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All Out - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant PPT

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This presentation provides information on how can All Out adopt various methods to safeguard their falling market share.

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All Out - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant PPT

  1. 1. 'All Out' - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant Presented By:Shruti N Murtaza I Rizwan S Shayada S Varsha S
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION All Out • All Out was a brand of KaramChand Appliance Private limited (KAPL). • All out is a generic name for Liquid Vaporizers, a segment of Rs. 4 billion (in 1999) mosquito repellant industry in India. • KAPL solely responsible for creating this segment with a market share of 69% in 1999. • Being a small family owned company its success is noteworthy as it managed to wrest market share from corporate giants such as Godrej Sara Lee Ltd. & Hindustan Lever Ltd.
  3. 3. Growth of All Out Product Price • Pioneer • Japanese Technology • Product Quality • Reliable and easy to use • Premium Pricing • Flexible pricing to accommodate market Sentiments. • From Rs. 225 to Rs. 135 to Rs. 99 to Rs. 54. Marketing Mix Place Promotion • Place is where KAPL is behind its competitors. • Out of 9 lacs outlet on 18% i.e 120 distributors. • Unique advertisement – Animated Frog • Video Cassettes, FM Radio, Program Sponsor and sponsoring of songs, dance and fight Sequence • Sales Promotion viz Twin Pack, 99 pack and deadly offer
  4. 4. • WHAT LIES AHEAD market to Analyst expected the Indian mosquito repellent grow in 21st century. • With improvement in literacy and health consciousness in rural areas, the use of mosquito repellants was expected to increase substantially in these areas. • However, increasing concern over the harmful effects of the chemicals like Allethrin in mosquito repellants on the health of human beings was expected to be hamper growth. • Criticism of All Out’s Advertising strategy and Extra MMR. • KAPL biggest competitors were large multi-product companies with financial muscle.
  5. 5. BACKGROUND OF THE SEGMENT • India has a large and growing market for mosquito repellants as it is believed that 225 species of mosquitoes are responsible for spreading diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. • In spite of the pervasiveness of the mosquito problem, the use of repellants in India is fairly low. – Urban Area – 16.4% – Metros – 22.6% – Rural Areas – 6.9 • In terms of value. – Mat Segment – 51% – Coils Segment – 21% – Vaporizers Segment – 7%
  7. 7. RACKETS 6 months free service at selected retail outlets
  8. 8. TIMED VAPORIZER MACHINES Japanese Technology & Quality