover insights
  10. WHO PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 10 Consumer Insights Opportunity: Use audience insights to inspire effective content strategies.
  11. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 11 How Insights fueled creative Unbranded conversation BACON 1.5 MM Searches 513,000 mentions LEBRON 1.0 MM Searches 85,000 mentions
  12. 19 Channels: no context, no connectivity PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 12 BIT OF THE OLD AND NEW .com x2 UTILITARIAN CONTENT OM Facebook Oscar Mayer CRM Facebook @Wienermobile ACTIVE COMMUNITY LOTS OF TALK, SOME SHARING WHAT’S NEW? mix of old and new content, creating differing brand impressions product content that’s adding ties to social extensions gathering place for coupon-seekers and Wienermobile lovers a mirror of other social channels archive for tv spots and past promotions (not much activity) Hotdogger blog TALES FROM THE ROAD minimal ties back to hot dogs or the brand @OscarMayer Wienermobile Wienermobile stagnant photo album from the brand x2 IT’S THE WIENERMOBILE Search: Category HD Facebook x2 Search: Brand UNBRANDED TERRITORY Kraftrecipes Minimal paid search and un-optimized SEO with varying results dependent on category, but overall lack of virtual shelf space UTILITARIAN CONTENT Inspiring meal ideas and recipe content
  13. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 13 White space for the trademark
  14. BACON BARTER SAY IT WITH BACON PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 14 Revitalized a heritage brand & driving sales during a category slow period WAKE UP & SMELL THE BACON UNSUNG BACON
  16. What are we going to say? Building a content strategy 16
  17. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 2013: Happy President’s Day! 17
  18. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 2014: Happy President’s Day! 18
  19. WHAT PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 19 Unlock Currency Opportunity: Discover what it is that fans want, and what value they’re willing to exchange. Conversation Access Utility Entertainment Social Currency Product What You Offer Fans Authenticity WOM Advocacy More fans What Fans Give Back To You
  20. WHAT continued PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 20 Stock & Flow Opportunity: Balance big lifestyle campaigns (stock) with daily brand content (flow) STOCK “Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today.” FLOW “Flow is the feed. It’s the posts and the tweets. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that remind people that you exist.”
  21. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 21 Stock & Flow Make your social more creative... WHAT continued …and make your creative more social.
  22. Where do fans engage? Developing a platform architecture
  23. WHERE PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Inspiration Relevance 24 Roles of Platforms Opportunity: Rethink the unique value proposition of each channel – from digital and social to print and broadcast. Tips
  24. WHERE PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 25 Roles of Platforms
  26. When is the best time to connect? Right time > Real-time 2 7
  27. WHEN PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 28 Right-time Marketing Opportunity: Be there where and when our target consumes and creates social content. 525 MILLION earned media impressions (5X # of Super Bowl XLVII viewers) Named Best Social Media Invention of 2013 by Adweek *** Not every brand can create meaningful, relevant content in real-time. Most shouldn’t even try.
  28. WHEN PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 29 Right-time Marketing Plan to plan Plan to react Respond Plan to plan Respond
  31. Why do our fans engage? Measurement and optimization 3 2
  32. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 33 Better measurement Opportunity: Understand consumer engagement to inform content creation and optimization Looking both inside and outside of our communities. WHY Why Do They Share? What Type of Content Resonates?
  33. How do we ensure it is seen? Amplification of content 3 4
  34. HOW PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 35 Demo Targeting Opportunity: Change broad/generic content more specific by catering to target demographics 810% increase in MALES Talking about Hanes from Q1-Q2 670% increase in FEMALES Talking about Hanes from Q1-Q2 And it drove a 4x lift in sales. (TV and print media over that time drove anincrease of 1.2x.)
  35. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 36 Interest Targeting Opportunity: Further target content and media strategies based on relevant and timely interests. Boost engagement by reaching more of the right people in the right place, not just your existing “fans.” HOW Baseball Country Music Running/fitness Jay-Z Breaking Bad Katie Perry
  36. HOW Content PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Amplification 37 Influencer co-creation Opportunity: Leverage the inspiration and reach of influencers to create relevance and drive engagement. Development • Unique style and voice • POV and insights • Creative input/skillset • Leveraging their credibility and relevance Publishing • Platform knowledge • Increased exposure through social tagging and interaction • Amplification across their channels Logan Paul’s Vines for Hanes’ X-TEMP resulted in one of the highest engagement rates Twitter has ever seen.
