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#TeamClinton vs. #TeamTrump #Election2016

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#TeamClinton vs. #TeamTrump #Election2016

  1. november president obamato we’ll say, alooooha 8 2016 th
  2. new president and elect a
  3. four years. the leader of united states for the next (at least)
  4. presidential there are many many candidates in the running.
  5. choices! so many
  6. but in the battle of democrats republicans vs
  7. two candidates are butting HEADS! hillary clinton donald trump
  8. Candidate Profile donald trump Born: Education: wharton school of finance at the university of pennsylvania june 14, 1946 queens, new york
  9. real estate Best known as a mogul
  10. television producer
  11. controversial hairdo and for his real? fake?or is it
  12. first foray politics. intothis is his
  13. hillary clinton date of birth: october 26, 1947 chicago, illinois education: yale law school Candidate Profile
  14. Best known as the us secretary 2009-2013 of state
  15. democratic nominee runner-up 2012 ELECTION She was the losing to current president barack obama
  16. what about their Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, but political VIEWS?
  17. abortion is a woman's unrestricted right legally require hiring women & minorities comfortable with same-sex marriage keep god in the public sphere epa regulations are too restrictive make voter registration easier Individual rights agrees agrees agrees disagrees disagrees agrees disagrees disagrees disagrees agrees agrees agrees
  18. Domestic ISSUES stricter punishment reduces crime absolute right to gun ownership expand obamacare vouchers for school choice prioritize green energy marijuana is a gateway drug disagrees disagrees agrees disagrees agrees disagrees agrees agrees disagrees agrees disagrees disagrees
  19. stimulus better than market-led recovery higher taxes on the wealthy pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens privatize social security support & expand free trade expand the military Financial international issues agrees agrees agrees disagrees disagrees disagrees disagrees agrees disagrees agrees disagrees agrees
  20. nothing. these two agree on pretty much…
  21. scandals controversy Something they have in common? and
  22. Donald supporters applaud his incorrectstatements politically
  23. has gotten him in Donald’s mouth trouble.
  24. john mccain senior us senator, former navy captain, p.o.w. he’s not a war hero. he was a war hero i like people who because he was captured. weren’t captured. “ ” mccain’s medals for serving: Thoughts on John McCain :
  25. out of her you could see there “ coming out of her eyes. wherever. was blood ” blood coming journalist, former attorney, and news pundit and political commentator megan kelly, Thoughts on Megan Kelly :
  26. look at that face! would anyone vote for that? “ ” carly fiorina 2016 presidential candidate former hewlett-packard coo can you imagine that, the face of our next PRESIDENT? Thoughts on Carly Fiorina :
  27. media social Donald also likes to use
  28. he’s taken to twitter to share his opinions. *these are 100% real tweets
  29. keeping it real! Donald says he’s just
  30. Hillary has faced her fair share of controversy.
  31. September 11, 2012 u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three others killed attack benghazi
  32. more recently, she was heavily criticized for using her personal black berry for official work. security breach blackberry
  33. leading many to question Hillary's honesty. LEADERSHIP? Can we trust her
  34. primary Will these two make it to the ELECTION?
  35. KNOW! we don’t
  36. support It’s tough finding someone you 100%
  37. pick their POISON! sometimes voters are forced to
  38. is part of our civic duty voting However,
  39. which is a privilege not everyone gets.
  40. Make your vote count this 2016.
  41. Click to view more political issues: