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Speech 103

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Speech 103

  2. 2. What is communication?“So what is communication? Have you ever listened toa very polished, confident speaker and not understood aword of what they were saying? A common mistakepeople make is to focus on the delivery of information,rather than how it is received. Communication has to betwo-way.You only communicate when the message you send outhas been received and sent back to you, so you knowthat it has been properly understood.This applies whether you are at work, communicatingwith employees, suppliers or customers, or at home,communicating with your family and friends.”
  3. 3. Transmission Model of Interpersonal Communication• The best known model of communication is the one devised by Shannon and Weaver (1949). It is a simple linear model which is easily understood. The model has five main parts:• Information source - where the message is produced• Transmitter - where the message is encoded• Channel - where the signal is carried• Receiver - where the message is decoded• Destination - where the message ends up• There is also a sixth part which is noise. Noise is interference in the channel, and causes a signal to be received that was not intended by the source.
  4. 4. Claude Shannon’s Model of Communication