  37. If you remember these things… PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 38 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW Listen, learn and understand your fans. Make your social content more “creative.” Customize roles and content for each platform. Focus on “right time,” not just “real-time.” Monitor, measure, optimize and iterate. Amplify content with efficiently-targeted media.
  38. Thank you! PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Mat t Wurs t @mwurs t

Notas do Editor

  1. 360i is a digitally-centric yet integrated agency based here in NY, with core focuses on Brand strategy, creative, social, analytics and media.
  2. So my focus is really going to be in two areas… First, the current state of social and digital with respect to content. What you as content creators, distributors and marketers should be doing to prepare for what’s coming next.
  3. Over the past 2-3 years, technology has made anyone & everyone –leagues and teams, brands and fans – a content creator. So you have content… now what? With great opportunity comes new challenges, specifically delivering great content in a rapidly evolving landscape. (ANIMATE) There are now 100MM “official” branded social channels and streams. Digital architectures are expanding, so that “share of screen,” that competition for attention AND real estate in a user’s feed is fierce.
  4. The content clutter challenge is real. As an example, the amount of content published by entertainment and retail brands increased by 100% in just the last year. (ANIMATE) What is being uploaded and shared every minute of the day is staggering.
  5. Our fans demand and deserve better. Their expectations are changing faster than we’re able to keep up with. I will give many of you in this room credit because the sports industry adapts faster than most, and that’s because you’ve got an inherently engaged and passionate base of people talking about and with you. But there are a number of things you can and should be doing that will prevent complacency and stagnation as things continue to change.
  6. The first is recognizing that there is actually a process by which content should be planned, developed, distributed, curated, monitored and optimized… …and that various steps in this Content Marketing process require more focus specialized skillsets than you may be applying at the moment.
  7. You hear this term a lot now… content marketing. But what does it actually mean? Content Marketing means creating an immediate and enduring relationship with customers in a relevant way that provides value to the customer. Ok, so what does that really mean? I’m going to answer that with a few more questions…
  8. In order to overcome challenges on our journey to great content, the key questions that need to be answered are: Who, what, when, where, why, how… (ANIMATE) I’ll explain each of these and show you some examples of how some other companies are answering them.
  9. First… Who. Who is our target consumer or audience? Is there more than one group? - What are they talking about and where? Who else are they talking about or with? What deeper platform trends or usage info should we be aware of?
  10. - The way to answer this question is by listening… and using real data to uncover insights and inspire content creation. - - (ANIMATE) There is a diverse toolkit you can tap into. - Don’t assume you know who your fans are, where they are talking or what motivates them to engage… - Dig deeper with audience analysis beyond traditional ticket sales data, TV viewership research and fan surveys… and leverage social platforms.
  11. Let’s take a look at an example of how this works. Oscar Mayer learned that while people are talking A LOT about bacon - even way more than people like Lebron - 98% of the conversations and searches taking place were unbranded.
  12. Why? When we began working with Oscar, they had 19 different digital channels, with no idea who was engaging in any of them.
  13. So we listened to who was talking and where… and established a goal of getting people specifically to talk about the BRAND. If Oscar could create an emotional connection between fans of bacon and their products, they could own the conversation.
  14. The content and creative that ultimately followed over the next year drove emotional resonance with Oscar Mayer bacon. (ANIMATE) By ONLY focusing on digital – no TV, print – they actually drove a sales lift while overall bacon sales declined.. Here’s an example of what we created this year for Father’s Day
  15. (SAY IT WITH BACON VIDEO) Oscar now has a really well-defined content strategy where they know who they’re talking to and how to mix every day content with bigger concepts.
  16. That was the who… this is the what. What is our Content Strategy? Just because you have content – or can easily make it – doesn’t mean it’s right.
  17. I always like showing what brands do on holidays – and how wrong it is - to illustrate this point. (ANIMATE) Last year, for President’s Day, we saw countless companies create something that was in no way original, ownable or memorable. So what do you think happened this year? Did they learn?
