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Color schemes ppt

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Color schemes ppt

  1. 1. Color Schemes
  2. 2. What doescolor theory mean?Color Theory is a basic set ofrules that guide color mixing and help explain the visual impacts of colors and combinations.
  3. 3. The Color Wheel
  4. 4. Primary Colors• Yellow, Red, and Blue are known as the “Primary Colors”• All other colors on the color wheel come from mixing these three colors.“Can’t Mix for Primaries”
  5. 5. Secondary Colors• Orange,Violet, and Green are called the “Secondary Colors”• If you mixed TWO of the primary colors together you get a Secondary (2) color.
  6. 6. Tertiary Colors• These are also called “Intermediate Colors”• Tertiary colors are created when you mix ONE primary color with ONE secondary color.• When naming them, always start with the primary color followed by the secondary.
  7. 7. Now that we know all of the colors on ourcolor wheel. . . Color Theory now helps usorganize them into different combinations/ schemes.
  8. 8. Complementary Color SchemeThese are colors that are directly across from each otheron the color wheel. The strong contrast between the twocolors makes for a successful combination. Blue & Orange Yellow & Violet Red & Green “Complementary in Every Way”
  9. 9. Analogous Color Scheme The analogous color scheme is a combination of three colors located right next to each other on the color wheel.
  10. 10. Monochromatic Color SchemeThis color scheme is made up of tints and shades of thesame color. “Monochromatic”