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Preface to shakespear

preface to Shakespeare

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Preface to shakespear

  1. 1. Munsif Siyyal 2013-MA-ELT-35
  2. 2. Introduction  William Shakespeare's play, Samuel Johnson wrote the preface in which he displays classic critical form. He wrote that Shakespeare's greatness lies in his style of representation of the general human nature. His characters are neither type of certain qualities nor are they some particular persons of distinctive individualistic traits.
  3. 3. Introduction  Samual johnson explain Shakhspears excellencies has likewise fault and faults sufficient to obscured and overwhelm any other merit .  Three defect discussed Johnson :  1) Evil in the book or men  2) Time and place  3) plot are loose
  4. 4. 1st part  About nature and Excellency.  First practice the modern practice were always about glorifying and old degrading the modern. Johnson says that critic of 18 century take everything that’s old for granted where they doubt everything that is modern.  Johnson says how deiced that whether piece of literature good or not ?
  5. 5. Continue………  Johnson says thousands of the book written about Shakespeare plays, however if they only lasted for a little while they failed.  Modern works are only for pleasure they are dialectic.  peoples taste could change because of time, fashion or because people themselves have change.
  6. 6. Part 2  Samuel Johnson was the first to acknowledge Shakespeare fault.  Shakespeare part big not minor.  Johnson is subjective in the part of essay.
  7. 7. 2nd part  The aim of the poetry to teach and delighted. Shakespeare poetry however sometimes delighted without teaching. For example when Portia dressed up as men attend trails and saved Antonio which wasn’t morally accepted for a women to do so at that time.  Shakespeare wrote about Egypt , Italy and Denmark etc . However we did find real different between the character. Shakespeare good , but it is considered a fault.
  8. 8. Conti………  It was comic in his sense the character speak same language.  In his tragedies the more he tries to give us the weak in the plot become for example in the hamlet the more get into play you find the story isn't as strong as it was beginning.  In the narration of the all genres he used many words to express simple idea.
  9. 9. To be conti……..  Shakespeare tragic heroes always a face gross end. For example, when hamlet died with him.  The technical fault he neglected three unities.  Like , place ,time .action  Although his disregard to the time place , time and action.
  10. 10. Shakespearean comedy  A comedy often define as dramatic composition with happy ending. It is also define as the play aiming at the production of the laughter, nothing but laughter.  Aristotle define comedy as : “ A imitation of the men worse than average worse ever not regards as any and any sort of the fault, but only regards one particular kinds the ridiculous which is the species of though. The ridiculous may be define not the productive of pain or norm to other”
  11. 11. Comedy of Shakespeare  Shakespearean comedy in the words of Johnson and Charlton:  The comedy is not satiric, it doesn’t conservative it is creative, the way of it is that of imagination rather then that the pure reason. The comedy is romantic not only the sense that it doesn't observed the classical rules of the dramatic composition.
  12. 12. Comedies are………..  “As you like it”  “twelfth night” it happy comedy. It is the mixture of romance and comedy also includes reality.  “loves labor lost” it the comedy of dialogue.  “midnight comedy”
  13. 13. Tragedies of the Shakespearean  Tragedy is the exploring of the man’s relation to the force of evil in the worlds. It seeks for the answer to cosmic problems. Much ad religion seeks them. It is a production of the man’s desire to believe it a purposive and ordered universe. Shakespeare tragic development is treated accordingly as growth in moral vision. The central moral theme shapes the various elements of tragedy:
  14. 14. Central moral Elements of the tragedy  Action  Character  Poetry.
  15. 15. Deviation from the art of writing According to Johnson that critical justice ,without making any other demand in his favor , than that which must be indulged to all human excellance; that his virtue related with his failings:
  16. 16. Part three  Samuel johnson opinion regarding the three unities :  Johnson is the first English writer to express these ideas.  This is the most original idea that johnson came up with.  Johnson agreed with the unities of the action and abject to the unities of time and place. 
  17. 17. Continue………  Johnson said that unities of time and place or not important in history play. It is the example about a battle it is the move to move to the hospital. By definition history is about time, there fore it is the impossible to have a one day history play.  Shakespeare in his tragedies and comedies followed the unities of action.  Shakespeare disregard two unity time and place.
  18. 18. Conclusion