  18. That’s right. A ton of crap.
  19. Key to understanding what to do with content is this notion of unlocking currency. (ANIMATE) Content can take many forms, but underlying it all should be an understanding of what fans actually want… access, entertainment, information… And deliver it in a way creates some sort of value exchange. (ANIMATE) In return, you want them to engage, tell their friends, buy something, right? According to a recent survey done by Edelman, 2/3 of people believe that companies and brands that ask fans to share their content, personal information or stories don’t give them enough value in return, labeling it a “one-sided-” rather than “shared” relationship. As a result, engagement is starting to plateau.
  20. The way around this is thinking about What are we actually saying? What is our message? Cadence and frequency matter in addition to quality. So this requires a balanced approach to digital content – a balance that we call “Stock” and “Flow” (ANIMATE) Stock are the big campaigns, tentpole pillars that drive reach and awareness (ANIMATE) Flow is the everyday posts that keep engagement high... So whereas everyday conversation is great on places like Twitter, we’re seeing better results with bigger, media-supported digital creative campaigns just about everywhere else.
  21. HBO has an amazing lineup of programming, but their offseasons are long. For fans of Game of Thrones, waiting for that next season is tough, so how does HBO keep the conversation going? (ANIMATE) Their regular content calendar – the flow - is great… and actually looks better than it ever has. But that’s not always enough. So we created a campaign based on an interesting Insight that we picked up from Social Listening…. Joffrey is the most hated character online. (ANIMATE) “Roast Joffrey” was an offseason idea that we developed earlier this year – but instead of tapping into existing conversation, we actually created a new experience and earned millions of impressions rooted in social behaviors.
  22. (GAME OF THRONES VIDEO) - Again, a strong content strategy mixes bigger ideas with everyday engagement.
  23. So who… what… WHERE? Where are we engaging is a critical question that must be answered.
  24. Defining the role of channels, a platform architecture and strategy, is critical to getting to great content. (ANIMATE) - This means having an understanding of what features each platform offers, how consumers interact and what media/targeting opportunities exist. - A great example of how this works with Scotts and Miracle Gro. (ANIMATE) - Facebook: is their primary social hub; and all about inspiration (ANIMATE) - YouTube: focuses on education and gardening/growing tips (ANIMATE) - Twitter: cultural and conversational relevance
  25. The digital architecture we created for Coca-Cola’s year-long build-up to the 2014 World Cup illustrates how consumers move between Coca-Cola’s and FIFA’s paid, earned and owned properties. Red circles represent Coca-Cola social channels for which a Newsroom supplied #WorldsCup content. Green circles represent platforms that were controlled by FIFA. They are important to the digital architecture because many people visiting Coke’s platforms came from or visited those destinations. Content is ultimately the trigger that gets fans to move between places.
  26. As a rule of thumb, we should consolidate activity to as few accounts as necessary. There’s enough out there as it is, don’t create communities just to “be there.” Regardless of how large the ecosystem grows, it’s critical to execute a strong cross-pollination strategy to link all accounts and leave no dead ends. You should have a paid and earned media strategy for every platform to ensure that the content you are pushing out is engaging the greatest number of people.
  27. Who, what, where… WHEN? Knowing when the right time to publish and post content is often as important as what that content is.
  28. With the success of the Oreo last year, the term “Real-time marketing” became a very popular thing. Real-time activity is great during actual games or events – which is unique to this industry - but most other brands and verticals don’t have that luxury. - Instead of talking about real-time with them, we direct the conversation towards Right-Time Marketing. - What’s most important is that we ALL create the right content for the right consumer on the right platform at the right time.
  29. For companies like Oreo now, fewer better posts are driving far greater results. (ANIMATE) So it’s not just about reacting to a moment, but still planning to plan… and planning to react… - …and engaging, streamlining approval processes, media amplification and moderation. - (ANIMATE) So you see planned content – like these images that we created in advance of Valentine’s Day for Twitter. (- ANIMATE) But there is also planned reactive content – which we developed on the fly on a custom basis after followers shared their share messages for loved ones using the hashtag #OreoCupid.
