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Wildfire IR and Mapping

request input on how to create public domain software to help fight wildfires from the air. mszaller

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Wildfire IR and Mapping

  1. 1. Auto-map fire changes for Air Attacks InfraRed +Auto-Polygons +Ortho-rectify Automatic Morph +Fire Mapping Auto-Transmit + over AFF Mosaic +2D/3D SynViz +Moving-GIS + GPS Maps, Displays & Transmits automatically while Air Attacks fly normal tactical mission
  2. 2. IR Mapped from nightly Project GoalsoverflightAir Attack updates at noon •Infrared+new_Fire_polygons+GIS 3D visualization realtime in cockpit •IR camera automatically creates low quality polygons of fire changes •IR and/or Polygons are Geo-orthrectified and displayed with moving-map GIS •Polygons are updated and refined throughout the day during normal Air Attack missions •Polygons are transmitted over AFF (Iridium) •Fire GIS is bi-directionally updated over Iridium automatically •Air Attack &Ground teams can draw targets •Hi resolution maps are available after landing •Public Domain/OpenSource software for adaption & broad re-use internationally
  3. 3. Physical Layout Display Display: Tablet, Pad Cockpit Base or SmartPhoneTablet, Pad or SmartPhone Battery WiFi Headquarters UPS Powerful small form-factor PC -Create fire update polygons Backseat or Digitize Video -Ortho-rectify USB dongle -Wifi HTML5 server -Bi-directional transmit over AFF Avionics Rack Inertial GPS ModuleNTSC Video Serial AFF Iridium Built into Fire Camp Plane Incident Command
  4. 4. Battery UPS WiFiDevelopment Tasks Powerful small form-factor PC -Create fire update polygons Digitize Video -Ortho-rectify USB dongle -Wifi HTML5 server -Bi-directional transmit over AFF Inertial GPS ModuleDescription Processing Software Dev•Moving map GIS Moderate Maybe Easy or Difficult•GIS update over Iridium Low Moderate•Digitize IR Video Not intense Very easy•Create mosaic (optional/post) ??? Intense Difficult•Geo-Orthorectify Intense Very difficult•Image process IR signature Moderate Difficult Loop•Reduce to polygon Moderate Moderate•Compare Polygon to GIS Moderate Moderate•ID change, regularly update Moderate Difficult•WiFi to cockpit Display Low Easy•Email over Iridium Low Moderate Continuous parallel task Sequential task
  5. 5. Mass market IR+GIS for tactical AirOps, continuous mapping & transmission Hands free operation on all public safety, monitoring & research aircraft/UAVsSignificance of Innovation• Airborne IR+GIS inexpensive as Altimeter-as easy to install & use•No operational training or dedicated operator•Hands-free rich 2D/3D cockpit visualization (interaction optional)•View on wireless SmartPhones, SmartPad & Laptop/Tablet/PC•Tactical use & automated mapping for all aircraft & UAVs•Allows air ops at night & over smoke•Continuous IR perimeter & signature mapping at low altitude•Automated change analysis, highlighting & transmission to EarthTechnical Objectives & Work Plan Non-Wildfire applications1. GIS updates near real time bi-directional with ground •Floods tactical management & mapping2. Automatically process continuously while airborne: •Environmental Monitoring & mapping 1. Mosaic continuous oblique IR video into one large image •Volcanic, Earthquake, Tsunami tactical management & mapping 2. Register IR imagery and polygons to Lat-Long •Vegetation& Forest observation & mapping 3. IR signature/threshold image processing •Wildlife observation & mapping 4. Process signatures into Polygons •Mudslide/landslide tactical management & mapping 5. Change detection & analysis from existing IR GIS •Volcanic tactical management & mapping 6. Transmits low bandwidth polygons of current changes •Oil and Pollution spills tactical management & mapping3. Transmit processed data on Iridium Satellite (AFF)4. Simple yet detailed 2d/3D Moving-map HTML5 to displays5. Choosable GIS layers & functionality for those who want6. Works with existing Air Attack aircraft IR Microbolometer7. Extensible so others can add software & hardware
  6. 6. Incident Command Difficulties on Headquarters Project FiresFire Camp Air Attack Not doing mapping Doesn’t always get paper maps FM Voice Often can’t see ground due to smoke No Data Smoke Tanker Base Heli-base Dispatch DARK
  7. 7. Incident Command IR+GIS+AutoMapping Headquarters Fire Camp Air Attack AutoMap Spotfires & Fire Changes IR+GIS Moving-Map Situational Awareness FM Voice Near real-time transmission of fire polygons Satellite Data IR see through Smoke & Dark - Improves Safety Tanker Base Heli-base Dispatch
  8. 8. Subliminal – IR just another Window  IR+GIS: Intuitive 1st time, Subliminal 2nd time  Delivering a new reality to those focused on intense tasks  Work when previously not possible: night & over smoke  Human Factors: Being too easy could lead people into trouble
  9. 9. 3D/2D GIS Moving-map 90 missions in 2010, $2mil results  GIS: Geographic Information System  Initial Attack fires & Project Fires 95% 5%  Fire History, PowerLines, DPA  Roads, Creeks & local names  Daily: Fire lines, hot spots, burn out, dozer & hand lines, division breaks, drop points, dip sites, etc.  DeLorme Xmap: Moving-map Topos
  10. 10. Click Here to see on YouTube
  11. 11. InfraRed Fixed mount or Gimbal Oriented to the Air Attack’s view System Integration & certification Very effective with smoke/night Hot Rocks Color
  12. 12. IR+GIS Augmented Reality Provides:Instant situational awareness – Eyes spend more time outsideOverall improved efficiency. Continued operations over smoke & at nightFresh details always: Fire lines - Road names - Place search - Routing, etc.Safety: Terrain & hazards recognition. Ground teams visible through smoke
  13. 13. Auto Drawing Transmitted over Satellite Spot fires & Retardant targets Acreages for Initial Attack Lines & Polygons on Google Earth Iridium installed/connected free $1 airtime to transmit file
  14. 14. Pursuing NASA FundingBy: Mark Zaller www.AerialFireTech.orgmszaller@AerialFireTech.org