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Mobile user experience and Atomic use case

Teasing out the essence of building any good product, mobile or not. Understanding the user lifecycle and how they think will help you iterate towards a great product. And figuring out the atomic use case of your product will help you dramatically to building features that matter and getting rid of noise.

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Mobile user experience and Atomic use case

  1. How to think through building an ultimate user experience. By: Manu Rekhi Director, Inventus Capital
  2. Pick a problem How users think 5 steps to building an experience Atomic Use Case
  3. Understanding Consumers Multi Disciplinary
  4. User Life Cycle Before they buy Referral Repeat purchases First purchase
  5. User Thought Cycle I hate change “You should check this out!” What is this? What was the name of that app again?
  6. Business Life Cycle Conversion Retention Advertising Virality
  7. Leave your Computer
  8. Talk to them
  9. 1. LISTEN & LEARN
  10. Encourage user feedback and implement features and solutions that increase engagement. Feedback: I find a fare on my mobile device, but it disappears when I try to book it later on. Hipmunk solves it beautifully and offers it at the right time of the user flow.
  11. Prices and discounts are the strongest and most engaging features Reviews are also a strong value in decision making Prices Reviews DiscountsDiscovery LocationAware Times Feedback Non-stop Interaction
  13. Test assumptions every day Organize around small nimble teams Be results oriented Define success metrics
  14. 3. DELIVER
  15. Focus on Quality Research shows that users are more likely to invite friends to apps with high production values.
  16. 4. TRACK Data Driven
  17. We are in the Age of Big Data Data is plentiful Asking the right question is hard
  18. 5. ADAPT Lather, Rinse and Repeat
  19. …refers to flow or flow of products/feature that predictably “gets” your target user. Atomic Use Case
  20. Atomic Use Case Loop Activated See Retained Referring
  21. … and remember. None of this matters if your app sucks.
  22. Manu Rekhi Director, Inventus Capital US-India Venture firm manu@inventuscap.com