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JCI Syria 2017 Plan of Action #YOUthCanDO

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JCI Syria 2017 Plan of Action

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JCI Syria 2017 Plan of Action #YOUthCanDO

  1. 1. th JCI Syria 2017 Plan of Action Presented by Candidate for 2017 National President
  2. 2. JCI SyriaToday 2016 has been a historical turning point of the life of JCI Syria. After the slow-down period (2013-2015), and affected by the crisis in Syria, JCI Syria has decided to come back, reform its national organisation and re-launch its local organisations. • 10 yeas JCI Syria, 100 worldwide • Inflation, Exchange rate and economic situation • Loss of highly skilled members • Competition from other NGOs and local initiatives
  3. 3. SDG Focus • (10)Reduced Inequalities (5)Gender Equality (4)Quality Education • (11)Sustainable Cities and Communities (12)Responsible Consumption and Production • (8)Decent Work and EconomicGrowth (9)Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure • (16)Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions • (17)Partnerships for the Goals
  4. 4. 5 Stages of intervention Impact Motivate Invest Collaborate Connect
  5. 5. JCI Syria will foster actions that create sustainable impact and important to the lives of Syrian. • Emphasise the understanding of local and national needs and formulate needs assessment and planning committees on both levels; • Raise awareness on UN-SDGs and identify and apply the relevant ones to local organisations; • Encourage Local organisations to use the JCI Active Citizenship Framework increasing the JCI Impact index to 1; • Integrate tools of social peace in JCI Syria projects; • Help local organisations to apply a PCM methodology on its local projects and to stress on evaluation and reporting with measurable indexes; • Identify the National plan of projects and activities by mid. of February 2017 and support local organisations in execution; • Stressing on low-budget projects by calculating the RoI and effective spending; • Formulate a national committee for strategic planning that participate in the JCI next strategy and develop a JCI Syria 5- year strategy. Expected Outcome: By the end of 2017 JCI Syria will be recognized for creating impact by empowering young people to be advocates for positive change in their local communities.
  6. 6. Challenging the war, JCI Syria will create an environment where young people are motivated towards positive change. • Continue to provide JCI Official trainings to local organisations and finding mechanisms to bring to Syria new trainings from the remaining ones; • Organise an Annual Officer training for elected officers; • Provide local organisations with ready-made customisable tools that help them in their daily work; • Launch the JCI Pride Programme on National and regional level (including the JCI Id. Card and discounts advantages) and produce different marketing tools; • Assist effective recruitment and member retention activities to reach an accumulative increase of number of members of 1.5 during the year; • Create and distribute a new member welcome kit that demonstrates the journey of an active citizen from the time a young person joins JCI to when they age out; • Highlight the development opportunities JCI is offering and acknowledging the achievements of former members; • Organise outstanding JCI Syria national events (including the 2017 National Convention) ensuring geographical balance, inspiring speakers and content, interaction…; • Reduce the additional expenses on members and assure the value for money; • Help JCI Syria members to participate in International events; • Produce incentives to members to stay active (a visible rewarding and acknowledgment system); • Communicate the 100% JCI Syria Efficiency Programme to Local organisations; Expected Outcome: By the end of 2017,JCI Syria members will be motivated and empowered through the opportunity to develop new skill sets and access to tools and resources that support their initiatives to create sustainable impact.
  7. 7. 2017 is the year of organisation for JCI Syria, setting the grounds and launching instruments for a long-term goals and legal, financial and structural sustainability. • Empower the new established local organisations in JCI Tartus and JCI Sweida, and to help them to get fully affiliated by the 2017 National Convention; • Re-open the closed JCI Homs as under probation period; • launch a new local organisation in Qameshli(Hasakeh); • Present JCI University schemes and communicate with potential universities; • Continue in setting up JCI Syria secretariat and expansion in services and staff; • Re-shaping JCI Syria Legal structure and institute better grounds for future relationship with the host-structure; • Expand in JCI Syria Foundation and elaborate other sustainable fund raising resources; • Customize JCI Partnership/Sponsorship packages for JCI Programs; • Develop a policy and admin. manual and invest in structuring the organisation. Expected Outcome: By the end of 2017,JCI Syria will have strengthened our financial and organisational abilities that aims to enhance the work of Syrian young people in their communities.
  8. 8. JCI Syria will bring together like-minded partners from different sectors in order to achieve peace in Syria and expand mutual impact. • Utilise the listing of JCI Syria on the MoFA list for Local organisations allowed to work with the UN agencies in Syria by delivering joint projects together; • Put into action the agreements of cooperation with SEBC and SyriaTrust and form a coalition that include other like- minded partners; • Continue the work with HoPe in promoting Peace within Syria and developing the JCI Syria Social Peace Academy; • Re-evaluate former twining with other national and local organisations and bring them in force; • Continue to promote and take action to advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in Syria; • Participate in formulating national strategy for the early recovery of Syria by representing the youth in Peace initiatives; • Develop a system that supports communication and management with organizational partners at all levels. Expected Outcome: By the end of 2017, stakeholders from all sectors of society will recognise the relevance of JCI Syria as a valuable partner in achieving mutual goals for sustainable development.
  9. 9. JCI Syria will connect Syrian people, their communities and the global society. • Continue to enhance the JCI Syria Senate and link it the wider senators’ networks (i.e. AMESA), in addition to involve more the current senators in guiding and supporting JCI Syria and its local organisations; • Promote JCI Syria Alumni by making them more visible, attractive and meaningful in advancing the JCI mission; • Connect with former JCI Syria members (Especially those who joined other national organisations) and to come with a programme for JCI Expats; • Foster the sharing of projects, ideas and experiences between Local Organizations also by developing and using available technology platforms; relationships with other National organisations and headquarters by taking part in their events and JCI official Programmes; • Organise a proper • Launch actions to complete JCI Syria’s database, website and archive; • Enhance delegation to JCI 2017 World Congress and Area conference, in addition to other JCI International events; • Coordinate with other national organisations in the region (i.e. JCI Lebanon and JCI Jordan) to develop regional events and actions. Expected Outcome: By the end of 2017,JCI Syria will have connected stakeholders throughout the organization with the aim of communicating the JCI message more consistently in local communities and internationally.
  10. 10. Conclusion 2017 should be an exceptional year, focusing on institutionalising the organisation to pave the way for the 2018 Board of Directors to come with real community-based projects that can allow Syrian youth to have a better role and their voices to be heard. 2017 JCI Syria Board of Directors believes that Youth can do and must do. Syrian youth can be me, you, him, her and them. Syria today and tomorrow needs the young active citizens to be well-prepared and motivated to take actions towards rebuilding the country. And JCI Syria is the best platform to play this role. #YOUthCanDo