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Amsterdam Travel Guide

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Amsterdam Travel Guide

  1. 1. Travel Guide: Amsterdam, Netherlands Thomas
  2. 2. Intro • Netherlands is a country located in the western part of Europe. Netherlands is known for the windmills, tulips and other things such as cheese, bicycles etc.
  3. 3. Attractions • There are different types of people in the world that like different type of things.
  4. 4. Family Attractions • Amsterdam Canals • Amsterdam is one of the most watery cities in the world. You can enjoy a nice boat ride in the city. • Albert Cuyp Market • It is a nice farmers market where you can buy things such as vegetables, pastry and other foods. You and your family can have a little market shopping for foods at its finest! • Artis Royal Zoo • This zoo is one of the oldest zoo in Amsterdam. If you have kids, they will surely enjoy a nice trip to see the animals. The zoo also have parks and gardens people can enjoy.
  5. 5. One-Person Attractions • One-Person I assume would probably like to take pictures. Surely can also go to all the attractions that the family would go to, but would definitely go to an individual type of place. • Anne Franks House • Anne frank is a little girl that went through WWII. She is known for having a diary that she has been writing as the WWII has been going in. In her house, she hid in this secret room under the stairs. She hid there to protect herself when the WWII was going on. • Netherlands Windmill • Netherlands is known for their windmill. The individual would have a lot of fun taking a picture of the original windmill in the netherlands for experience. The windmill was built in the 18th century.
  6. 6. Food • BitterBallen • A potato mashed, formed into a ball and deep-fried. • It is one of the most favorite food in the Netherlands. It melts in your mouth because its that good. • Poffertjes • Mini Fluffy pancakes, usually served with powdered sugar on top. • Stroop Waffel • Netherlands famous cookie. It contains 2 thin waffle cookies filled with either honey or caramel in the middle.
  7. 7. Hotels • Its best to stay near the airport for easy transport. It is peoples choice of where they want to stay near, but if you want to have easy access to the airport. Its best to go to a hotel near the hotel. • Reccomendations. • Schiphol • Best Western Amsterdam Airport. • Courtyard Amsterdam Airport
  8. 8. Transport • The Metro • Amsterdam has a metro where can take you where you want.