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  1. 1. Vikings
  2. 2. Who are they • • • • • • • • • Sailors Kings Warriors Lived from the 8th century to the 11th Stole riches from Europe Were skillful with weapons Lived mostly in Europe Also lived in Iceland Traders
  3. 3. Table of Contents • • • • • • • • • • Viking boats Viking food Nobles, freemen, and slaves Viking Home What did there battles look like Farmers Weapons Viking Gods Picture stones Bibliography
  4. 4. Viking Boats Their boats were quite impressive back then. There boats were completely made out of wood apart from their sails and of course, the ropes. Not only did they have sails but they also rowed, so if there was no wind they could still move forward. Usually, on the railings of the boat there were shields, for decoration and so that they could protect themselves from incoming arrows. Also, they usually had a figure head at the front of the ship, usually a dragon or snake. This was used to scare the defenders These boat were the best for raiding back Then because it could dock on beaches without breaking and because of its light weight, could easily be picked up by the crew (can be 40 men) and beached on shore!
  5. 5. Viking Food Surprisingly, these Vikings ate a lot of similar There food looked food we eat today. There are food remains in the Similar to this areas the Vikings had lived in, and in the buildings scientists have discovered some vegetables in there houses. They also found bread made with flour that the Vikings had either stolen or grown. Furthermore, archeologists also found seeds of carrots and parsnips. Also, archeologists found apple seeds and cores. These Vikings mostly ate meat, such as beef and pork.
  6. 6. Nobles, freemen and slaves Vikings had three classes, Nobles, freemen and slaves. Nobles were the kings and his loyal people. The freemen were just ordinary Vikings that farmed, went to war, were craftsmen or traders. Lastly, the slaves were the people from other countries, kidnapped, and then put to work in the villages. The owners of the slaves were buried with there slaves. These slaves could be freed if they were bought or asked by there owner to leave.
  7. 7. Viking Home The Vikings had enormous houses. They were quite sturdy, with wooden walls and a tiled roof. Also these houses were very long, about 30 meters long. What makes these buildings special is probably the undercover area circling the building. It is basically a roof attached to the long houses side supported by poles. These houses were usually found In villages, which were usually Found in northern places Such as Iceland.
  8. 8. What did there battles look like? Most Viking battles looked Similar to these images These battles were usually started because the Vikings steal or to conquer land.
  9. 9. Farming Most Vikings were farmers, as surprising as it might seem. The reason for this is that the soil the Vikings farmed on didn’t usually have nutrients in it. Also, the weather was usually harsh with bitter winds coming every minute. Most of the sheep and cattle died of starvation or the cold. The cattle, interestingly enough, showed if the man was rich or not. The more cattle you had the richer you were. The cattle was used for milk that was then used for cheese. With the cheese, the Vikings made bread with the wheat they had farmed.
  10. 10. Weapons The Vikings had a lot of different weapons. There most basic weapon was the spear. It was just a wooden stick with a pointed metal piece attached to it. Another weapon was the sword and the shield. They were the weapons a Viking king would have. The most basic weapon was the battle axe. It was used to penetrate the armor of the opponent. As inaccurate as they might seem, the Vikings were also archers. They got metal for the arrows from stealing.
  11. 11. Viking Gods The Vikings believed in many different Gods, like the Greeks and the Romans. Like in the Greek gods, there are three main Gods all men. The first was Odin, the god of war and wisdom. He was believed to have supernatural powers. The second was Thor. He was very strong but not very intelligent. He went down to Earth a lot to deal with human matters. Then there is Frey, who is the god of fertility and is very generous.
  12. 12. Picture Stones Vikings used stones in many different ways. First of all, they were used as grave stones to bury their dead relatives . They were also used for decoration in homes, but they were mostly used for graves. Sometimes though, these stones were used to tell stories of wars, great battles sieges, and many other things. These stones were kind of like paper, it was used a lot by vikings.
  13. 13. Self Reflection Overall, I think I did pretty well on this project, with all work I put in. One think I could do better on is maybe putting more pictures on my slides. Also, I could of made this more interesting by adding specific details. I did well on adding a poster, though, not a lot of people did that.
  14. 14. Bibliography • "Vikings." Wikipedia. N.p.: n.p., 2013. N. pag. Print. This website helped me a lot in my novel study. It had all the info I needed and even pictures. • Overview: THe Vikings." BBC. BBC, 2014. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. <http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/vikings/ overview_vikings_01.shtml#one>. • Viking Age." Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikipedia, 2014. N. pag. Print. This really helped me with my project. It gave me info on where, when, and why vikings raided.
  15. 15. Thanks for Watching