  30. - We get a lot of attention for the work with Oreo, but the secret to success is really in the organized, disciplined content process – while still remaining innovative and flexibly iterative. It should build… Sometime late last year, a Comm Mgr saw this post to the Oreo FB page by a fan. We then promoted it with great results. - (ANIMATE) Working together with creatives, the team built off of the insight that the millennial target likes to hack things… and conceived of a content series called “Snack Hacks.” Threading this narrative over the second half of last year generated a ton of engagement, and yielded an even deeper understanding of our consumer. - (ANIMATE) But we didn’t stop there. The social content series did so well that we took the concept even further, co-creating a significantly broader idea for Snack Hacks. We partnered with celebrity chefs like Roy Choi and Michael Voltaggio to incorporate Oreos into their famous recipes and put it out there...
  31. (OREO VIDEO) - With 5MM video views, this is a true success story that proves that great social content can extend out to become something much bigger.
  32. Who, what, where, when… WHY? Why do consumers interact? And why are we making or posting this content?
  33. To answer this question, we must constantly evaluate and measure the performance of our content. Measurement means looking Inside/outside community, across the broader conversational web. Honestly, people who are on the hook for content don’t do this enough. - (ANIMATE) As content creators and publishers, another hat that we must wear… social psychologists. There are psychological reasons behind each digital action behavior and that doesn’t escape us, so we go beyond aggregate metrics to understand the why behind our content performance. - Over a given period of time, our content can change from not just stock and flow, but use of celebrity, use of template, featured products, color background, whatever. - All of it driven by understanding motivations and behaviors, and iterating accordingly. (ANIMATE) The magic happens when you bring multiple data streams together to tell a holistic story about fan and brand. 
  34. - Who, what, where, when, why… HOW? Perhaps the most important question for this group - How do we ensure our great content will be seen? Would you invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a television commercial… but not pay or plan for it to be seen? Of course not. If content is like fire… amplification via paid media is like gasoline.
  35. Social Media has given us the most efficient media targeting platforms in the history of advertising. Paid and earned social strategies planned and activated together best tell a brand story thu specific content targeted to a specific audience. Thanks to targeting by gender, ethno, techno, interest and demo-based categories - with content specifically created for focused audiences – like working moms, or millennials, or sports fans in Pittsburgh - we can ensure that the right people see the right content at the right time. (ANIMATE) At a basic level, we starting doing this for Hanes last year at just a gender level – 2 very different recurring ideas that were targeted in a way that only men OR women saw the relevant content. (ANIMATE). The results were unprecedented Facebook over the past year. Engagement soared… (ANIMATE). And the most recent studies across a number of brands are showing that efficiently-targeted content is driving greater proportional sales lifts than TV, radio, print and even other digital. The future of content, honestly, the future of marketing and advertising as we know it, is in this segmented, concurrent media and content planning and activation.
  36. Doing this at an interest-level has taken it even further. (ANIMATE) Social platforms like FB enable us to reach well beyond our existing community fanbase. A little bit of paid media beyond that group, targeting people with additional interests - leverages the basic principles of social to extend the life of content WAY before those who are initially reached. (ANIMATE) So it may not actually mean creating less content, just ensuring that the right people see what’s most relevant to them. Fans of JayZ see this… only Breaking Bad fans on FB see this, etc…. but Not alienating anyone with the wrong content.
  37. Another way to ensure content is seen by the RIGHT audience is through Influencer Marketing and co-creation. (ANIMATE) Influencers have become instrumental in not only amplifying and connecting us with our target consumers but making sure we’re telling our story in authentic and relatable ways. - We see some of our most far-reaching and most engaging content coming from influencers and their networks. - (ANIMATE) Hanes mixes this in as well, and their recent partnership with Vine influencer Logan Paul resulted in some of the highest engagement rates in the history of Twitter. - The content wasn’t only great because it was humorous and on-brand. It was great because it was seen, consumed and shared by millions of people.
  38. So just to recap… great content is not just about making something you and I think looks or sounds good. - It is a combination of both art and science. - It is planned and it is reactive. - It is monitored and it is measured - It is amplified and efficiently targeted. And most importantly, it is grounded in data + insights and ladders back to your business objectives... - You have – and will always have content – but making sure that’s RIGHT – and ultimately seen by the right people – will make your approach to content even better.