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Deep Dive SharePoint 2013: Brave New World: What SharePoint 2013 Really Means to You

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Deep Dive SharePoint 2013: Brave New World: What SharePoint 2013 Really Means to You

  1. 1. Brave New Hybrid WorldWhat SharePoint 2013Really Means to YouDan HolmeMVP, SharePoint ServerMicrosoft Technologies Analyst & EvangelistIntelliem
  2. 2. Dan Holmedanholme http://tiny.cc/danholmepresentations dan.holme@intelliem.com
  3. 3. Ancient History
  4. 4. 2006
  5. 5. 2007 – 2012: Revolutionary Trends
  6. 6. SharePoint 2013
  7. 7. This Opening SessionThe brave new world of business, IT and the cloud Megatrends Tipping point for enterprise ITHow Microsoft has adaptedSharePoint 2013What it means for Business, IT and Developers
  8. 8. Three Worlds
  9. 9. Business
  10. 10. Cloud
  11. 11. Control Service Cost
  12. 12. You must be here Control Service Cost
  13. 13. The role of ITAddress business needs with technology (SERVICE) Identify technological solutions Address suitability, cost, and riskDeliver an optimized solution (COST) On-premise platforms and infrastructure Existing services Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software Customized solutions (traditional “development”)Manage service portfolio (CONTROL) Interoperability Service management (performance, capacity, redundancy, cost) Information management (security, compliance, information lifecycle)
  14. 14. Control ServiceCENTER OF EXCELLENCE Cost
  15. 15. Microsoft Cultural ShiftCross-company cooperation Windows, Servers & Tools, Office, Azure Unified experiencesConnected servicesCross-platform, cross-device Windows (8, RT, 7), Windows Phone (7-8), Xbox HTML5 iOS (iPad, iPhone), AndroidDevelopers! Developers! Developers! Modern, cloud-ready app models “Only” 20% of the world‟s developers are .NET developers “Bring your own platform”
  16. 16. End User (Business) Value
  17. 17. Share
  18. 18. Built for
  19. 19. Cloud Services On Premise Always up-to-date 2013 versions Rapid release cycle
  20. 20. Apps
  21. 21. What is a SharePoint App?An extension of SharePoint capabilities “Self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website” – MSDN (bit.ly/MFDnI9)with a UI surfaced in SharePoint App can appear full screen (immersive) or through an IFrame Declarative changes to SharePoint UI to support the applicationwith code running elsewhere No custom server-side code running on SharePoint Can contain some declarative SharePoint artifactsthat uses CSOM or REST (OData) to interact with SharePoint Remote event receiversinstalled by users through the SharePoint Store or App Catalog
  22. 22. App Models
  23. 23. App ModelsModel Office 365 Permissions On-Prem PermissionsSharePoint HostedSandbox YES YESFull Trust NO YESCloud-HostedProvider Hosted YES OAuth via ACS YES High-Trust (S2S)• Developer hosts app• Could be in AzureAuto-Hosted YES OAuth via ACS NO• App can deploy website and SQL Azure db• Hosted in Office 365 Azure Cloud
  24. 24. Compare customization models Full trust WSP Sandboxed WSP AppsWhere does server-side code run? Farm (w3wp.exe) Farm (User Code Service) Anywhere but farmScalable Based on farm Limited HighlyWho installs and removes Farm admin Site collection admin UsersSupported in SP2013 Yes Yes YesSharePoint Online compatible No Yes YesAuto-hosting compatible No No YesRequires local farm for developers Yes Yes NoRemote deployment and No No Yesdebugging from Visual Studio
  25. 25. Challenges with WSP solutionsFull-trust solutions Performance and stability concerns Incompatible with SharePoint OnlineSandboxed solutions Clunky architecture, too limitingRequires administrative deployment and supportLifecycle management Upgrade, decommissionSteep learning curveNot cloud ready Scalability Multi-tenant aware
  26. 26. Benefits of the new app model • Familiar app concepts & components • Find apps in SharePoint Store or app catalog • Self-service provision, upgrade and delete Info Workers • Leverage existing knowledge & expertise • Manage application lifecycle independently of platform • Revenue potential of SharePoint Store Developers • Govern the visibility and availability of applications • Manage service independently of applications • Customizations pose virtually no risk to service IT Managers
  27. 27. MindsetApps for SharePoint are like apps for phones User driven Independent of the underlying platform Often, consuming or exposing external services and content
  28. 28. Business OS of the Cloud
  29. 29. Change of ApproachOut-of-box SharePoint (browser) SharePoint Designer InfoPath SharePoint clients (Office)Third-party, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)Extensions of functionality & capabilities Apps Consume SharePoint services: Search, BCS, Metadata, Profiles…
  30. 30. Change of ArchitectureUser Interface JavaScript HTML Native applicationsBusiness Logic Any language, anywhere .NET running in Azure, PHP, …Data SQL Azure, MySQL, …Interaction with SharePoint REST CSOM (JavaScript, .NET)
  31. 31. Change of SkillsetServer-side full-trust C# (or VB.NET)Now more JavaScript and REST API aligned
  32. 32. CSOM
  33. 33. CSOMSame object models as before .NET Managed code JavaScript SilverlightMuch richer API compared to 2010
  34. 34. OData
  35. 35. ODataREST-ful APIVirtually same coverage as CSOM
  36. 36. Change of SkillsetServer-side full-trust C# (or VB.NET)Now more JavaScript and REST API alignedLearn now TechDays Pluralsight: JavaScript for C# Developers http://www.pluralsight.com/training/Courses/TableOfContents/js4cs Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development (MS Press, Scot Hillier) http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft%C2%AE-SharePoint%C2%AE-2013-App- Development/dp/0735674981Get started Sign-up Download/Install Tools
  37. 37. Future Ahead
  38. 38. The Brave New Hybrid WorldInfrastructure platformsVersionsWorkflow enginesCustomization approachesApp hosting modelsInteractions with SharePointDevelopment languageDevelopment tools
  39. 39. MAHALO! (thank you!)http://tiny.cc/danholmepresentationshttp://bit.ly/danholmearticleshttp://bit.ly/danholmebooksA HUI HO! („til next time!)dan.holme@intelliem.com@danholme