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Communications tp

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Communications tp

  1. 1. Welcome to the era of ... COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT LIMITS!!
  2. 2.  …rrring 
  3. 3. Hello Bob? Did you review the contract I sent you?
  4. 4. -... So it’s finished? You’ll send it to me by e-mail? - My e-mail address? Frankly, I don’t remember it !!!
  5. 5. - Just a minute, let me check. -NICOOOLE, ... WHAT’S MY E-MAIL ADDRESS?
  6. 6. - No, no, that’s my home e-mail address! - Listen, I can’t find it. Let me check and call you back.
  7. 7. - Oh!... You’re going for lunch... OK, I’ll send you the address by fax. You’ll have it when you get back. OK?
  8. 8. OK. So give me your fax number. - What! You don’t know it?
  9. 9. - OK, here’s what we’ll do. You e-mail me your fax number and I’ll fax you my e-mail address. - No, that won’t work. Wait, I’m getting mixed up... Let me think...
  10. 10. So… Hum… OK… Well… Yeah…
  11. 11. - What’s your cell-phone number? - Oh, your battery is dead ... Mine too...
  12. 12. - OK, listen, here’s what we’ll do... - You charge your cell-phone battery, I’ll call you in a couple of hours and leave you my e-mail address in your voice mail.
  13. 13. - Then you take my e-mail address in your voice mail and you e-mail me your fax number. -Then I can fax you my e-mail address.
  14. 14. - That’s plan A. Now for plan B! I send myself an e-mail to see what my e-mail address is and then I record a message for you in my voice mail....
  15. 15. …when you get it, you send me the answer on my pager... …so then, I send you a fax with my e-mail address.
  16. 16. - Complicated? No, it’s not at all complicated. -We just need a bit of coordination... and luck...
  17. 17. -There’s also a third possibility that’s much simpler: plan C... You send me the contract directly by express messenger. -Yeah!... It’s the best plan strategically speaking...
  18. 18. - But actually, I have a small question... …what was I supposed to send you by e-mail? My e-mail address, my fax number, my cell number, pager, telephone?
  19. 19. - Oh! You don’t remember either. - It would probably be a good idea to have periodic bilateral coordination meetings concerning protocols for internal communications.
  20. 20. - But anyway, since your office is at the other end of the corridor, I’ll come by to pick it up in 2 minutes... OK? Bye!
  21. 21. And the moral…: Thanks to technology, we can now waste time with an efficiency until now unimaginable, all in the name of saving time…