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Westwood Junior Poetry Yr6

A selection of poems inspired by word play and trips away!

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Westwood Junior Poetry Yr6

  1. 1. A rrows as swift as an eagle R aging through the air C hallenging to hit the target H elpless when it strikes E nvious of others that hit gold first time R ewarding endless effort Y earning for perfection Jaimes and Joshua
  2. 2. H eavenly up high I stumble across its rolling tongue G etting closer to its large, long hands H esitating to go any further R ocking back and forth O ver the terrifying tight-rope P erching on a rubber tyre E ager to reach the finishing line S uccessfully crossing my victory, panting with relief Jemma, Hannah and Jennifer
  3. 3. Q uick as lightning U nstable as you start A head the dirt circle bends D iesel smells all around B eing reassured by people I don’t want to stop K ick up the speed E nergy pumping around my body S topping is not an option Mark and Thomas S.
  4. 4. K een to stay dry A lways ready to splinter the water Y elling to others to get out of my way A ngrily splashing my opponents K ing of the kayaks – that’s me I ce-cold water as I capsize N eglecting my safety as I panic to stand G ulping large mouthfuls of air Adam, Nathan and Travis
  5. 5. H eart beating rapidly I stutter in nervousness G etting buckled up while I wait H igh off the ground R opes grasp my back tightly O ver everybody’s head I scramble P etrified, I progress forward E very step my confidence grows S tupendously, I finish Kieran, Liam and Daniel
  6. 6. Our Classroom Mr Abey taught tirelessly while…… Jemma chatted continuously Rebecca doodled happily Jennifer read endlessly And Travis fidgeted annoyingly Maisie day-dreamed happily Lauren wrote neatly Tom played destructively And Heather highlighted miserably Riona read loudly Hannah sketched quickly Mark drifted aimlessly And Abby drew neatly Adam scribbled poshly Megan skipped stupidly Florence sighed sadly And Robyn wondered suspiciously
  7. 7. Kieran shouted-out stupidly Liam cried softly Estella laughed happily And Thomas gazed openly Chloe dreamed tiredly Nathan coloured scruffily Keavy scribbled badly And Nikita chuckled madly Daniel wailed endlessly Sam stamped angrily Joshua worked carefully And Jaimes daydream silently Jake tapped sillily Connor groaned unapprovingly Mrs Stacey giggled unstoppably And Mrs Thomas boomed uncontrollably! By Class 3
  8. 8. The Lion’s Secret I’ll never tell anyone My fierce mane was once a ring of red hot fire My razor sharp teeth were once killer daggers My long tail was once a painful whip My gigantic paws were once the hands of a troll My earth-shattering roar was once an air raid siren
  9. 9. The Eagle’s Secret I’ll never tell anyone My sharp claws were once a knife My piercing yellow eyes were once searchlights My fluffy feathers were once part of a cloud My pointy beak was once a pair of pliers
  10. 10. The Piranha’s Secret I’ll never tell anyone My razor sharp teeth were once daggers My bright yellow eyes were once the lens from binoculars My small agile fins were once the sails from a pirate boat
  11. 11. The Frog’s Secret I’ll never tell anyone My long pink tongue was once an elastic band My bulging eyes were once red crystals hanging on a rich lady’s neck My long powerful legs belonged to a catapult My sticky webbed feet were once scuba divers flippers