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MS&L SPOT Newsletter Issue 1

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Tracking trends is no easy feat. That's why MS&L created SPOT. This mini lifestyle trends magazine provides a quick and complete overview of the people, places, thoughts and things that define the spirit of today. Our goal is to help our clients understand the changes that are defining our society, with the goal of keeping their brands current and relevant.

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MS&L SPOT Newsletter Issue 1

  1. 1. At MS&L, we’re tracking trends to make your business better. Spring 2010. Issue One CANADA
  2. 2. trend spotting On the Cover: TURQUOISE Regal, dreamy, fresh, escapist, healing: w elcome to the inaugural issue of spot, MS&L Canada’s lifestyle trends tracker. Our mission: to provide you with an overview of the people, places, thoughts and things that define the spirit of today. The objective? To keep you ahead Global colour authority Pantone recently of the curve and help you map out the best strategies declared this splashy blue the hue of 2010. for your business. And because the changes that We love how it brightens up a wardrobe continue to define our society need to be analyzed and a room; how with one bold beauty and understood in order for brands to thrive in a transformed marketplace. The reordering of values that brushstroke, it makes eyes pop; and RUNWAY AND CELEBRITY IMAGES: ANTHEA SIMMS PHOTOGRAPHY; PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: THINkSTOCk. consumers are undertaking as a result of the global how on the written or virtual page, economic meltdown is expected to define purchasing it jumps out, demanding priorities for a generation. What was once described to be noticed. as status is different today than it was a decade ago. And not only has the brand landscape been transformed, but the past 18 months have seen drastic change in our communications landscape. We’re looking at a hybrid future where old and new media work together, shaping each other and fuelling conversations with — and among — consumers. Inside you’ll find trends and insights relating to SPOT ON: (from top) the world around us, from food and technology Marrakesh’s richness to fashion and design. We’ve collaborated with inspires; ditto short- former Globe & Mail Fashion Editor and Chatelaine hair, as with Carey Style Editor Deborah Fulsang, who brings her Mulligan, pictured unique vision, flair and perspective to spot. on Vanity Fair, and on the runway at Did you know? The Global Language said the organization’s president, Jason Wu; and we’re Monitor has announced that Twitter Paul JJ Payack. “Being limited to strict Enjoy! swept away by dark fantasies à la Alice was the Top Word of 2009 in its annual formats did wonders for the sonnet global survey of the English language. and haiku. One wonders where this Martha McKimm in Wonderland and Senior Vice President and the work of the late “Twitter represents a new form of social highly impractical word-limit will lead Consumer Practice Leader, MS&L Alexander McQueen. interaction, where all communication as the future unfolds.” Can you spot is reduced to 140 characters,” the top word of 2010 yet? Spot Spr ing 2010 page 3
  3. 3. fashion & beauty 3D MANIA Burberry won techie points for its fall 2010 runway THE RUNWAY event which closed London Fashion Week. Those who hadn’t been lucky enough to Fall 2010 at first glance: land the flight to the front WOMENSWEAR row, watched the Prorsum 1. Plush: Fur and feathered coats or trims, collection by 3D live stream whether collars, sleeves or hems (at Marc in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Jacobs, right). Dubai and Los Angeles. beauty buzz 2. Lush: Long, draping capes. Super-size scarves Today’s 3D mania will see and funnel necks. Cables and cardigans. more 3D releases at the local Cineplex, too, but with Tweeds and camelhair. Fujifilm’s new 3D camera, you 3. Femme: Ruffles and poufs are the rage, head- Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest can also make your own 3D to-toe or as accents. And in details, towering and ornate heels will be setting the trends. of fall? A healthy glow was the fall 2010 look pics and flicks right at home. Ditto bejewelled, single-earring statements; at D&G; deep red lips at Donna Karan and smart-girl specs; and blackened-and-beautiful DSquared2; and strong brows at Prada. It was “I’m excited by the metalwork purses, necklaces and cuffs. all nude lips and sexy, intense eyes at Diane 4. Gems: As in deep jewel tones such as berry- consumer’s increasing von Furstenberg (above) and at Gucci, where willingness to embrace reds, navies, deep purples. MENSWEAR Pat McGrath, Global Creative Design Director for his/her individuality 1. Slim: Lean trousers especially beneath P&G Beauty, made her mark with dark, graphic and how this translates RUNWAY AND CELEBRITY IMAGES: ANTHEA SIMMS PHOTOGRAPHY; PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: THINkSTOCk. double-breasted jackets, bomber-style eyes. Well-groomed elegance was her vision at to personal style. Pop toppers and sweeping overcoats. Dolce & Gabbana where stained ruby lips were phenom Lady Gaga 2. Trim: It is sophisticated; think shearling and paved the way for the the dramatic counterpoint to flawless skin. fur, paired with elegant double-faced wools, masses, but there have leathers, suedes. always been trailblazers 3. Rich: Whether at groovy Seventies-inspired who have drawn Gucci (right) or at super-refined Zegna, inspiration from street the palette was First Class all the way: camel, navy, brown, wine-red, cognac-coloured. spotted style as seen recently through the lens of 4. Kitsch: You’ll be seeing Prada’s influence Canadian fashion blogger and photographer, on the street when you spy shots of lemon- Cool Canadiana yellow and watermelon mixed with a man’s All style eyes are now firmly on our fair Tommy Ton.” denim, grey flannel and black. land, thanks to the perfect aesthetic – Nadia Beale storm that was the Vancouver Winter Vice President, Consumer Olympics. Designer-chic interpretations of the Hudson Bay blanket coats, modern Cowichan-inspired cardis and of course those kitschy-cool Blogs to check out purple reign red mittens: Combine them with the Canadian-by-way-of Milan costumes of Dean and Dan Caten of celebrity label 1. jakandjil.com 2. imabeautygeek.com 3. thestylehouse.com Violet, purple orchid, lavender: Purple petals are the buzz- DSquared2, and no wonder the world is 4. thelovemagazineblog. worthy bloom coming to fragrance counters. Next up: Watch watching. Up next: London-based Mark Fast, knitwear designer extraordinaire, wordpress.com for non-gender-specific spritzes to gain ground: men’s who hails from Winnipeg. 5. thisisglamorous.com toilettes with traditionally feminine notes and women’s perfumes laced with classic masculine ingredients. Spo t S p ri n g 2 0 1 0 page 5
  4. 4. Download a complimentary copy of the entire new issue of SPOT at: http://www.mslworldwide.com/spot-newsletter/